Friday, October 5, 2012

Colours Cosmetics Malaysia colours my world

Let's talk shopping today, shall we?

Just like any typical girl, I love shopping because it makes me forget about my worries temporarily and if I have a mood swing or anything close to feeling bad, shopping therapy always helps. My shopping therapy have forever been cosmetic shopping and not fashion haul because I don't like shopping for clothes alone.

Now, I know how cosmetic shopping can be a pretty purse-damaging hobby because not everyone can afford everything and not everything are available easily, especially if you wanna get something from the US market - in this case, let's talk NYX Cosmetics!

I mean, of course, you can join sprees from LYN if you are a Malaysian, wanting to get anything from the US but let's say you are someone like me and you don't like waiting for the items for months, what should you do?

Well... first fact- you're just like me - you hate waiting. Hahahaha! Second, there are always ready-stock items available if you look hard enough!

So, lemme introduce an online cosmetic boutique - Colours Cosmetics Malaysia.

If you don't know yet, Colours Cosmetics Malaysia have a number of readily stocked NYX products for you make-up junkies out there. If I am not mistaken, they ship to Singapore as well - ask and you shall receive.

I have basically gotten most of my previous NYX products from Colour Cosmetics Malaysia because again, #1 fact - fairly priced and very affordable considering other brands like L'Oreal, Revlon or Maybelline products retail at higher prices. #2 fact - their service is super fast. By saying fast, look at it this way, I ordered several items when I was at Sarawak and imagine having the items the next day after the payment is done. If you don't know yet, Colours Cosmetics is based in Penang. Like how fast can their service gets, right?

I have met blogshop owners that ship out my orders 2 to 3 days late and there were times when I had to wait 3 to 4 days for Poslaju within KL! Phewww... I get agitated whenever my orders come late. I am sure you all know what I mean.

As of now, let's take a peek at what kind of NYX products they have in store for you!

~ Courtesy of Colours Cosmetics Malaysia ~

These are only a number of highly raved products. They have a lot more in store so, do check them out. If you are interested, here is the list of the NYX products that I bought from them.

Powder blushes like Summer Peach and AngelNYX HD Eye Shadow BaseNYX Lip Lacquer Pot in Sweet Pea and also NYX Haute Jersey Leopard Couture.

There are more! Click herehere and here if you wanna know what products I have gotten from them since their early days!

Well... one can never have enough NYX products!

From time to time, the wonderful people behind Colours Cosmetics will organize pre-orders so if there are certain NYX products that you want and they are not in store, you can always join the sprees.

Don't worry about the prices! I can assure you Colours Cosmetics always prices their products fairly!

If you don't know yet, aside from NYX, if you are a fan of Sigma products, you are at the right place! The infamous Sigma brushes are available in store!

Brushes are available individually or you can always opt for sets like Mr. and Mrs. Bunny.

Other than brushes, I believe they do have the limited edition Sigma Paris Palette in store but well... since it's limited edition, only a few are available. I got mine from there. Actually, it's my second Paris Palette because the first one was stolen.

Sometimes, there are pre-orders from Sigma too! So, keep your eyes open wide and look out for their pre-orders!

Not enough?

How about some lip cares products from Crazy Rumors?

They have it in store too!

Like how amazing can things go, right?

Colours Cosmetics Malaysia has quite a number of NEW ARRIVALS lately and girls, if you are a big fan of NARS and TARTE Cosmetics, quickly head over to their blogshop! They have limited ready stocks for these items!

Well, if there are other things like L'Oreal or even Monistat, they have it in store too!

From last I heard, there will be more items from other brands coming in soon so, keep your eyes open and be sure to check out their blogshop from time to time, especially to all my Malaysian make-up lovers out there!

Okay, next issue - TRUST!

From what I am aware of, as online shoppers, we tend to be cautious with whom we purchase our items from because we are scared of fraud and authenticity of the items especially if we are dealing with cosmetics which are applied onto our faces. If you are unsure, do head to their website, they can show you the certificate of authenticity there.

They have never fail to WOW me with their services and also products!

I have been with Colours Cosmetics Malaysia since it first started few years back and personally, I have the privilege to meet the people behind Colours Cosmetics and believe me, they are AWESOME! Yes, awesome to the point you would wish you guys are friends!

I am NOT paid to tell you how good Colours Cosmetics Malaysia is or how fast their service is. It is just I have dealt with them for so many times and boy, am I glad I've got to know them!

What are you waiting for? Head over to Colours Cosmetics Malaysia and start shopping!

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Hi I love your review but im still on the trust issue did you use your credit card ? :) thanks :)