Thursday, February 17, 2011

Of blushers...

Update - NYX products can now be bought at Colours Cosmetics if you are from Malaysia and Singapore!

I adore people with naturally pink and rosy cheeks, like our beloved Mrs. T. Oh, how I wish I have rosy pink cheeks like her.

Rachel Bilson shines with pink cheeks too!

Geez... When can I look like that?

Guess that's the reason that makes me anal about blushers to get that desired glowing effects on my cheeks. Hence, it explains why I love blushers but then again, I don't know why my blusher collection is the least in my makeup collection. I only own like 3 of them whereas I have tonnes and tonnes of eyeshadows from high-end brands to drugstore brands. Perhaps, I should stop splurging on eyeshadows and get more blushers because if I don't, in time to come, I think my future daughter is gonna end up looking like this...

Urgh... please don't punish her... I promise to be good from now onwards!

Anyway... just recently, I went to Stage Cosmetics and got myself a blusher in Snapdragon. I wanted another shade but they ran out of it.

When I brought it home, I realized Snapdragon is quite similar to NYX Powder Blush in Angel.

Snapdragon lems towards the paler side whereas Angel lems towards a pinkish tone. I'm bad at describing colours but the product is almost similar with Snapdragon being more finely milled and feels softer to touch. That's the case of you pay for what you get.

Stage's blushers retail at RM48 each if I'm not mistaken while NYX Powder Blush is around RM20++ depending which spree-er you get it from. With twice of the price of NYX Blusher, of course you'll expecting more for a brand like Stage. If it wasn't because of the RM18 sales, I won't be paying a heaping RM48 for one. I'm a cheapskate.

Okay, now, I'm gonna compare side-by-side, all of the blushers I have.

~ NYX Powder Blush in Pinky, NYX Powder Blush in Angel, Stage Cosmetics Blush in Snapdragon ~

I always use Pinky when I have neutral coloured eyeshadows on my eyes or maybe when I have girls' night out. Angel is great for everyday use. Colour is a bit sheer but you can always layer it up for a more noticeable effect. As for snapdragon, it's similar to Angel but it's more pigmented, paler and more towards purplish pink!

As of now, I'm thinking of getting a blusher with peachy colour. Peachy sparkles, perhaps!

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