Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Peach under the sun

Hello, people!

Finally, I can sit down, edit my pictures and discuss about beauty products I have tried out. No, I haven't get my Adobe Photoshop or anything like that yet but all thanks to my mobile and certain applications that I am able to edit it straight away after capturing the pictures and sent them to my laptop.

Technology is really great!

Let's ramble about something else besides technology today. First of all, part of the world is transitioning in fall and guess what, for us, summer is all year round! Everyday feels like summer over here in Malaysia and sometimes, it gets super hot and humid that I wish I could just strip naked and walk on the street. Nah, I don't have products that will make the hot and humid weather go away but somehow, since it is summer all year round, it always reminds me of wearing something peachy on my cheeks to give myself that flushing peachy pink glow whenever I go out.

Honestly, I love products that give 3D effect and I am seriously glad I've found this blush by NYX Cosmetics!

NYX Powder Blush in Summer Peach.

Yes, even the name suggests that Summer is all year round!

Me likey!

Now, why did I even mention 3D when a blush is a blush. Geez... What am I talking about? Whatever the reason is, I shall let you see the effect in pictures!

If you're gonna take flash photography while wearing this blush, the blush may appear a little pinkish on your cheeks, which personally, is something I like.

Yes, which girl doesn't like pinkish glow on their cheeks, right?

However, if you are gonna take pictures under normal light and not flash photography, the blush may appear a little peachy with gold shimmers.

I was super intrigued because I thought to myself, under normal lighting it looks a dupe to the infamous NARS Orgasm. Well, I may be wrong but that is just my opinion.

Here's a picture of the swatch of NYX Powder Blush in Summer Peach.

Honestly, for this blush, I think it does not go heavily unless you apply it with a heavy hand. In this case, I'd say, I am quite a miser when it comes to using products because you know, I bought all the stuffs I am using with my hard-earned money so, I'm not gonna waste.

I like the fact that it applies naturally with a healthy glow.

I am not sure if it is me or is it the blush but hey, it can even doubles as highlighter!

Look at my right cheek and yes, that glow!

I am pretty certain it is NOT my oily skin because I took the picture right after I applied my make-up! LOLX!

Actually, this is my third NYX Powder Blush if those bastards of thieves did not steal my collection! I guess one of this blush will last for a year or so because I do have other blushes available too. Asking if I will re-purchase NYX Powder Blush in future, yes, I will definitely re-purchase these blushes but in other shades!

It retails for around RM26 each at Colours Cosmetics Malaysia.

If you are interested in other NYX blushes, do visit as well because they have almost complete collection of NYX products and if you're a Sigma die-hard fan, it will be great too because, hey, babies, they have Sigma products in store as well!

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