Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Blessed birthday, Angel

Before my birthday month comes to an end, I figure out, I should be doing this entry because this year's birthday was a blast!

I totally didn't see it coming at all - thank you to all the wonderful people around me. Thank you for making my birthday a memorable one this year! Thank you for reminding how blessed my life is having all of you next to me.

My birthday this year was a week-long celebration!

So, the first ever celebration was truly a surprise. Well... I was pretty much taken aback by the plan... I didn't know my BEE students would plan a trip to the much anticipated beach, Belawai.

Plus, getting a cake, secretly praying that the cake wouldn't melt because there is no fridge in the hostel. Seriously, I was so, so speechless when I saw the cake... I almost teared up...

These people even took a quite embarrassing video of me...

Thank you, you guys - I seriously wept silently because I was touched but I was too ego to show you all my tears.

The celebration continues with yet another surprise planned by the sisters.

And thank you to my personal angel, the hubs, for the two-tiered birthday cakes... even though I did smell something fishy but you totally caught me off guard the cakes! Again, I was ready to cry...

Thank you to the best hubs ever... I owe you one and hopefully you can claim it back some day in future. Well, I may forget though...

At the same time, food was great!

However, the most touching scene would be to see all my students from different programmes coming together to celebrate my birthday.

Thank for making my day as well as making me feeling I'm the most lucky person on Earth.

Something extra the next day - a birthday mug cake from dear Justina...

I seriously enjoyed the mug cake so, so much!

During the last day of my service, some of my colleagues surprised me with a birthday cake! Well, I wasn't really expected that from them at all.

Thank you, all of you wonderful people!

On the very same day, four more BBA students showed up in my office with another surprise! How thoughtful of them!

I'm happy but at the same time upset - I know I am going to miss these wonderful people so, so much!

Next up was another birthday celebration with my fellow students whom I have taught from their foundation year to their degree years.

I can't express my heartfelt gratitude to know all of you. You guys are just like the little brothers and sisters that I never have.

On the actual birthday, I celebrated the day with my best girlfriends and sister.

We went over to Penthouse Cafe & Bar by Kingwood Hotel.

Food wasn't that great but prices are at a whooping whoooooosssshh!

We didn't really mind much of the prices but for the quality of the food and services we got, it wasn't worth it.

However, having my girlfriends celebrating the day with me - worth it!

The following day, went out with Mr. C for birthday dinner at Cafe Cafe.

Cafe Cafe has to be my all time favourite restaurant - food, price and service were great!

Not forgetting, the Apple Crumble was really, really awesome too!

The next celebration was with Su Ting at The Coffee Code - my favourite hangout because of the yummy waffles!

Su Ting ordered my favourite Black Code Waffle and even the co-owner of cafe, Lydia, made a special appearance during our photo-taking session.

Thank you, my dear!

The following celebration was with Hwa and Tyng at La Vino.

All the dishes were great but when I saw Hwa chomping own on the 70% raw lamb, I was a little terrified because aside from raw Salmon, I don't take any other raw food.

Well, Hwa said it was nice though.

We ended our day at Wikitea but I was too full to even order any drink...

Hwa was being unfair - he ordered his drink and he had somebody to share the drink with.

Seriously, I did enjoy myself so, so much being with the siblings!

Next day, finally, met up with my then, current batch of foundation students for a simple birthday cum farewell lunch...

Crapped too much during the gathering and suddenly, I had the feeling that soon, I would be missing this bunch of noisy kids.

The next day - it was the day I leave a place I call home, for good. It was quite an emo day because all that had been whirling in my mind - the hubs. I was a little heavy-hearted to leave him behind but there wasn't much I could do.

Once I got to KL, my BFF called me out for a belated birthday celebration at Tony Roma's.

Dinner was okay but again, it was the company that matters.

My third day back in KL, the brother took me out for another belated birthday lunch.

I know what some of you may be thinking.

I have to admit, I am getting older and quite honestly, I do not want to be 30 but time and tide wait for no man... here I am, happy 30th birthday to me.

Loved the Spaghetti Aglio Olio. It was something different from what I usually had - meat, meat, meat and more meat! It was kinda refreshing!

The last birthday celebration for 2015 ended with a dinner date with Mr. Ho.

I seriously enjoyed his company and of course my plate of Deconstructed Beef Salad so, so much!

Once again, thank you to all of you out there for making me feel warm and thankful that I am still alive in the wonderful world.

Happy 30th birthday to me, myself and I... hopefully I would stay healthy, happy, pretty and sexy all year round!

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