Tuesday, October 9, 2012

More insta-updates

I am really hooked to instagram!

So, is it good or bad?

Anyway, it's time for more insta-updates! Yay!

To start off my first week returning to KL, I had been really caught up with a lot of things, especially some important stuffs at the university since, you know, it was graduation time of the year... so, I basically had been busy running around my university to pick up my attire and also to book the photo studio for family pictures.

It was really crazy and I was handed the wrong colour of hood for my attire. Whatever it was, I wasted 2 days worrying for nothing. Yeah, all hail UM, a university like no others!

We all attended my graduation and luckily for me, Chee Leong was there to put on the robe for me or I could die because I didn't know how to properly put it on - it was too troublesome! Bad thing - I missed taking picture with him because we were somehow separated after the ceremony because there were just too many people around and I was pushed and squeezed out of the hall.

Other than my graduation, little cousin and his brother came to KL with their parents for a formal function. He was very happy that finally could try out Chatime!

LOLX! He was laughing and smiling so hard that you all could see his nostrils! Hahahaha! Okay, I think he is going to devour me for posting this picture.

We also celebrated uncle's birthday together!

It was an awesome dinner and catch-up since I haven't meet my uncle and aunt for almost 2.5 years! My, my, my, how time flies!

Then, courtesy of my brother, we dined at SWINE, Publika!

Warning - non-halal food below...

Dinner was awesome! The atmosphere was great and hopefully I'll be going back there again with my parents when I've gotten my first month salary. Hahaha...

Food is bad - if you're on diet or if you're trying to lose weight. LOLX!

If you don't trust me - look at the pork ribs below!

Sizzling hot and oh, wow... I miss those juicy pork ribs!

On another account, we have been out for several food adventures! During my parent's visit, big brother took us for la mien and xiao long bao dinner at The Curve. I kinda forgot the name of the restaurant.

Looks like I would have a lot of follow-up diets after all those food hunts.

Life totally sucks if I were to go on diet.

So, my resolution for losing weight - eat healthy. Well, that means less oil, less salt, less sauce and if possible cut down on carbohydrate intake. Therefore, I told myself, starting this week, I would be on one-piece tortilla wrap with lean meat and a lot of vegetables for breakfast and lunch.

As for dinner, well... I know it is hard but I will persevere - skipping dinner and taking protein shake.

Before that, I've gotta go for my favourite Korean food.

So much of dieting, right?

Don't worry, don't worry, I promise it will be good! Hahaha!

Oh, right, I've gotten myself a new train case. It is exactly like the one that was stolen when I was back at my hometown. This time around, I saw a pink case and fell in love so, I brought it home with me.

Initially, I planned on getting a nicer one but then again, due to insufficient budget and also I didn't know where to get those fancy ones, I had less choices. In the end, there goes my choice - same one but of different colour.

Well, I like it pink!

Okay, enough of shopping-ramble.

I sent my parents and sister off last week and now, my stupid sister is officially back to our hometown for good. Yeah, as in, she might not be coming to KL or maybe she might or she would be going to Singapore.

Although we do quarrel and argue from time to time but I am missing her company already. It is really good to have a sister around if you need company and I seldom say this but, I am lucky to have a mischievous, silly and supportive sister.

Well... it does seem a little quiet without her around.

Ah, I guess camwhoring will help a bit.

No make-up, no filter, no photoshop, no anything.


By the way, I went shopping alone yesterday and saw some nice peplum dresses on sales at only RM30 per piece at Cotton On. I fell in love and decided I should have one of them.

Problem is, I don't really like sleeveless dresses or tops because I just don't wear them on whatever occasions. I would want to alter them but I don't want to spend additional bucks on altering it since it's only RM30 only.

Halloween is just around the corner and since I was too free, I attempted an Angelina Jolie look.

Cat-eyes, thick lips, straight and sharp nose - I have none of the traits so, I have to depend on make-up to create the look.

I cannot stop awing at the fact make-up does wonder - bronzers, eyeliners, lip liners, coloured lenses, concealers, highlighters, bla, bla, bla...

After trying so hard for almost an hour, I finally came to a halt - I gave up... I would never be able to imitate Angelina Jolie's look.

Best part - piling on the make-up.

Hence, explains the duck face above.


Anyway, to divert your attention - here is a picture of my love!

Awww... I have him held in a personal prison because he is just too cute!

Say hello to Chris Dinh - my dream guy!

Have a wonderful week, people!

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