Tuesday, September 21, 2010

More NYX swatches and reviews!

Update - NYX products can now be bought at Colours Cosmetics if you are from Malaysia and Singapore!

Oh, baby, baby, how was I supposed to know that something wasn't right here, that somebody came to visit!

Oh, baby, baby, I shouldn't have let you go... oh... and now you're out of sight yeah and now I've to travel to the nearest post office, oh...

End of song because after like 45 minutes or so traveling to and fro the post office, I'm drained out of breath and damn tired - I need air-conditioner in my room right now!



My NYX haul came again this time around!

Sorry, address and contact number shouldn't be made known to strangers - I'm scared of stalkers and some crazy old man that tailed me to the post office the last time I walked there.

No, no, no!

So, when I opened the parcel, basically... these are the items I've ordered and they came with a little free gift!

Adorable, isn't it? Hahahaha... I think I can open up a stash sale for my unused cosmetics already or better still, I should offer make-up service soon since I have so many cosmetics in hand and I don't think I can finish them within a year or so.

Hence, let's see the little free gift Jo sent me.

NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss!

There's hype going around with this lip gloss but before this, I was skeptical because it's priced at around RM14.90 to RM16.90 each while the typical round lip gloss is priced at around RM8 to RM10 each.

The nett weight of the Mega Shine Lip Gloss is 15ml while the Round Lip Gloss comes in 2.5ml only. So, after I did some calculations, it is more worth it for you to get the Mega Shine Lip Gloss and the colour nicer and texture is smoother as well.

For those of you who love lip gloss with nice flowery or vanilla scent, you should get the Mega Shine Lip Gloss!

I love the vanilla-alike scent of my Frosted Walnut Lip Gloss - are you kidding me? I love anything with vanilla scent, okay?

I believe the Mega Shine Lip Gloss is more pigmented that the Round Lip Gloss if you'd notice.

I dabbed a little of the content onto my lips and using my fingers to blend them - see how pigmented they look?

Again, thank you Jo for the free gift!

Next in line, the eyeshadow palette that I've been waiting for few months now and yes, finally it came to mama already!

The NYX Runway For Your Eyes Only Collection - For Eye Color Brown!

Before this, I posted on NYX's Jazz Night Palette and I've been dying to get this palette because I fell in love with it's colors especially the striking green colour!

Lemme swatch them for you!

The swatches are without any primers or anything beneath - just my naked arm, that's all but yeah, the colours still shine through.

I know the swatches don't look pigmented enough for you but believe me, I only dabbed a little of the content since it's still new and I don't feel like wasting it by swatching a thick layer of colours on my arm.

RM31.90 if I'm not mistaken - more worth it than getting the Loreal Quad Palette that comes at RM45++ or so. I can't comment on the colours since I don't own them.

As for the blendability of the colours in this palette, I can assure you the texture of each colour is similar and super easy to blend.

If you were to ask me to compare the texture and blendability of For Eyes Color Brown with Jazz Night, I'd advice you to go for palettes from For Your Eyes Only Runway Collection since the eyeshadows are super, super smooth while some of the colours from Jazz Night tend to to be chalky.

Hence, lemme show off this wonderful palette for one last time!

The palette is mine, mine, mine - no mistake, mine, mine, mine!

Alright, the last item that came in the parcel was the infamous Concealer in Jar!

I was supposed to get CJ07 in Orange but I backed out at the last minute because orange concealer needs to be covered with a layer of foundation.

Since I'm quite a lazy person when it comes to foundation, I guess, I should just get concealer of skin colour.

When I swatched the concealer on my arm, it melted like almost immediately, which is really good for me because I have problems with concealers that don't melt upon application and you've to rub back and forth on your dark circles to blend them - that step is totally a pain in the arse to apply because you'd tug your delicate eye areas!

The colour will set to match your skin colour after a while - love, love, love!

I'm going to get more soon - just as soon as my salary comes in!

If you're interested in NYX products and you're within Malaysia, you can order them here!

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