Monday, June 18, 2012

Swatches from Sigma Paris Make-up Palette

OMG... I was thinking to myself, "I should do this, I should at least do swatches!"

Initially, just like any typical girl who is very much in love with all her make-up products and feeling really sayang to use them, I contemplated if I should even set my hands on the beautiful palette itself. In the end, I gave in to my desire and well... I pretty much tried out every single eyeshadow as well as the blush, contour and highlighter.

Lemme talk about the eyeshadows. I wouldn't say they are all very smooth or velvety. If you were to ask me, I'd say Urban Decay's eyeshadows are more smooth. Anyway, I shan't compare because it's not a comparison entry.

Of all the shades available in this palette, I personally think that Sigma did a pretty good job. Some of the shades are really smooth and for those with shimmers and glitters, they do feel a little rough. Some of the shades are not super pigmented but they are alright because they still  show up without base or primer.

I will try to describe each of the shade just in case you are interested.

Oh, the swatches are not done with any base or primer. Hence, if you still manage to see the shades coming through, that proves the eyeshadows are pigmented and of good quality.

We'll start with the cool shades in the palettes.

Eiffel is black with a lot of glitters going on in it. The unique point is that there are multi-coloured glitters in this shade - red, purple, blue, silver and maybe there are other colours. I don't usually go for black eyeshadows because I am scared black eyeshadows may look horrendous on me but Eiffel has proved me wrong because even though it is black, it is not scarily blackest of black. I guess soft black is right adjective to describe this shade?

Judging with our naked eyes, Seine is just a typical navy blue shade. Actually, Seine is not just our typical navy blue eyeshadow because up close, there are unique soft shimmers in it. If you're worried of fallouts, I guess you don't have to because when I was applying this shade, I noticed very minimal fallouts. Even with shimmers going on, it still sticks to my skin although there is no primer or base.

Lourve is the only matte shade available in this palette. I was pretty doubtful of super matte eyeshadows because I've heard that matte eyeshadows do not really show up upon application. Yes, I was right but not completely right. Lourve is matte and although not as pigmented as the other shades in the palette is still shows up without base or primer. It is matte sapphire blue. Well, when an eyeshadow is matte, you can expect no shimmers or glitters or anything in it so, rest assured if you're finding a nice blue eyeshadow, it is available in this shade.

Orsay is one of the unique shades in this palette. It is a soft shade of seafoam blue. You may even say it looks teal or maybe turquoise. This is a quite pigmented shade if you wanna know. Although there are chunky glitters in the shade itself, it doesn't feel rough anything.

I am not very adventurous when it comes to eyeshadows. The only shades I would wear if I am feeling adventurous would either be purple or maybe dark green. Yeah, that is how adventurous I am. I've never worn blue, yellow, orange, pink or red out of the house. That's my life for you.

Anyway, I love the fact that Paris Palette has warm shades as well. I don't know about others but personally, I think the neutral and warm shades in this palette are really unique! You'll know in a while.

Elysées as what we can see from the packaging is a shade between burgundy and auburn, if you know what I mean. I was telling stupid sister it is something like maroon but it is not. Well, let's just say it is dark brown since you can actually see the actual shade differs from the swatched shade. Erm... maybe it is just my eyes. LOLX! There are shimmers going on in this shade but don't worry, the shimmers are not overly excessive.

Notre Dame has to be the shade that I would wear everyday! It is muted khaki shade with shimmers in it. I think this shade looks great on the inner eye or just to brighten up your whole face! If you are a brown lover, well, what can I say? You'll love this shade.

Triomphe, I would say, is the most unique shade ever in the palette. Initially, I spotted grey in the Triomphe but when I swatched it, it appeared to be a little purplish brown. This is one of the most multi-dimensional eyeshadow I've ever seen! There are shimmers in this shade as well. Exceptionally pigmented!

Last but not least, Versailles is a frosted white shade. It is very pigmented and when I first touched it, all I could think of was how smooth this shade is. Just like other shades, there are a lot of shimmers going on in this shade as well.

Those are the swatches for the eyeshadows. Let's move into the blush, contour and highlighter.

I don't know about others but personally I think Rouge works well as a blush as well as contour.

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