Sunday, January 7, 2018

Wrapping up 2017 with a bang!

Boy, I can't believe I've been gone from the blogosphere for more than half year!

Blogging used to be something I enjoy doing in the past because I just thought it is always better to pen things down rather than to keep nothing at all. However, as years gone by, I just couldn't find time to really sit and write a blog entry any longer due to so many real (and some lame) reasons.

So, it's another new year (just like any other new year) and HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018 to all of you who are still reading my blog... from time to time!

In this entry, I shall be jotting down all those interesting and once-in-a-lifetime (hopefully) events that happened throughout 2017.

In the beginning half of 2017, nothing special took place because my life was quite mundane - it was all about waking up, going to work, coming home, eat, sleep and the routine repeated every single day until I got really tired of my life. At the time you thought, "Oh, right... there goes the first half of my 2017 - into the dustbin..." Well... good things take time and for me, great things happened the latter part of 2017!

July 2017

One day, suddenly, the BF (now, fiance), came home and asked about RCIA. I was like, "Why are you asking me about RCIA?" His question actually got me by surprise because all these times, he was quite against the idea of converting from his current religion to become a Catholic. I kept quiet about it even though I did know that somehow, good thing may happen and who knows, just who knows he may just embrace the religion with God's grace, right?

It happened...

If you don't know RCIA, in full, Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults is a process developed by the Catholic Church for prospective converts to Catholicism who are above the age of infant baptism. In RCIA classes, candidates are gradually introduced to aspects of Catholic beliefs and practices.

I knew it at that point, he finally gave in - yes!!! After all those masses and liturgies, he finally made up his mind to embrace Catholicism! I signed him up and I can't believe the classes are coming to an end pretty soon (as of the time I am blogging).

August 2017

The BF came home with a little surprise... I always imagined a fairy-tale proposal but the truth can be quite bitchy sometimes because a fairy-tale alike proposal may not really happen in real life. The BF being quite a realistic person, came up to me and said, "I think we can start planning for the next chapter of our lives - we've been together for 2 years and well... I guess... planning takes time so... why not, we go ring shopping?"

I was thinking, "What... shouldn't you get down on one knee and ask for my hands in marriage?"

Reality shook me hard because knowing that the BF isn't any type of romantic guy, probably a proposal may seem out of the question in our case.

Both of us went to jewelry shop and began choosing the loose diamond and ring setting that I really like - well, that ring will be my engagement ring! Yes, so much for being romantic, huh?

I settled for a much smaller diamond because to be very honest, I am not so much of a ring wearer because I like my fingers to be free but then again, well... I still have to wear the ring sometimes else, the BF may just complain.

We proceeded to choose our wedding bands as well.

I guess the BF was sooooo broke from all the rings when his credit card statement reached his inbox. Well, to get married is expensive these days although I wouldn't consider myself to be someone who is very high-maintenance.

September 2017

We signed up for a pre-wedding package with Enya Mareine after much thought. We had been doing researches on a number of bridal galleries around KL and finally decided to go with Enya Mareine because of some personal reasons:

  1. EM has a few of the best award-winning photographers and truthfully, the BF and I fell in love with some of the shots taken by one of the photographers. We decided that we would go with that particular photographer.
  2. EM's pre-wedding shoots aren't like the typical pre-wedding shoots that we always see. They're artistic and full of life!
  3. EM has a large selection of gowns that are not imported from China (which happens to be from Taobao). They actually have their own in-house gown designers who spent time and effort to made beautiful and exclusive gowns to suit our needs and expectations. Some gowns are limited edition and exclusive! 
  4. For the grooms, do not fret for you will not feel left out - they have one of the largest selections of tuxedos too! From the old-fashioned (but smart) to the most extravagant designs! 
  5. EM is the only bridal gallery that offers a life-time photography service - that means we can opt to get our pictures taken once every year for free (we signed up during a Wedding Fair).
  6. No hidden charges - they break down the charges for you and if you do require certain extra things, they will tell you the prices of those things.

What is there not to like?

Our consultant, Seline, is a very professional, caring and patient person. She explained every single detail to us slowly to make us understand the importance of every single stage. She even introduced one of the wedding gown designers to us who took time to explain how every single bead was hand-sewn to perfection. She even recommended few cuttings and designs for my body shape on the spot.

I have heard about countless horror stories of how bridal galleries actually 'cheated' people through pre-wedding packages and I certainly did not want to go through those nightmares.

If you're wondering of the price of our package, well, what we signed up for may be different from what you may want hence, it is best to approach them for professional consultation. Ours isn't exactly cheap to begin with because we opted to travel out of KL for a change.

Entries of wedding planning on my blog may or may not be posted. I don't feel like it is necessary to share each and every step of planning with the public because there are bound to be some people who bitch about almost every single thing we do in life. I owe no explanation to these people.

October 2017

Braced myself up to do a thorough eye examination at Optimax @ TTDI because I had never even gone through any proper eye examination in my whole life.

After going through the examination, I was seriously considering a Lasik Surgery to correct my vision because there are a number of days in a month that I would wake up, feeling how nice my life would be if I could see clearly without my glasses.

I have been wearing glasses since I was 12 years old and at this point of time, I just thought I am tired of glasses - I want to see the world crystal clear without my glasses but there are few things that I do need to consider - surgery fees and recovery time.

At the same time, I freaked out at the idea of, "What if the surgery fails and I'll go blind, like forever?" I have heard misfortunes when it comes to laser eye surgeries in the past, hence, I told myself that I may need some more time to consider.

November 2017

I started to invest a little more on my skincare regime because I do want to have better skin before my pre-wedding shoot in 2018. Hence, I began to go back to the basics - Korean skincare.

My skin just wasn't agreeing to so many products I was using just wasn't agreeing with my any longer. Western products are breaking me out like mad and at the same time, my skin was so, so dry to the point it was peeling on it's own.

December 2017

The fiance and I decided to go for a little holiday in Singapore since my dad was coming over to KL for a break. We met up with my sister and her fiance there and really got to enjoy ourselves.

Sorry, Mr. Fiance will not be making any public appearance because certain things are meant to be kept public, especially if both of us prefer things to be that way. We are not so much of PDA people hence, there won't be any sharing.

Anyway... I'm gonna wrap up my 2017 now.

I hope everyone has had a wonderful 2017 and that 2018 will be a better year!

Monday, July 24, 2017

Buffet at San Nae Deul @ Publika

I have always been a fan of Korean cuisines. I love soupy food and when I learned that most of Korean cuisines involves broths and soups, I was over the moon! Another fact that totally nailed my love for Korean cuisines - the food is cooked in earthen wares or grills to ensure it's hearty and hot!

More plus point - the banchans or better known as the side dishes. These banchans are basically refillable!

Ever since San Nae Deul started operating in Publika, I have always been their loyal customer. I love going there because first of all, Publika is nearby my place and secondly, their food is finger-licking good! What is not to love? I don't remember San Nae Deul @ Publika has buffet BBQ but the other day when my friend and I passed by the restaurant, somehow, it struck us that they have started catering for BBQ buffet.

As curiosity got the better of us, we decided to step in to give it a try. To our surprise they are serving ala carte buffet alongside their typical meat buffet menu. 

Let's dig in so that you can take a good look at the food.

To be honest, I was a bit disappointed because I actually prefer charcoal BBQ more than the electric grill BBQ but yes, San Nae Deul is using electric grill.

The staff were really fast and speedy even though at the time when we went there, the restaurant was really packed.

We were ushered to a private room (thanks to the crowd) and condiments were brought to just in less than 2 minutes!

For BBQ meat, usually, you'll be given condiments of raw garlic, green chilli pepper, soy bean paste and also sesame oil with salt. At the same time, lettuces will also be served and they are refillable upon request with no additional charge!

They will pass the menu to you and yes, you can start ordering anything that is on the buffet menu. Just like carnivores we are, we ordered almost all of the meat items on the menu.

I'm sorry but I don't really remember the names of the cuts that we ordered. All in all, we opted for pork and a lot of pork because we love pork!

Mr. AA actually topped up the order of samgyupsal (sliced fatty pork) because he loves pork just like so! We did order bacon too but to be honest, I don't fancy the taste of bacon. I'm not a bacon person.

In no time, we got all the meat grilling away! We were particularly hungry on that day!

Well, more meat, please!!!

When it comes to grilling, you have choices at San Nae Deul. It's either you grill the meat on your own or you can request the staff to do it for you if you're all prim and proper.

We opted to do it on our own because I'm the BBQ type of girl!

After BBQ-ing for quite some time, I began to grow tired of it and I told Mr. AA that I wanted to order some of the stuff off the ala-carte menu.

~ Stir fry spicy squid ~

~ Korean spicy fried chicken ~

~ Jjajangbap or mixed rice ~

On top of all the meaty dishes, we ordered seafood as well.

Out of all the seafood we ordered, I actually liked the shisamo more than anything else. The BBQ squid and prawns were just ordinary, nothing to shout about.

If you're interested, hop on to Publika for a try. 

Korea BBQ San Nae Deul,
A2-UG1-02 Solaris Dutamas,
No.1 Jalan Dutamas,
50480 Kuala Lumpur.

Weekend - RM45++
Weekday - RM50++
Child (6 to 11) - RM25++
Kid (3 to 5) - RM10++

Happy eating!