Thursday, October 22, 2015

Things I have learned at work

If you do not know yet, I have resigned from my job about 6 months ago and ever since then, life has been blissful. I am blessed to have chances to fly to several places despite not earning a single cent. Next month, I will be flying off to Seoul for another most anticipated trip. I have never felt so thankful in the past when I was still holding a job. 

Even people that I have met told me, "It's good that you have left that hell hole."

In fact, I do feel that the choice to leave that organization is by far the best decision I have made in my entire life.

Being in the organization for a full 2 years, I have to tell you all that it's more than enough. I know there are some of you who have been working 5 to 10 to 20 years with the same organization and I'm positive that you're going to tell me things like, "Oh, it happens in all organization so you've gotta crawl to learn to adapt."

My answer to your statement, "NO!"'

If crawling enables me to learn and to develop myself, I don't mind crawling but in my previous organization, I couldn't even envision my future at all. I have met too many idiots, two-headed snakes, ass-worshippers and so on - enough is enough.

Today, I am going to share with you, some of the things I have learned at work, hopefully to those of you who are reading this, you may benefit from it.

1. Possessing higher education does not make you a smarter person.

Seriously, up to this point of my life, even if I have a Master's degree, so what? There is nothing special with that piece of paper. However, there are certain people in the organization that behave like they have it all just because they have PhD. 

Remember, even PhD doesn't make you a smart person - learn to be humble.

2. Not everyone is fighting the same battle as you.

I know you are going to tell me to go with the flow but sometimes, I do feel going with the flow is going against my conscience when the flow is cheating another person. Why do I have to oblige when I very well know what other people is doing is wrong? 

Problems come when you have decided to go against them.

3. Not everyone is competent enough to hold their positions.

You may be a senior manager but then again, when your staff asked you a question and your reply is, "Eh, is there such thing? I didn't know about it! Too bad for you."

What the fuck is wrong with the HR for recruiting these kinda people to be managers or upper level management?

If you possess the qualification to be a manager, prove it! I'm not telling you to prove it by being an idiot.

4. Not everyone is your friend.

You may want to keep a low profile because backstabbers are everywhere. There are times people around you may seem like friends but think twice, they may be ones who are going to backstab you if you are not careful.

Learn not to tell everyone about everything. Learn to keep certain things to yourself. Learn not to talk too much too.

5. "Worshipers" are everywhere!

You have to bear with it. Sometimes, you will meet an idiot boss whom will mislead you but instead of correcting him, you will see people that goes like, "Oh, boss, you're very smart! We are going to follow you!"

So, if your boss is telling you to jump off the cliff just because he is an asshole, are you going to do so? Stop worshiping the ground your idiotic bosses or friends walk on.

6. There are differences between a "boss" and a "leader".

A leader leads while a boss orders around. You get the difference, right?

A leader will correct you if you're wrong but a boss warns and scolds you in front of everyone when you've made a mistake. 

A stupid boss will ask you to choose between your family or your job.

7. Threats will be thrown around if you do not comply to what your superior wants.

This happens when your boss doesn't get what he or she wants. 

"I don't care if there is no volunteer and if nobody wants to volunteer, I will randomly choose two of you to represent us and you are not allowed to decline."

Rings a bell?

Hello, boss, why not you volunteer yourself?

8. Courtesy may not always be available.

We all know we are paid to work but we are not well informed when people asked for help, there are no 'please' and 'thank you'. 

9. There will always be someone who is eyeing your position.

Face it - it happens everywhere. People wants your position even if they are not qualified. They will think of every possible way to throw you out of your position so that they could climb up and sit there comfortably.

10. Keep your life to yourself.

Do not, I repeat, do not approve friends at work. Do not update your personal life on facebook, instagram or twitter. It may stir the jealousy button and people may just report you.

Not happy? Eat on it.

There you go, 10 things I have learned at work.

I hope this entry will be able to help those of you who are going to be thrown in the working world.

Good luck!

Friday, October 16, 2015

Taiwan 2015 - Day 3

Rise and shine!

All of us woke up early on Day 3 because we hired a cab to bring us around Taichung. Honestly, the best way to travel around Taichung was to hire a cab because public transport is not so accessible in the town.

We wanted to pay a visit to the Second Public Market to try out some local delicacies but our friendly cab driver, whom we called Da Ge, wanted to bring us to another destination for breakfast. He told us that a lot of tourists prefer to go there instead of Second Public Market.

Well, we kinda listened to him and off we went to Yonghe Doujiang.

We certainly didn't regret his recommendation because all of us enjoyed our breakfast so much! Five of us ended up with a $430 bill and it was very, very affordable.

I particularly love the egg roll so much!

Another one of the highlights would be what I called - yau char kway wrapped in roti canai. Erm... I have no idea what they call it in Taiwan.

I did notice one thing - breakfast in Taiwan is usually very, very high in carbohydrate but why are all the girls so skinny in Taiwan?

Life is not fair!

After breakfast, Da Ge brought us to this biscuit factory that sells awesome Tai Yang Bing. OMG... if only I could carry all those delicacies back to Malaysia, I would do so but sadly, I couldn't.

Our next stop was Tunghai University.

Tunghai University is famous for its beautiful scenic natural surrounding. There are so many trees and plants in the university that it is no wonder the air is fresh there!

I certainly wasted no time to camwhore - forced Aaron to take pictures of me while I posed like mad. Hey... I didn't get to attend universities overseas so, Imma needed to pose, okay?

We walked into the nearest cafe, which is located in the university's compound after being touristy for about an hour or so. The weather was exceptionally hot on that day that I couldn't stand the heat. I told them I needed cold beverages.

Before heading into the cafe, this was that I did.

I took a picture of butts - so, who has the biggest and roundest butt?


After cooling ourselves down, we had another mission - Tunghai University is famous for their in-house milk ice-creams and milks, of course!

We had to try all of them!

This is me, acting all cute!

Ice-creams - checked!

Milk - checked!

Next stop would be Luce Chapel, which is also located within Tunghai University.

We practically spent around 2 to 3 hours in the university.

Our next destination was Carton King Creativity Park.

If you have never heard of Carton King, it is basically a park. The unique thing about this park is that everything you are going to see in the park is made out of cardboard or better known as paper.

The entrance ticket was $100 but claimable. You can use the $100 voucher to purchase goods in the park - totally worth it!

Hey, I met my prince charming's white horse in Carton king!

I had to climb up the horse and pose!

I am not gonna ramble about Carton King but I would let the pictures do the talking.

Wrapped up our visit to Carton King around 2 hours later and headed to Dakeng Lover's Bridge.

Seriously, I had no idea why all of us should visit the bridge because none of us were lovers and I wasn't interested in bridges but since Da Ge insisted it is a tourist spot in Taichung, all of us obliged.

We spent about 30 minutes camwhoring and then, off we went to Yizhong Street - yay, shopping time!

All of us went crazy because stuffs there were quite cheap. Food there was cheap too!

When we got tired, we walked over to Chun Shui Tang, which is known to be the place of origin of bubble milk tea.

None of us ended up ordering milk tea because we were too full from dinner at Yizhong Street.

The beverages there - nothing to shout about.

Our last stop of the day was at the infamous Miyahara.

The scenic view in Miyahara was breathtakingly beautiful.

I completely refused to believe that Miyahara used to be an eye hospital!

Now, you tell me, how beautiful can a building get?

I can totally get married in the building!

Miyahara specializes in cookies, biscuits, moon cakes and ice-creams. Even though we have heard mostly negative reviews about their infamous ice-creams, we still decided to try out their ice-creams because reviews are quite subjective.

The ice-cream does not come cheap - please refer to the picture above for the prices.

They have a wide selection available to satisfy everybody's taste buds.

You are even allowed to choose your own toppings!

They are in fact quite generous with the toppings depending on how many scoops of ice-creams you opt for. We opted for 3 scoops (max) and we were asked to choose 3 different toppings.

Our most expensive ice-cream yet - $480.

I had to camwhore with the ice-cream!


After Miyahara, we went back to the hostel as we were getting ready to hit the club. The rest was history!