Thursday, January 12, 2017

Jen's Wedding

It has been quite a while since I babbled about my life. Well, things get pretty hectic as you age, I guess. At least for mine, yeah, I have been busy trying to juggle personal issues and work. No matter how the ending is, life is quite good now. I mean there are ups and downs but life goes on.

About a month ago, I flew back to Kuching to attend one of my close friend's wedding and believe me, it was indeed one of the grandest weddings of the year. The entire wedding episode took us around 2 days 1 night to complete and I flew back to KL the next day after the wedding due to work commitment.

If you have been following me on my social media, you would have known that I was one of the bridesmaids. To be honest, it was kinda embarrassing to be wearing all the same dresses and flower crowns at my age but well, I mean this could be the last time would ever be a bridesmaid because age is catching up.

Jen told me that her wedding was all that she had ever wanted as a child. Indeed, from the way I look at how meticulously Jen planned her wedding, I would say it's every girl's dream wedding. The church vow took place in St. Peter's Church, Padungan.

I didn't manage to take a lot of pictures because first of all, I went there alone, without any friends hence, there wasn't anyone to help taking pictures but everything turned out good in the end because I made new friends.

I didn't catch the bouquet - I failed terribly and miserably. LOL!

Everyone was telling me, "Angel, go! You should go and catch the bouquet!"

Yeah, I failed... hahahaha... I do realize the more you want something, the more you're not going to get it!

After the wedding vow, we made our way to Amphitheater Kuching for photoshoot session. When I got there, I was awed - it was the first time ever I have seen wedding pictures taken with a drone. I was secretly telling myself, "One of these days, I want this kinda photoshoot for my wedding too!"

God knows if I'd ever get married this lifetime.

Have you had enough of the bridesmaids?

Now, let me show you the groomsmen!

I'm sorry if the pictures aren't clear :)

We went over to the newly-wed's house for photo-shoot as well!

After the morning session ended, we retired back to the hotel to get a quick rest before being ushered to a beauty salon booked by Jen for makeup and hairdo.

The session took around 2 hours as we had to wait for everyone to complete their makeovers.

Jen's wedding reception was held at Sarawak Club. All of us were awed at the decorations and how they have set up the entire place!

It was indeed a job well done for Jen and her team.

I finally managed to take a picture with the ever so popular and beautiful Gwen after hearing so many good things about her! It was indeed an honour!

Please bear with me, two more pictures to go and we are done :)

A compulsory group picture with the newly-wed...

Last but not least, the gang of cool people whom I have made friends with over the 2 days I was in Kuching.

To everlasting friendship!

Whilst to Bart and Jen - Happy Wedding and may the Lord grant you with many children! Stay happy and blissful!

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Clawset Cafe @ SS22 Damansara Jaya

A lot of my friends know that I've moved to KL permanently and as a result of moving across the South China Sea, I have to leave behind my pets at home, in the care of my parents. There are times when I really do miss those brats at home. I have discussed with my sister about shipping the pets over to KL but in the end, the plan didn't work out because we both think our pets will be happier to be staying on landed house.

Sighs... so much for missing my pets.

Since we don't really get to see our pets often, stupid sister and I went over to Clawset Cafe at SS22, Damansara Jaya to visit some of the doggies and kitties there.

Once you get to the cafe, you will be greeted by fur babies at the entrance. All you have to do is to proceed to order at the cashier counter, then, you go and find your seats. While waiting for the food to be served to you, you get to play along with the fur babies.

On the whole the food there is nothing to shout about but the fur babies were adorable! One particular doggie that stood out among the rest was this little guy.

I think this puppy is only a few months old judging from the way he actually walked around. He walked up to me and I couldn't resist but to hold him in my arms. I fell in love. At that moment, I wished I could bring him home but the owners of Clawset Cafe said he is not for sale.

I had him on my laps for 3 whole hours we were there and he did not even move about. He laid in my arms and on my laps, soundly asleep.

Awww... I wish my little doggie at home would be so obedient!

Of course there are other doggies at Clawset Cafe.

Among them, the more popular ones would be their Poomeranians.

We actually lost track of time when we got there.

Another attraction would be their cats - Mr. Grumpy!

I guess the cats were unlike the dogs that day. They were not responding well to human beings and honestly, I think they were thinking, "Humans, I am not in the mood. Get away from me! Get your smelly and dirty hands away from me!"


If you're thinking about going to any pet cafes along Klang Valley, do pay Clawset Cafe a visit!