Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Weight loss journey - 2016 edition

Seriously, I've been noticing my lifestyle trend I have had for the past few years. I would try so hard to lose weight for 2 to 3 months and when I succeeded, I stopped doing whatever I was doing and I piled on the weight.

My life is a disaster.

My weight was at its lowest at 57kg last year and somehow, it managed to bounce back to 63kg this year. What on earth is happening? I need to do a bit of recap honestly...

I stopped exercising - no cardio, no weight, nothing. Ever since my Korea trip, I have gotten so lazy to the point I completely went cold turkey for exercising. 

I stopped eating healthy - I've gotta face the fact that I have stopped eating healthy. I ate junk food, fast food and basically everything I could set my hands on. Even though I did eat in moderation, packing on these unhealthy food as somehow caused myself to pack on those extra pounds throughout the months.

I stopped calorie counting - the fact is calorie counting is good but I just stopped doing so because I felt so lazy.

When I saw my own picture few days ago, I was shocked. When did I get so big?

Some of my friends would tell me, "No, you didn't gain weight, don't worry."

That don't convince me at all. The fact is - I am feeling horrible from time to time lately when I take pictures with friends or even when it comes to selfie. I would edit all my pictures so that I would look exactly like what I am supposed to look few months ago before I gained those weight.

It saddened me.

Therefore, I told myself, "Enough is enough."

I need to lose those weight again and to look my best by December 2016 and this time around, I want my weight to be lower than 57kg.

I came across these meal plans while I was surfing for some tips on eating healthy.

I thought to myself, "There is no harm trying."

Sticking to a particular meal plan is a difficult task for me because I like variety. When I went through the plan, I noticed there the author included a lot of carbohydrate in it. The carbohydrate comes from potatoes and bananas. I am certainly not a big fan of these two kinds of food. I guess I will be modifying the meal plan according to what I like.

Most importantly, I will try to avoid using oil when I cook. No more oyster sauce or stuffs like that. I'm going to incorporate the use of herbs.

By the end of June 2016, I'm hoping to see results so starting tomorrow, I will be hitting the gym again. If I am unable to go to they gym, I will make it a point to work out at home too.

I shall keep my fingers crossed and till then, be healthy!

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Lapcos x Disney Brightening CC Cushion

Oh, hi - it has been quite some time. Just to let you know - I haven't been slacking. In fact, I have been busy with a lot of traveling and well, some other personal stuffs. Anyway, I'm going to share my two-cent on one of my recent purchases with Hermo.

It's the Lapcos x Disney Brightening CC Cushion in No. 23.

Now, how cute the packaging is, right? OMG...

If you do not know yet, Lapcos has teamed up with Disney quite some time ago for this collection and you can get not only CC cushions but also lipsticks, lip balms, eye shadows and several other make-up stuffs.

The normal weight of cushion foundations is around 12g to 15g. For this cushion foundation, it comes with one size - 12g only.

I am not sure if you can get a refill but Hermo doesn't have it's refill for sale as well. Even so, with a packing that is so cute, it is definitely a keeper!

I am a MAC NC25 and again, my shade for Korean foundations is No. 23. So far, I have not have any issues with unmatching foundation.

On the first swipe, I would say, I was expecting this to be a very medium coverage foundation but I was wrong. Personally, I would rate this an decent coverage foundation. I don't think it can be built to medium coverage because it doesn't really cover my blemishes or veins around my nose.

Now, comes the fun part - review!

I have zit on my forehead (above my right eyebrow) as you can see from the three pictures above. My dark circles are pretty bad and the skin around my nose is red.

I can't do much about it because I have sensitive nose that would trigger sneeze after sneeze if the surrounding is dusty or smokey.

Now, behold the after effect!

Just like what I have mentioned earlier - coverage is not really awesome but the effect I would say is quite natural.

As being claimed by Lapcos, it is a brightening CC foundation but honestly, I do not notice any brightening effect. Perhaps I am a little too dark to experience the effect. Hence, brightening effect is nowhere to be seen on me.

However, one thing I do appreciate about this foundation - it doesn't sink into my big pores! No, you've read me well, it doesn't sink into the pores at all even after 4 to 5 hours of usage. I hate foundations that sink into my pores, making my pores look bigger than they already are.

For your information, I didn't even use any primer prior to applying the foundation.

Let's do the flash photography test, shall we?

I know this is a brightening CC cushion so, please expect a really bright effect, okay?

OMG... my skin looks perfect in flash photography while wearing this foundation! I certainly didn't expect that because under natural lighting, you could still see my pores in their glory.

On the longetivity, expect the foundation to sit on your skin for around 3 hours if you do not have any primer or powder.

On the whole, I am quite pleased with the foundation.