Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happiness and rainbow :)

I am not the most credible person when it comes happiness but at least I know how it feels when you see another person being happy.

I made this rainbow cake quite some time ago when I was really down because I know rainbow is one of the things that could put a smile on a person's face.

I modified the recipe I have gotten from the internet and guess what - I ended up baking Cream Cheese Rainbow Cake.

It might not be the prettiest cake ever but at least, a slice of it makes me happy.

The cake is even prettier in real life.

The cream cheese is finger-licking good and heavenly.

In the mid of grieving over Mr. Karpal's departure, hopefully, a picture of rainbow cake can cheer your day.

God bless and having a wonderful week ahead!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

You will forever be a Hero, my Hero

The news of Karpal Singh's passing affects me - so much to the point that I wouldn't believe this influential leader is no longer with us.

I cried.

And I cried again.

I grew up listening to him. I grew up learning about all the wonderful things he had fought against for our Motherland. I grew up looking at him as a fatherly figure who never once, abandon those in need. I grew up respecting home more and more.

I've learned from Mr. Karpal Singh that a good leader makes people want to fight alongside with him while a bad one makes people fight against him.

Right now, the news about his passing is too much for me to bear. My heart goes out to his family and friends who has fought alongside with him

Sometimes, I do wonder whether God is listening to us. Our Motherland is silently weeping for justice but still, He took away one of our prominent leaders.


Whatever that is... my prayers are with him and his family. May the Lord guides Mr. Karpal Singh and showers his family with abundant blessings for what Mr. Karpal Singh has done for our nation.

"DAP kehilangan seorang pemimpin dan sahabat tapi, Malaysia kehilangan seorang pejuang."

DAP loses a leader and friend but Malaysia loses a fighter.

Rest in Peace, Mr. Karpal Singh.

We will pray that your legacy will continue as long as there is the slightest hope.

You will forever be a hero, MY HERO.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Things I did on my birthday

Hi, happy Saturday, everyone!

It's actually quite rare that I'll sit in front of my laptop on a Saturday night and blog. It's not that I have a date or so but usually, I'll just catch a movie or two with stupid sister before I hit the bed but tonight, the mood for a movie just isn't there.

I'm just in the mood to shop but too bad there isn't any good boutiques at where I am staying. In the end, I've to resort to online shopping and where else can I go aside from Twenty3, right? I kinda fell in love with these 2 dresses and I have been contemplating whether I should get them or not.

 ~ The Sherlyn Babydoll Dress in Light Blue Florals ~

~ The Sherlyn Bakkuru Dress in Cream Florals ~

Initially, I wanted to get either one for myself on my birthday but in the end, I didn't get any. I'm trying to fight the temptation because I know I need more formal dresses to wear to work instead of casual ones.

Dear Twenty3, please do have more formal dress choices!

Okay, now, I'm gonna blog about my birthday!

Initially, my girlfriends plan a dinner on exact day of my birthday but due to unforeseen circumstances, we had to reschedule it to a day earlier.

Okay, an outfit of the day picture on my pre-birthday dinner.

Dress - Twenty3
Handbag - Sembonia
Shoes - Random shoe outlet

I met up with the girls and finally, we went to The Ark for dinner.

I wasn't expecting anything much because I was already thankful that all my best girlfriends made time for me despite of their hectic schedules. One of the girls travelled back all the way from Mukah just to have dinner with me!

However, the surprise came only when I saw my birthday cake - Hello Kitty!

My first reaction was, "Oh, how cute!"

I almost teared when they sang the birthday song in 5 different languages and dialects to me. That was the moment when I really felt so blessed.

I may not have a significant someone to celebrate my birthday with me throughout the years but I do have some really good friends who never failed to amuse me!

I was so happy that I've decided to ditch my diet for a day and had the biggest slice of birthday cake.

BFFs also ordered Creme Brulee because I complained that I've never tried one despite having been in KL for almost 10 years.

I know, I'm a noob at that but I'm not too adventurous when it comes to new food.

My verdict - do not order this if you ever go to The Ark - yucks! I'm not sure whether Creme Brulee does taste orangey and caramelly but eew... I'm not ever, ever gonna order this!

Okay, on another point - my camera caught Belle's priceless expression!

Cute, right?

She's truly one of the luckiest girl - eat, eat, eat but she never gets any fatter!

Thank you, girls, for a great dinner as well as company!

Dinner ended at 9pm and we went back. I remember sleeping early because the next day was quite packed since it was a Thursday.

I woke up early the next day, which happened to be my birthday!

I was feeling gloomy because I had consultation session with my students. Honestly, I wasn't quite looking forward as the day progressed since there was a scheduled MQA meeting in the afternoon. I knew for sure it would take the entire afternoon until 5.30pm.

Luckily for me, I have some awesome colleagues. Knowing that it was my birthday, they secretly bought a birthday cake and brought me out to Cafe Cafe for birthday lunch!

That was my second birthday cake this year - Baked Cheese Cake from Big Thumb Bakery.

Azlan was making fun of me and kept on asking me, "Do you want me to remind you how old you're gonna be after blowing out the candle?"

Of course he doesn't need to remind me!

I couldn't express my heartfelt gratitude to God for these awesome colleagues at work! I may not be happy at my current job but because of these wonderful people, at least I do feel that whatever that I have been doing is not wasted.

Thank you to 老公, Azlan, Rafiq, Nadia and Agnes for a wonderful birthday celebration!

True enough, our MQA meeting ended at 5.30pm.

I rushed back home because dad booked a table at our favourite restaurant for my birthday dinner that day.

Guess what?

Stupid sister bought me a mini birthday cake!

It may not be the yummiest or best cake but it is the thought that counts!

Since the cake was kind of cute, both of us took turn to snap a picture with the cake! Oh, it'd be another outfit of the day picture!

Top - Tesco
Skort - Twenty3

All of us ended up with bloated tummies because we ate too much.

See... I've ditched my diet for 2 days in a row and I'm already feeling so guilty over it!

Thank you, mum and dad, of course to stupid sister for the cake and also present for my birthday!

Again, I have to thank God for a supportive and loving family. I may not be the best daughter and sister but at least I know I do appreciate God's gift to me.

Last but not least, thank you to Eileen, who sent me this box of pretzels!

Those pretzels are the yummiest!

Stupid sister is hooked to them that she wanted more!

Anyway, all celebrations need to come to an end.

Honestly, I am more than satisfied and happy this year - for everyone's effort to cheer me up and made my 2014's birthday a meaningful one.

Thank you to my family as well as dearest friends!