Monday, April 6, 2015

Best, ever!

As I am documenting this, my heart is skipping another beat.

I have been wondering, how does it feel like when the time has come for something that is bound to happen to really, realistically, happen?

Now, it is going to happen.

Tomorrow is the day.

No, it's not my birthday yet...

However, I have given the best birthday present to myself this year - I can't wait for tomorrow to come.

Tomorrow is my last day as an educator in this institution where the place actually crushes one's dream.

I remember how motivated I was when I first started working - I put in extra effort, hours and energy just to perform. I remember being happy even though I had to work for longer time. I told myself, at the end of the day, it is your hard work that is going to determine where your life will be heading or whether people would remember you 10 years along the road.

For the 2 years I have been here, I am glad that I have met wonderful and supportive people. At the same time, bear in mind there will always be some dream crushers. Well, you can just erase them from your life because they seriously are nobody.

I have never been happier thinking that I will be flying off to KL for good next week onward - I can't wait for the day to come.

A new chapter in my life awaits and I know my life is gonna be awesome over there from next week on.

This has gotta be the best birthday present from me to myself.

As much as I am hoping that the best present could be a Mr. Right, however, there are things that are more important than finding Mr. Right as of now.

For this year, this would be the best present from me to myself - ever!

Hopefully, 10 years down the road, I will not regret the decision I have made today.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

14 things I learn in 2014

Happy 2015!

My greetings come late but it's better late than never, right?

To be honest, I am more than just happy that 2014 has flown by.

Therefore, I would like to conclude the saying that goes, "Human beings grow wiser as they age." I am not implying that I am wise or smart but at the very least, I know I have learned 14 new things in 2014. These 14 new things have totally changed my perspectives in life.

Life is supposed to be simple but due to too many pressures from people and material needs around us, somehow, life becomes complicated.

Let's wind back to what I have learned in 2014.

#     #     #     #     #     #     #     #     #     #

My immature mind forever thought that friends are equal to colleagues and that we should get along well. I guess in all kind of working environment, you will be spotting office politics - people trying to bring you down, people resenting you, people who just cannot bear having you around and all others.

Above all, the scariest one would be the hypocrite.

Being nice on the surface and trying to backstab you afterwards just because they think it is alright to do so.

Sometimes, I think I am indeed idiotic enough to have trusted so many of such kind of people at workplaces. I used to label them as "friends" and now, I come to understand that there are differences between friends and colleagues.

Point to remember - your colleagues will never be your friends!

As age catches up, I guess being a female homo-sapien, we get more worried because very often, people around us would be telling us that, "A girl's market value decreases as they age."

I do not know how true that statement is but being a Chinese, I guess you can't help but to feel dejected but human beings can only plan while God decides. Instead of feeling bad about why love hasn't found me, why not spend some time to just learn that things happen for a reason?

In 2014, I have learned that love takes two to tango and it takes time to grow.

True enough - love is built on the foundation of a strong friendship.

I have to thank this person whom has always been there for me be it when I am happy or sad. It may have taken me a while to realize he has always been there but then again, things happen for a reason. As much as I wish we are meant to be, still, good things do not come easily.

If we are meant to be, things will fall together one day.

Throughout my life before 2014, my goal was to make people around me happy. If they were unhappy, my mood got affected and honestly, my day would be affected to the point I would not have any motivation to do anything.

In August 2014, after talking to a friend, I finally realized that the first rule of life is that you, as the main character in your life, should be happy. When you are happy, you will make people happy.

"When you are unhappy, there is no point trying to make everybody else happy."

"Being happy is all that matters."

I can honestly tell you, the person who has taught me so much about friendship and trust is no one else but this friend of mine, Chung Siang. The first person whom I always think of when the topic of friendship comes about is him.

We have come a long way - from ICQ stranger to a brother whom I never had. He has taught me so much about accepting people the way they are, being at your best is what it counts and that learning to love yourself is the most important thing in your life.

Part of who I am today - all thanks to him... he trusted I could be a better person and I trusted he would be guiding me along the way.

Thank you, Chung Siang, for trusting me and teaching how to trust again.

Special thanks to two special someone who has never ceased to be there for me - dong-sen-s, John and Emme - for everything.

I used to think that life will be better if everyone likes me. Hence, I tried my best to please those around me to the point I couldn't take it anymore.

I asked myself, "What do I get in return?"

You may be thinking, your life will be like a dream if people like you but bear in mind, there will be someone in your life that will dislike you no matter what you do.

Point to remember - it doesn't matter whether other people like your or not, the important thing is that, keep your head high and tell yourself, "I am all that matters."

Being an open book means that you are giving chances to people to read your mind or to hurt you. I come to learn in 2014 that you should never be an open book.

True enough, it may be difficult for people to get to know about you but at the same time, it also gives a chance for people to personally attack you.

Finally, I come to understand what Forrest Gump has said is right.

Let your life be like a box of chocolates - never give any chance to people to read you like an open book.

It feels like yesterday that I have just known this person but honestly, human beings are fast to judge. When we first got to know each other, the first impression just wasn't there.

Through time, I learned that he is a friend who is responsible, kind, humble, family oriented and well... he may look serious all the times with the MEH-ness but still... for me, he is a blessing in disguise.

Thank you, for being there :)

I seriously hate pretending to be someone I am not. There are times when people would tell you, "Girls have be be ladylike - you are not being one!"

I have to admit - there are two sides of me. I can be a girly girl but at the same time, there is another side of me who is more sporty and maybe a little tomboy-ish.

Those two sides of me defines who I really am but why do I have to listen to people telling me, "You've gotta pretend to be who you are not sometimes."

Why do I have to pretend?

To make you happy?

In 2015, I will make sure I will stop pretending to be who I am not.

Sure enough we all love a helpful person but sometimes, being too helpful is not a good thing. People may just use it as an excuse to go against you.

We learn about giving and taking in life.

Never give out but never take anything back.

Moderation is the key!

In communication, more than often, whatever a person says maybe wrongly interpreted by the other person. That explains miscommunication in a lot of situations.

Sometimes, things that we say are not being fully understood by the other person because as human beings, we tend to jump into conclusions very often.

Therefore, in 2014, I guess I have made quite a number of enemies because I can be pretty blatant and straight-forward to the point people may dislike me for saying certain truth.

Hence, I have learned that I am only responsible for what I say, whether or not you fully understood what I have said, that's not my responsibility.

I always thought I have higher standards when it comes to life because I am a person who expects a lot from other people. I know I may sound scary at times but then, to have a standard is better than not having any at all.

There was one time in my life that I told myself, "Perhaps, I should lower my expectations."

I did and I regretted.

One thing I have learned that in life, if people want to be in your life, they should raise their standards, not you lowering your standards. Lowering your standards indirectly means you are dumping your self-respect.

Respect yourself and never apologize for having high standards.

Waking up to beautiful mornings, how many of us actually feels thankful for the day?

For once, I am found guilty... I never thank God for a beautiful day and for a healthy body. Instead, when problems arise, I would put the blame on God for not putting Himself in my shoes.

In 2014, I learned that being thankful for what you have is important.

Not everyone has the chance to be who and what you are. God doesn't create everyone equally. There are reasons why certain people are better or worse than you.

Be thankful of what you have and you'll learn that life can be joyous too.

We have heard about life is all about taking chances but how many of us actually do take the chances?

Life is a gamble - if you do not take the chance, the possibility may be that you will lose the chance forever because time and tide wait for no man.

If you know what is wrong with your life, why not take the chance and make your life better?

Every step that you are going to take counts and it will shape you to who you are in future.

Point to remember - overcome your fear and step out of your comfort zone!

I learn that through a slap on my face.

Not everyone can be honest but when people are honest, you have gotta make sure you are able to take it.

Never expect cheap people to be honest with you because whatever they say will be cheap and it's not honesty.

#     #     #     #     #     #     #     #     #     #

So... those are the 14 things I have learned in 2014.

Hopefully 2015 will be kinder to me...

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Power up your day with Oxydrinks

Honestly, I am not a very health conscious person. In the past, I practically ate everything I could because I thought, "Ah, you're too young to care about what you feed your tummy! Food is good, food is blessing! Eat!"

It is some sort of like what the Chinese always say, 能吃是福.

Over the years, as I start to age, I realize the need to stay energized and healthy is more important than any other things in this world. I started taking supplements, collagen and others just to make me feel good about myself.

I was being brought aware of this new product called Oxydrinks

I am a person who has to have my daily caffeine in the morning before I head out to work on daily basis. Although I do know that caffeine is bad on long term but I am unable to get rid of that bad habit of mine.

Then, I thought to myself, perhaps, I should replace my daily dose of caffeine with Oxydrinks for a few days and let's see what has this beverage has in store for me.

If you do not know yet, Oxydrinks is made up of 22 natural ingredients.

It provides energy to the consumer - I need it!

It contains no added sugar, salt, trans fat, coloring, flavouring and artificial ingredients - my diet needs it!

If you are worried about your daily calorie intake, well, you have it covered. Per serving of Oxydrinks is only 103kcal!

Definitely, this is something I would go for if I'm going strict on my daily calorie intake.

Even when it comes to preparing the beverage, it is as simple as A-B-C.

In less than one minute, you'll have the beverage ready, right in front of you!

Just so some of you may want to know, the powder smells of brown rice, which is a plus point for me because I love anything with brown rice in it!

True to what has been printed on the packaging - the beverage does not contain artificial sugar or stuffs so it pretty much tastes like - brown rice powder.

To bring it to another level, because I need a little nit of sweetness in my life, I would add half a pack of Equal to the beverage just to sweeten it up and to give myself added boost of energy for the whole morning until lunch!

Seriously, I do love this beverage and I can foresee myself getting more of it.

Some of you may be asking - does it help to regulate bowel movement?

My answer is YES!

During those few days I was taking Oxydrinks, I found out that it did regulate my bowel movement. It could be due to the fine fibers in the beverage itself.

If you are interested, here's where you can get it from.

Click here!

Lemme know what you think!