Tuesday, January 11, 2011

First beauty haul of 2011

I guess, I'm way past my sudden emotional stage and hence, I've decided to do a little shopping with one of my girls at Pavilion - hey, it's pre-CNY shopping, okay, not just any shopping, hence, it is a must-do activity every year before CNY.

Good reason to splurge again!

*slaps self*

So, I was wandering about at Pavilion when I came across Stage where I saw this thing... RM18* only for selected items for limited time. Okay, my feet then, decided to betray me and walked in.

So... I walked out with all these...

The next time if your feet have decided to betray you, you can just chop them off ignore them and turn the other way round. Thank you for your co-operation.

But then again, yay... can you believe each item in the picture above costs RM18? It's like crazy, okay? Well, not each, exception for the infamous Opening Act Complexion Enhancer that comes at RM68.

I'm not sure how this thing works but I heard the reviews were pretty good especially if you're someone with oily skin like me. Gonna try this thing out once I'm done with my Monistat's.

For the mean time, lemme show you all those things I've gotten.

I'm sure if you know me, I'm very, very anal about concealers. Aside from eyeshadow, concealer is the next love of my life! I can be seriously insane when it comes to concealing my imperfections, thus, if you were to go through my collection, you can dig out probably 5 to 6 different colours and shades of concealers.

Yes, that is how anal I am.

Thus, I picked up another concealer for RM18 - Picture Perfect Liquid Camouflage despite owning MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer and Stage Photo Pro Creme Camouflage and also those from Skinfood and NYX, in which I sold off NYX Concealer Jar not long ago - the reason was - I didn't quite like it.

I tried this and hallelujah - this gives like medium coverage and the effect is very natural. I love it. Originally priced at RM55 if I'm not mistaken. But for a freaking RM18, who wouldn't get it, especially if you're a concealer-whore like me?!

Get it, people, get it!

I am not over the hype of loving Stage Picture Perfect Foundation. No, I still love it so, so much that when Stage offers RM18 for each of their foundation, I grabbed not one but two!

If you're worried that your oily skin might not suit these foundations, worried not. I'm using Picture Perfect Foundation and yeah, I have super oily skin! It works for me. I love how this foundation can dry out so fast and after it's completely dried, even when you try to wipe your face with a tissue, the foundation does stay on.

Staying power, I'd give it a rating of 4 out of 5 - of course, the condition of everyone's skin differs greatly.

If you have oilier skin than mine, Stage can solve your problem too with their Photo Pro Foundation. From what the BA told me, Photo Pro Foundation gives a matte finish so for those of you who are scared of looking ghastly, try this one!

The original price before discount is RM90 for each tube.

As anal as I am about concealers, I'm pretty particular with eyeliners too because I hate eyeliners that smudge, especially liquid eyeliners. So far, I have no problem with my Kate Liquid Eyeliner. The staying power is definitely good and yes, believe me, you should try it out for RM38, I believe.

I picked up two eyeliners from the RM18 bonanza at Stage - black and glitterati.

I can't say I love the black liquid eyeliner but I love the one in glitterati because this baby does give ooommpphh if you use it on your lower eyers, not on your lower lash line, please. It just opens up your eyes and staying power - great!

Don't get the black one, get glitterati!

Originally priced at RM45.

Well... another thing about me is that... I am not a mascara person because my lashes are pretty short and stubborn. Even if I apply coats and coats of mascara, my lashes just wouldn't show. Hence, most of the times, I just skip mascaras because I have another issue with mascaras - I'm wearing glasses.

This time around, I've decided to break the tradition a little to get Stage Angel Lash.

For an affordable RM18, who wouldn't get it even just to try it out, right? Those mascaras you've seen in Watsons or Guardians, the cheapest comes at RM22.90 from Silky Girl and it sucks big time!

I've tried it over the counter and loving the result - very natural and it makes my lashes a little obvious!

Retails at RM55 each but you can get it for only RM18 until February 2011.

I often skip mascaras but when I want dramatic look, falsh lashes are my only hope!

This is not on sale. It's not RM18 but it's RM25. I didn't buy this one because stupid sister bought it since she was so obsessed with the BA's beautiful dramatic eyes.

Don't get it if you're smart - too pricey. Go to any beauty stores and with RM25, you can get like 10 pairs of similar lashes!

I'm not done with loving neutral colours too. Yes, I still have my Naked Palette from Urban Decay with me and yes, I AM LOVING IT!

I told myself not to buy any more eyeshadows so... it wasn't me who bought this mono eyeshadow.

Stupid sister bought it because all of a sudden, she thought to herself, "Eh, I don't think I own any neutral colours in my collection."

True enough... she doesn't really own any neutral colours, hence, she bought it. I tried swatching it at the counter and yeah, it's pretty pigmented.

I'd recommend their silver eyeshadow - very, very pigmented but I've forgotten the name of the eyeshadow. Thus, you have to do your homework.

It's RM18 temporarily for your information. If you wanna get more of Stage's eyeshadows, go to any outlets because after this promotion ends, you're going to fork out RM45 for each colours!

People with oily skin like me, tends to have oily lids too. So... this is when eyeshadow primers come to help. I love my UDPP but after endless thoughts, I've decided to try this out!

Yes, correct, it's RM18 temporarily and the original price is RM75 each. This primer is sold out at Pavilion but if you're heading to Midvalley, they still have it.

I'm not quite sure of the staying power because I have yet to try it on my oily lids but I'll talk about it later perhaps.

Guess all of you know manicure is another love of my life, right? I have a box of nail colours and I'm so glad Stage gave me an additional colour for free!

The shade I chose was in #20 Dazzling because I'm having this hype for gold nail colours nowadays!

If you wanna get this baby, it retails for RM35 each. Well, I don't know if it's worth it or not but if it's free, why not?

By the way, if I'm right, Stage will give out 3 items for free if you purchase up to RM300 and this nail colour is in the list. Then again, if you're not purchasing up to RM300, you can get one of these for only RM8.

It has been a long time since I last bought any lip colour, thus, I've decided to get few to satisfy myself.

I love how these lipsticks feel on my lips - very smooth and moisturizing! It retails for RM48 each and now, you can get it for RM18.

Audrey is mine, Cameron belongs to stupid sister, Monica is for stupid sister's future mother-in-law while Catherine is for our beloved mummy!

Eh, I'm such a nice and considerate daughter, okay?

*kicks self*


That pretty much wraps up the first cosmetic haul of 2011.

By the way, d Hair Shop is having promotion and the price starts from RM0.88 only! Since I love their hair products, I bought several items!

I love how their products smell - very fresh! The serum feels super nice on my hair. I've even bought their hair tonic and shampoo for oily scalp.

Totally loving them.

The damage - RM60 for 4 items, not so bad, I think.

Eh, my hair is insured for life, okay!

Anyway, that's it for today - gonna get my beauty sleep!

Have a wonderful week!

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