Sunday, November 21, 2010

Stage Cosmetics Picture Perfect Foundation

Note - My apologies that this blog is slowly turning into a beauty blog. Hahahaha... I have no new updates, hence I'm just sharing my interest with friends and make-up geeks out there.
Tra la la la ~

I am happy.

Yes, I am very happy because I have finally found the near perfect foundation. Remember my Stage Cosmetics' Haul? If you don't, go read it. If you don't know about Stage Cosmetics.

Okay, the foundation that I've gotten is...

Taa daah... The Picture Perfect Foundation in #04 Buff. Yes, yes, my shade is in buff.

Finally, I tried this foundation and I'm loving and digging it more than my Revlon Color Stay Foundation. This is the case of drugstore cosmetics versus high-end cosmetics.

I always have a problem when it comes to choosing the right shade for my foundation. It's either the colour oxidized throughout the day and then, making my face looking extremely pale or grey. My sister always passes remarks about how my complexion turns scary after several hours of using either BB Cream or liquid foundation especially.

When I purchase PPF, I didn't have high expectation on it since I had almost given up the last hope of finding the right foundation. PPF has changed my though on my wrong philosophy about wrong foundations.

Lemme show you guys!

Be prepared, if you're eating, don't choke on your food!

~ See ma... naked face with lousy complexion and horrible dark circles! ~

Muahahaha... Don't say I didn't warn you about my naked face but whatever it is, I guess majority of friends out there have grown tired and used to my naked face. Hahahaha... I'm a lazy person so that explains if I go out without having any make-up on.

So, after the foundation application...

~ Right after foundation application without concealing the dark circles ~

Like usual, I applied the foundation on my jaw and also neck. See, I don't look so terrible as compared to my BB Cream.

To my surprise, the foundation doesn't need a lot of time to set onto my complexion. Yes, surprise, surprise! I heart this baby! I don't even need any concealer to conceal my dark circles! I mean, yes, my dark circles are terrible and horrible but with just one application and not concentrating on my dark circles, this foundation kinda evens out my skin tone.

Love, love, love!

So, after setting the foundation with my Physicians Formula Mineral Loose Powder, applied my down-to-earth eye colours and NYX Powder Blush in Angel with a little highlight, here's the look!

~ Getting ready for wedding reception ~

~ Final picture of LOTD with my newly straightened hair ~

So, you wanna look photo-ready or picture perfect?

Get yours at RM90 per tube of 30ml at your nearest Stage Cosmetics' outlet! I can't guarantee if you'll be happy with yours or even disappointed but it's worth a try, right?

My takes on Stage Cosmetics Picture Perfect Foundation


  • Natural finish - medium coverage!

  • Nice texture - more towards watery than creamy - good for oily skin!

  • Considered affordable - slightly more expensive than Revlon's and a lot cheaper than MAC's or Bobbi Brown's.

  • Easily available throughout Malaysia!

  • No SPF so, it's suitable for girls' night out picture-taking sessions without looking ghastly or scary - be ready to be photo-ready!

  • Cons

  • Might not be to the liking of those who prefer creamier liquid foundation.

  • Without SPF, hence, unsuitable for day usage, what to do?

  • Might not be comparable to MAC's or Bobbi Brown's foundations.

  • Not full coverage - it won't cover all blemishes.

  • Price

    RM90 per tube of 30ml

    Will I buy it again?

    Yes, definitely! It's worth the price!

    Hence, go and get a tube and test it out on your own!

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