Thursday, October 7, 2010

Let's get NAKED!


Hahaha... It's not naked but it's NAKED - in capital form!

Eh, eh, eh... but certainly, I did not get naked but I've gotten NAKED!!!

Erm... don't expect to see 18SX pictures here because Imma not gonna spoil my reputation by doing so. As much as I love parading myself and stuffs, nakedness is yet another issue, you'll get caught by the police if you do so, at least in Malaysia.


I can't have enough of NAKED-ness!

If you don't know just yet... here you go, a picture of NAKED!

~ NAKED by Urban Decay ~

~ NAKED's packing ~

What else do you think NAKED is?

Muahahahaha... This is getting really fun. I love Urban Decay and the creative minds behind the launching of this palette.

Let's get NAKED, shall we?

~ This is my NAKED palette ~

Being raved by a lot of make-up gurus out there, I finally come to know why these talented gurus are raving to get NAKED since a while back because Sephora and Urban Decay ran out of stock for this palette several times!

I was totally in a dilemma if I should get this palette or not because not long ago, I've just gotten UD's BOS III and yes, BOS III will reach me by next week! Then, when your lust overcomes your sanity, that's when you'll make another purchase!

Thus, I've gotten NAKED!

Asking if I regret spending so much on just a typical looking palette or not, the answer is, "NEVER! NEVER EVER!"

I totally fell in love even with the packing of the palette when I've touched that baby for the first time. It's pure love, lemme tell you - totally solid, unlike those palettes we have out there! I don't know how to describe the packing of the palette but if you own one, you'll have to agree with me!

It comes with a mini Urban Decay Primer Potion or better known as UDPP!

~ My beloved genie in the bottle ~

NAKED comes with a free mini-sized UDPP. Okay, honestly I contemplated in getting a full-sized UDPP because it's quite costly, around RM65 to RM90 depending on which seller you get it from. Since NAKED offers a free one, it's good for me.

So, when the palette is unpacked, basically, this is what you'll see inside.

~ Can totally die and RIP already for it's gorgeousness ~

Gorgeous or not? Gosh, I can't believe one of my friends was asking me, "Angel, is this edible?"

Hahahahaha... I gues UD makes the palette sounds edible.

Anyway, lemme share with you the colours available if you have not a single idea of this palette yet and if you don't know what Urban Decay is!

~ Click the picture for a larger version ~

The palette comes with...

From left to right: Virgin, Sin, Naked, Sidecar, Buck, Half Baked, Smog, Darkhorse, Toasted, Hustle, Creep, Gunmetal.

Further, it includes the infamous UD's 24/7 Eyeliner Pencil in Zero and Whiskey *new shade*!

This is PURE LOVE, okay? If it's not pure love, it should be FOREVER LOVE!

Believe me this baby will get you hooked on wanting more!

Erm... no swatches yet since I'm still waiting for BOS III to get to me before I update on everything for make-up lovers out there!

Hence, I shall leave you with a picture of me, wanting more!

So, have you gotten NAKED yet? If yes, do share your views on it with make-up geeks out there!

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