Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Aries like me is awesome!

Hi, everyone!

It has been a week since I last updated my blog. I have been really busy because work has started to pour in like crazy. I have teaching plans to do, slides and notes to prepare, speeches to adhere to and then, reports to write. This is mad but somehow, I find out that I am loving my job. On top of all the workload, I would say, it is fun to have friendly, supportive and sporting colleagues. That makes all the difference in the world!

Today, I am going to babble a little bit more about myself in addition to the entries on 50 facts about me as well as my pet peeves. Seriously, a number of people has mentioned that I am quite difficult to deal with because I am obviously quite demanding by nature. Other than that, I get remarks from people that I am too outspoken and unpredictable. I would beg to differ because I really do not think I am difficult to deal with.

Now, all these remarks go down to the star sign I was born under - Aries.

Perhaps, there are some of you who think that the whole ideas about zodiacs, horoscopes or star signs are nonsense but personally, I do believe in certain attributes of an Aries because I coincidentally have those features.

Let's use the picture below as guidelines.

1. Outgoing

I am outgoing by nature. I love traveling and I like jobs that require me to go everywhere! It is tiring but still, that is something I enjoy. Even over the weekends, I prefer not to stay at home. At least window-shopping is an activity.

2. Loud

I am loud. In fact, I am VERY loud - it's either you love or hate me. It cannot be neutral. I do not appreciate people commenting on how loud I am because I need to be loud to get my job done.

3. Not the one to mess with

Seriously, that is true - you do not want to mess with me especially if I am in a really bad mood. I guess some of my friends can vouch for that.

4. Passionate

I would consider myself passionate. If I love what I am doing, I don't really mind putting in 101% effort. At the end of the day

5. Impatient

Honestly, I am not a patient person. Yes, I do know patience is virtue but for me, patience won't get you anywhere. If I have a task to carry out, I would want it to be done immediately.

6. Stubborn

Errr... in a way, it is true that I am stubborn. I don't intend to lie or deny because it is who I am. I remember, even my academic supervisor told me how stubborn I could get.

7. Jealous

I do tend to get jealous easily but it depends on situation.

8. Possessive

Rawrr... if that something or someone is mine, hands-off, people! I do not like to share certain things and that especially applies to the boyfriend or husband in future.

9. Spontaneous

I can be a speech on the spot even if there not much time given to prepare. I am as spontaneous as that! Aside from speeches, I do consider myself spontaneous in a lot of ways!

10. Confident

On the scale of 10, I would rate myself a 7. I do have my insecurities and all these are the features that make me quite oblivion.

11. Lovable

No, I do not consider myself lovable because definitely, it's either you hate or love me. It cannot be both!

12. Excellent kisser

I am not so sure how should we measure how professional a person is at kissing but I was told my ex-es that I am a good kisser. So, for excellent - nah, that won't do.

13. Secretive

I don't consider myself good at keeping secrets but I do know some secrets are not meant to be told. It's only good if you keep the boundaries.

14. Funny

I am not the clown among the crowd so, I can't quite be certain about being funny but I do know some friends who would use the term 'funny' to describe me. You be the judge.

15. Grudge

Once I am mad with a person - that's the end of your life. Don't think of me as a forgiving type because I am not. I don't get angry easily but once I am angry you can say bye-bye to the existing friendship.

Oh, geez... I guess I would be scaring all the Aries out there if I were to go on and on about what I think an Aries would or should be.

At least from what I know, I am so.

So, if you're an Aries, you're awesome!

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