Friday, May 31, 2013

MUA Professional Eyes Primer

This is a backdated entry.

I was supposed to blog about the MUA Professional Eyes Primer since last year but then again, since I procrastinated too much, I ended up doing this entry now. It has been a long delay and I think I have already used up half of this primer now.

When I first got this primer, I wasn't expecting much because firstly it's only £1 and secondly, at that point when I got it, there were not a lot of reviews available on it. If you're getting it, you're paying £1 for 7.5ml worth of product.

I'd say this product is a bang for buck!

Before I own this primer, I have been using UDPP all these times and I have to admit, I am not really fascinated or awed by it no matter how many people tell me how good UDPP is. I tried to love it because it is quite expensive but still, up to this day, I find myself not reaching out for it as much while as for the MUA Professional Eyes Primer, perhaps it is already a habit of mine to reach for it whenever I am applying eye make-up.

The primer itself comes in one shade - neutral.

It feels very smooth and believe it or not, it glides over the eyes smoothly and easily. It could be due to the soft texture.

I wasn't expecting the primer to perform really well but when I swatched it on the back of my hand, I was very certain the texture of this product is similar to UDPP exception on the fact that it is a little smoother and softer.

I tried placing my hand under the running tap water and surprise, surprise, the eyeshadow is still there!

I've gotta admit I adore this product so much that I had to ask for a friend's help to purchase 2 more from UK. Yes, I am going to get these primers real soon!

Like usual, I have to test it out to know the longevity of the primer. Hence, my task is to wear any eyeshadows over the primer for 8 hours - when is the best time to fully doll yourself up? My answer would always be - going to work!

So, for few days in a row, I wore this primer with eyeshadows over it and what else can I say?

It lasts for about 5 to 6 hours. I mean, look at it this way, UDPP creases on me and truth be told, this primer does crease also but it's only a fraction of UDPP's price!

What is there not to like?


  • Cheap

  • Works! It's just like my UDPP!

  • Smooth and easy to apply

  • Cons

  • Not available locally

  • This is one of the product I wish everyone would be able to at least try and judge on their own but somehow, it is so difficult to get hold of locally.

    Has anyone tried this before?

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