Saturday, May 18, 2013

I have a pet called peeves

Once, a friend told me, "It seems to me that you are allergic to almost everything in the world."

The truth is, I am not really allergic to everything in the world - honest!

It's just sometimes, there are certain things that people do that really get onto your nerve. If you have been feeling so, don't worry - it's perfectly fine because each and everyone of us have our own pet peeves. Lemme share with you some of my pet peeves.

Let's start with beauty pet peeves.

1. Wearing false eyelashes without make-up.
Don't you think it feels like something is missing? Even when I did my eyelash extension last time, I made an effort to put on make-up just so it could enhance my overall appearance.

2. Strong eyeshadow colour with strong lip colour.
It is good to make a statement but it is terribly wrong if your make-up is trying to scream, "Hey, look at me! I'm an attention whore!"

3. Matte lipstick over chapped lips?!
Like seriously?! Eew... please, just use your lip balm or something!

4. Messy long hair =.="
I've gotta admit, I am a big fan of long hair. I guess you can judge this from looking at the length of my hair if you know me in person. Long hair is great but when your long hair is messy, it is NOT a pretty sight.

Geez... I think I don't have a lot of beauty pet peeves but when it comes to other pet peeves in life, I do believe I have quite a lot.

Now, let's look at other pet peeves of mine.

Obviously, I have made a list!

1. Re-dipping bitten foodstuff into sauces.

It is perfectly fine if you are not sharing the sauce with other people but if there is only one sauce on the sauce and everyone is sharing it, can you be a little more considerate? Nobody wants to eat your saliva! If you want to re-dip any food that you have already took a bite of, please get your personal sauce! It's for hygiene purpose!

2. Stirring the soup with used spoon.

The Chinese loves a good soup! I don't mind to have a big bowl of soup being placed on the dining table and to share with it with others but then again, please don't use your spoon to keep on stirring the soup. It will make me feel as if you're mixing your saliva into the soup! It's filthily dirty!

3. Please don't mind my dirty room!
Honestly, I do mind! I can very well tolerate a messy person but I cannot tolerate a dirty person. Imagine having to stand next to you and having to bear all those smelly stuffs in your room! Nobody like it!

4. Putting clean and dirty laundry next to each other.
Yes, you're too busy to put your dirty laundry in the washing machine but have you ever thought it's disgusting if people know you place your clean laundry next to your dirty ones?

5. Wearing the wrong bra for the outfit!
It completely disgusts me! If you're trying to wear a deep V top or something similar, please, just skip your bra and get a nipple tape or something! The sight of the bra is definitely NOT sexy at all!

6. Crowded places?!
Please count me out. As much as I love to hang out with people, I don't like having to smell another person's armpit. I would rather stay indoors.

I think there are more but right now, I can't think of any because obviously, I have something on my mind. Anyway, what are your pet peeves in life?

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