Thursday, May 23, 2013

Bobbi Brown Retouching Powder

When I first started wearing make-up, foundation was my staple product. Most of the times, I would opt for powder foundation because I thought liquid or cream foundation is messy. Few years later, I finally got to know liquid or cream foundation provides better coverage than powder foundation. Fast forward to another few years later, I learnt that we can apply powder foundation above liquid or cream foundation to prolong the wearing time as well as for better coverage.

I am quite particular when it comes to powder products for the face. Usually, I freak out at the idea of wearing powder products because I tend to oil up easily on my T-zone but through trial and error, I finally realized that it is true that if you layer your powder foundation, pressed powder or any powder product on top of your liquid foundation, indeed, your foundation will become longer wearing.

However, I have had problem finding my HG powder product to be used to layer over my liquid or cream foundation. I don't like the powdery feeling on my face upon application and most of the powders I have tried before do feel powdery upon touching.

At the same I almost gave up on finding my HG powder product, Tiffany and I walked into Bobbi Brown. I think my complexion by nature is a little bit reddish due to broken capillaries and allergies. Then, the Beauty Consultant at Bobbi Brown, Grace, suggested for me to try their new product - Bobbi Brown Retouching Powder. Because my complexion that day was redder than usual, she proposed for me to try out the retouching powder in #1 yellow to counter redness.

If I am not mistaken, there are 5 or 6 shades available for you to choose from.


Yeah, I admit I was skeptical because I have never used Bobbi Brown products before. Grace reassured me that I would love it because not only it controls shine, it will also smoothen the skin. Since I had no make-up on that day, I decided to try it out.

For those of you who are really interested to get the powder in the same shade as mine, you don't have to worry it will look yellow because it won't leave you looking like a banana.

It doesn't smell like banana either :)

Upon applying it, I did see the yellow counteracted and somehow, my complexion became less reddish. It's just like a magic powder. I was so tempted to buy it on the spot but I digressed because I still have some powder product left.

I guess 'make-up abstinence' just does not work for me because a month later, I actually went back and buy the retouching powder.

The reason cum excuse is quite predictable actually - I like how it lessens the redness on my complexion and at the same time, after applying the powder, I can't stop touching my face!

Yes, seriously!

I have never been so in love with how smooth my skin is after the application.

Anyway, enough say on how smooth my skin is after application.

The idea behind this powder is that you can apply it with or without make-up. Let's say if you have had your make-up on for a few hours and your skin somehow oil up, you can just do a quick retouch using this retouching powder to mattify your skin.

Bobbi Brown Retouching Powder comes in a plastic jar with a black lid. I have to admit that some of us will think of it as flimsy but personally, I don't have complain over this kind of packaging. However, I do have one comment - once you lift the lid, you will see product is sealed. I was told by Grace not to lift the seal instead, I should just make small holes for the powder to be released.

You see, the reason is that the holes on themselves are actually quite big and if you were to remove the seal, the product will overflow. In which, this will lead to great wastage. You wouldn't want to waste the product away because I honestly think this powder is quite pricey.

I think they ought to re-think of a new packaging for such a wonderful product.

The powder itself is finely milled and it feels extremely soft. It's almost irresistible not to touch it. Since the powder is so fine, you don't have to worry that it will make your skin patchy and cakey upon touching up. I have somehow tried retouching my skin so many times throughout the day using this powder and what else can I say? I love it!

Once swatched on the back of my hand, the skin does feel very smooth and best of all, it prolongs the wear-ability of my foundation and BB cream. This powder is perhaps one of the most long-lasting powder that I have ever tried.

As I have mentioned earlier, no banana-like effect so, no worries on the yellow tone.

I purchased Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder as a cheaper alternative for the expensive Bobbi Brown Retouching Powder but I can't bring myself to love it because it couldn't match Bobbi Brown's Retouching Powder. I will do the comparison in another entry soon.

It is an expensive product but long as it works, I don't mind forking in the extra every once a while for something I would be using regularly. I have been really proud of myself for making it an effort to use this powder every single day if possible.


  • Smooth and soft skin upon application

  • Mattify oily skin

  • Long lasting mattifying and smoothening effects

  • Easily available in all Bobbi Brown outlets throughout Malaysia

  • Cons:

  • Expensive

  • Good variety of shades

  • I would safely say I've found my HG setting powder and yes, I will continue to purchase it as long as Bobbi Brown produces this product.

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