Saturday, May 4, 2013

50 facts about me

Finally, it's the last day of training!

Geez... can any training session gets worse than what I'm going through? I've been attending non-stop-through-the-weekend training since last week. It is not sickening but it is sucking out all my brain juice, energy and concentration!

While I'm feeling a little relaxed today, I think I'm gonna tell you 50 facts about me.

For some of you, some of these facts may be surprising or shocking but it doesn't matter - all of us have our weaknesses and strengths. I can accept an individual as who he or she is provided he or she does not step on my tail. I get comments like, "Angel, you're too open-minded - it won't do," "Angel, you're too conservative and you're missing out a lot in life," or maybe, "You should be able to adapt to your current environment." 

Well, I can't do anything about it because first of all, these people expect you to change. Let's make it this way - you know who you are and what you are doing so, why bother about what other people think? You have your goals in life so, just move towards it instead of listening to people telling you, "You're being too ambitious and it is not good," "You have to be realistic," "Dream on!" 

Sometimes, you just need to learn to accept and respect your friends and family for who they are.

Okay, here goes my list!

1. Angel is my REAL name but it has been shortened because I never really liked my full name. Furthermore, it makes everyone's effort to remember my name easier.

2. I'm not born fat - it's just that I gained weight as I grew older and then, when I entered teenage years, somehow, I fell in love with a guy and he motivated me to lose weight to become a better person.

3. I am a quite particular person when it comes to food - there are certain categories of food that I don't like or take because I dislike them.

4. I dislikes durians.

5. I am a cat person - I used to have 13 cats and mum had to give them away when I was enrolled into university in 2005. So I only have one cat at home right now - Lulu Bear.

6. I am not an artistic person - I can't draw well and I can't design at all.

7. I grow up watching X-Men, Sailor Moon and Street Fighter because I have an elder brother who used to be obsessed with those series.

8. I love, love, love Pooh Bear - as in Walt Disney's Pooh Bear.

9. I can't write or read Mandarin - yes, I am basically half a banana.

10. I am terrified of cockroaches, grasshoppers, dragonflies, spiders and any sort of insects!

11. I love horror movies but please don't haunt me in my dreams.

12. I have a crush on Daniel Henney because I think he is my definition of sexy!

13. I like nerdy guys just because I think the combination of glasses and guy is pure obsession.

14. I am single - so single guys, send in your resumes! I'll be sure to look them through to ensure a thorough application. LOLX!

15. I like older guys because I always think younger guys tend to be immature but don't get me wrong. I'm not judging anyone - this is what I personally think.

16. I hated my high school years because those years were just like hell on Earth for me.

17. I am extremely bad in Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics which means I am scientifically declined - sad but true, oh yeah!

18. I am linguistically inclined - please bear in mind that language is NOT the same as linguistic.

19. I secretly hope one day, I will be able to marry someone like Nga Kor Ming because I love confident guys who can bring themselves well.

20. I love to talk - that's why I like people who can talk but NOT those who talk craps and nonsenses all the times because it gets annoying!

21. I love raw edible vegetables but I don't really like dressings.

22. I like public speaking because I like to give speeches, motivational talks, trainings and lectures, maybe? You can pretty much say that is one of the reasons why I landed myself as a lecturer. One of these days, I am going to make it big!

23. I get comments that I look like Joyce Cheng all the times. Joyce is the daughter of Lydia Shum and Adam Cheng. My say is - yes, from certain angles, I do feel we look alike.

24. My favourite perfume is Burberry Brit because I think it smells really good and nothing can beat that! Yes, love, love, love Burberry Brit!

25. Christmas is my favourite time of the year.

26. I love anything that smells or tastes like peppermint - for the record, I love toothpastes but not to the point of swallowing them! LOLX!

27. I am more a tea person than a coffee person.

28. My hair is genetically straight but I used to be so dumb that I went and straightened it again when I was younger - those were the days where you got influenced with peer pressures.

29. I am obsessed with skincare products that come with fragrances - I am a noob for products that smell really good.

30. My longest relationship only lasted for about 3 months because we grew apart due to our commitments and locations. Furthermore, we have different dreams and goals in life. I am a very goal-oriented person while he is a process-oriented person. What I pursue in life is success but he is more into being satisfied with what he has so, slowly, we drifted apart.

31. I like prawns and crabs! That pretty much means I am not a pretty or neat eat-er. Hahaha! In fact, I think I always mess up my food!

32. Samuel is the name of the love of my life but due to some mistakes in the past, we missed the point of life where both of us might end up being together. Unfortunately for me, he is engaged to another girl now. It was really heartbreaking for both of us to be where we are today but somehow, we realized it will be for the best of both of us. My blessings go to both of them.

33. I love make-up products - my favourite brand is Urban Decay but recently, I am hooked to MAC because I fell in love with Studio Fix Fluid.

34. I love singing and I think I can sing quite well - when my friends and I frequented KBOX during our degree years, I was often told I sound like the infamous Taiwanese singer, A-Mei.

35. I like listening to the 90's songs because I am such a boring person!

36. I can be a very nice person if you are nice to me as well but bear in mind that I can be bitchy and evil if I have to. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

37. I hate the feeling of being lonely.

38. My closest and best friend ever is my sister - who is known as stupid sister as well. I cannot imagine a live without her and I thank God for having this stupid but cute sister to always be with me through ups and downs!

39. One of my biggest dreams is to become a F1 racer. Yes, I am into speeds but I don't drive like mad on the roads because if I do, I might just end up with accidents.

40. I have a soft spot for high heels and I buy a lot of them even though I don't even wear them out so often. That's a girl for you!

41. One of these days, I will be touring this world - I've been wanting to go to New York, Seoul, Paris and Northern Ireland. This is really crazy but I love travelling! The only thing that sets me back is monetary problem - you need money to travel.

42.I love hugs and kisses!

43. I love skirts and dresses more than anything else on the world - I used to want to wear skirts and dresses when I was 100kg but I couldn't. Now that I could, I am going to wear them until I get older!

44. I may look confident all the times but mentally, I am struggling to be confident as I always feel intimidated if I am around beautiful people. I guess it's difficult to change this - I think I am fat all the times.

45. I don't like exercising. I have very low metabolism rate - I don't really sweat much even if I am doing rigorous activities under the sun. This is one of the reasons why I give up on exercising. I can go for one hour of jog and still, I couldn't sweat it out.

46. I used to be an active swimmer - yes, I swim, baby, I swim! Nowadays, I can't even swim at all. I just don't have the stamina these days.

47. I have a really good-looking, understanding and nice penpal who stays in Penang that I got to know when I was 13. We are still writing to each other to present day!

48. One of my regrets in life is not being able to join Mediacorp, Singapore when I was offered a position 4 years ago.

49. I am daddy's girl. Yeah, I can go, "daddy, daddy, daddy, daddy, daddy..." all day long but that is only applicable if dad is around me.

50. I have a thing for doctors - I grow up with family and relatives who are in medical professions, hence I always look up to doctors.

Okay, so, those are 50 facts about me. They might not be the most interesting facts ever but well, facts are facts. It's all down to the matter if people would accept you for who you are.

One thing to remember though - if you sincerely want to be a friend with someone, you wouldn't mind what he or she likes or dislikes. If you're expecting him or her to change, I'd tell you to keep it to yourself because nobody is perfect.

Happy weekend, people!

Remember to carry out your responsibilities as Malaysians tomorrow, 5 May 2013 - vote for a better Malaysia!

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