Monday, February 18, 2013

Shopping with Colours Cosmetics Malaysia

Happy Lunar New Year, everyone!

Yeah, I know the greeting came late but internet back at home really sucks, hence, I wasn't able to really sit down and update. Plus, I left my laptop at KL so, that pretty much explains everything. 

Anyway, I hope all of you have had a great New Year and let's make a toast for the remaining 5 days of Lunar New Year until Chap Goh Meh comes!

I received an email notification from blogger the other day regarding a comment left by a reader, Kelly. Hi, Kelly, I hope I'll be able to answer your question today. Hopefully the other questions may help to clear your doubts too. 

As the matter of fact, several readers have emailed me recently regarding my experience shopping with Colours Cosmetics Malaysia.

Well, I'm gonna answer your questions in this entry.
  1. Can I trust CCM?
    This is the most common question I get from my readers. Yes, you can trust CCM! I have been dealing with them since they started their business a few years ago and ever since then, I've bought quite a lot of items from them. The wonderful people of CCM never disappoint me with their service and friendliness.

    ** I am not paid or sponsored to say this.

  2. Are there any free gifts?
    Hello, I love free gifts! Tell me, who doesn't? Regarding this question, you can always refer to CCM's website for more details.
  3. I found out that certain items are more expensive than other online stores.
    Well, all I can say is, I trust CCM. I have joined various pre-orders before and yes, all my items got to me safely and not even one was broken. If you find their items are more expensive, you can always find other online stores.
  4. Payment methods?
    I am unsure if CCM accepts credit card yet but you can always email them. As for myself, I prefer cash transaction since I need not worry about the payment at the end of the month. Cash payment is always the best option for myself. Therefore, I always use Maybank2u cash transfer for payment.
  5. Recommended items from CCM?Good question! Try out their Short Handle Flat Top Foundation Brush that is specially designed for Asian hands. I have a personal review on the brush if you are interested. Oh, if you're looking for BB Cream that gives you healthy glow and long-lasting - try out their Shangpree Crystal BB Cream. Click here for my review.

    ** Again, I am not sponsored to say this and no, I am not working for them.
  6. Packaging and shipping?
    CCM is using insured Airpak mail so, there is no problem with that. Shipping is always very fast. I remember I ordered several items from CCM when I was back at Sarawak for holidays and I get the parcel on the next day! How fast is that?! CCM is based in Penang if you don't know. As far as packaging goes, never once in my history of dealing with CCM that my palettes or other items were broken - NEVER! They always make sure the items are wrapped sufficiently with bubble wraps! Yes, they even wrap up my masks with bubble wrap!!!
Hopefully I have covered my readers' queries in this entry. If you still have questions, do email me or please, please, please, drop a comment under Disqus so that I can get to you easily.

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