Sunday, March 3, 2013

My favourites of Jan and Feb

Well, that pretty much means February just ended.


Anyway, I thought I just share with some of you what I've been loving and obsessed with throughout January and February 2013.

First up... I guess if you're a close friend of mine, you'll probably know how much I love doing my nails. It is just sometimes, laziness struck and thus, I don't do anything to my nail. No wonder people often say that beauty is hard-work because there is no ugly girls, only lazy ones.

I am so glad that I have found and tried out these 3D Nail Seal.

If you don't know, it is basically some stickers that you stick to your nails and then, you apply top coat over them to keep them in place. I know I am kinda late bloomer in these but I never trusted these stickers would really be so easy and long lasting. Best of all, they all stay put even though I've been doing housework like crazy during CNY.

They are just so easy to use and best thing ever - they are really cheap. I got them for around RM2.90 to RM4.90 and believe me, one set of the stickers can last for several applications!

So, yeah, I love those stickers and I foresee myself getting more of them really soon because it's just so fun to change your nail designs from time to time!

 Second, third and fourth products are all nail cares and nail polish remover.

Seriously, Elianto does have one of the best nail polish remover... for about RM8.90 only, these nail polish remover really does remove nail polishes without leaving residues! I have had bad experience with Guardian and several other nail polish removers that never worked.

Aside from that, the nail strengthener from Elianto is pure love! I have really weak nails and they chip and break whenever they are long. My only hope is to find a nail strengthener to keep them stronger or at least make them not chipping so easily. This is my second bottle already!

I have often heard about fast-drying top coat but since I am such a cheapskate and don't want to waste too much moo-lah on brands, I am so glad I found this - Essence Quick Dry Top Coat.

It dries pretty fast and well, of course it does it's job quite well. For the price of only RM8.90, what else can you complain, right?

Okay, time for beauty stuffs...

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush in Exposed and NYX Matte Bronzer.

I have been obsessed with both of these items ever since I got them. Nothing much to say but yes, I am still not over using these two powders!

I always have issues of foundation transferring to the screen of my phone whenever I answer phone calls. For quite some time, I have been searching for foundation that doesn't transfer, at least, doesn't transfer like mad and well... I am glad to have found VOV Light Lasting Foundation.

This foundation gives a very healthy glow to the user and best of all, it's not oily and the coverage is medium. Although I do love full-coverage foundations, there are times when I want to go for a natural look without looking like I am trying too hard. So, love the foundation!

As far as eyeshadows go, I find myself reaching out for my Urban Decay Shadow Box all the times.

It's just like the other eyeshadows have disappeared because I no longer reach for them. LOLX! This palette really has been getting so much love from me!

For lip products, I have to admit, I do have a lot of them but throughout January and February 2013, NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams have been my favourite lip products!

They're quite long lasting and best of all, they glide on the lips smoothly and effortlessly! For only RM25 to RM26 each and so many shades available, these babies are really great!

Aside from that, two brushes that I have been using so frequently these days - Colours Cosmetics Fat Top Foundation Brush and MAC 168.

These two are seriously best brushes of their kinds in my collection ever!

Last but not least, few friends have been spotting that I'm way over Burberry obsession because they noticed I have different 'aura' lately. Hahahaha...

It's not really 'aura' but fragrance from Vera Wang - Truly Pink.

I am left with probably 20% of the fragrance and have been trying to find this in Sephora but so far, I have no luck with it. I got it as a gift and now... I am in love...

Okay, I shall end this entry... Gonna do some spring cleaning today!

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