Thursday, January 10, 2013

Another foundation brush you'll love!

Just before Christmas, I got to know Colours Cosmetics Malaysia's Short Handle Flat Top Foundation Brush is up for grab. I was excited because the owner of the online cosmetics store really did her study on what the customers want and put it all together into a brush that we may love!

How is that not wonderful, right?

One of the factors that I would always consider is the handle of the brush. It gets pretty irritating if I cannot have full control of my foundation brush.

Face it, all of us love air-brushed finish rather than blotchy finish, right?

I am not stating that you shouldn't use your sponge or fingers for your foundation or BB cream but I guess, personally, I would prefer to use brushes - it is less messy.

I didn't know about the actual size of the brush but from what I know, it has a short handle and well, just as the name has proposed - flat top. I was ecstatic when I received the parcel. As soon as I saw the brush, I remember, I was screaming, "OMG! So cute!"

Yes, it is one of the cutest brushes I've ever since - I mean the chubby and short handle as well as the size of the brush itself. The length of the brush is 3/4 the size of my palm, which I do not have any problem with because that means controlling the application of the foundation would definitely be easier than brushes with longer handles.

Now, it means I can easily control the application of the foundation!

If you can't get the idea of the size of this brush, here is a picture to compare the size of the brush next to my trusty Bioré Eye & Lip Make-up Remover.

Cute, right?

The next thing I look for in a brush - the bristles.

I'm sure all of you make-up junkies out there understand what I am babbling about right. I was so tempted to try out the feel of the bristles on my face because the bristles felt so soft on my hands.

As soon as the bristles touched my face, I was sold!

Gosh, gosh! I have in mind to get another piece of the brush but then again, I still have my Shiseido Perfect Foundation Brush. Perhaps I will get another one as a birthday present for myself or so... Hahahaha.


However, one of the thing I worried was that the application of foundation might be tedious because the bristles are too soft and not dense enough. Whatever the reason is, we shall test it out!

First up, I like dotting my foundation or BB cream all over my face before I proceed to use any foundation brush or sponge. It just feels better that way.

I'm so sorry if I've scared you with my naked face - yeah, practically naked without foundation, BB cream or concealer to hide my flaws.


Then, gently brush the foundation or BB cream in a circular motion with the brush.

Be warned not to press down the bristles or else you'll end up looking really ugly instead of flawless.

I was awed at the performance of the brush. It almost gave an air-brushed finish effortlessly! I mean, the application was easy and buffing the foundation using the brush was easier due to the soft bristles!

I guess I don't have an issue with foundation brushes with softer bristles now. The only thing is that, do not press it down onto your face too hard.

Another thing I love about this brush - the easy-to-clean-handle!

We tend to dirty the handles of brushes with traces of foundation, cream eyeshadows or other and I get extra fed up the other day when I tried to clean up the handles of  my ELF studio brushes, instead of cleaning of the traces of make-up, I cleaned up the colour of the handle as well!


If  you own ELF studio brushes, you'll know what I mean - especially the ones with matte handles.

All in all, I love this brush!

I can't wait for Colours Cosmetics Malaysia to produce more brushes!

Lemme just do a recap of the pros and cons of this brush.

  • Foundation application can be easily controlled
  • It gives an air-brushed finish 
  • Bristles are soft
  • Travel friendly
  • Easy-to-clean handle

  • Bristles might be too soft and not dense enough for some people
  • Handle might be too short for some of us

For sure, I do not have problems with all the cons because I love it!

If you're interested, you can head over to Colours Cosmetics Malaysia to purchase it. The brush is RM59 only and it is inclusive of postage.

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