Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Update on colour lenses

Note - Please bear in mind I am no expert. If you need advices, please head to your nearest optician or optometry.

As you all know, I wear glasses. I can't deny the fact that glasses have their own attractions provided you select the right frames. Then again, there are times, well... you should loose those glasses, especially if you're attending formal functions.

I don't mean that you shouldn't wear glasses to formal functions but we are all typical girls and we love to doll ourselves up. Sometimes, we opt for contact lenses. I am for example, one of many contact lens wearer and I was only exposed to the contact lenses when I was 16. Ah... that was like more than 10 years back!

Gone were the days when I thought colour lenses were bad and they could colourize your vision - e.g. if you were wearing blue, you'd have blue vision. Stupid me... LOLX!

My first pair of colour lens were from Freshkon. If I don't remember wrongly, I had it in black and after that, dad told me to wear brown instead because according to him, my eyes looked so fake with black lenses. If you can't imagine, here are two pictures to help ya.

There you go - black circle lenses! Hahahaha... Both from Freshkon Alluring Eyes. No, no, no... please don't judge me - those pictures were taken back in 2009 so, you know why I was so freaking ugly so... shuddap!

No, I am not gonna go through the history of my contact lenses. So, if you're interested, click here and here.

Anyway, I threw away my Super Barbie Vanna in Grey last week because I've been using it for maybe 5 months already. Even though those lenses are of yearly disposable, normally, after 6 months, I'd dispose them for hygiene purposes. I am not gonna risk my eyes of infection, no, no, no!

If you're too lazy to click the above links, here you go... another picture of me, wearing Super Barbie Vanna in Grey.

This picture was from the recent Empro Roadshow. LOLX! Boy, I hate my hair in the picture above. The photographer lengzai didn't tell me my hair was so messy...

Let's get you back to the initial story.

Anyway, after experimenting with a lot of different lenses, I'm proud to announce that I'm forever hooked with Super Barbie lenses but that doesn't mean I won't try other brands of lenses.

I've decided life without colour lenses is BORING. I mean, it's not fair that those Caucasians have blue, green, brown or grey eyes and us Asians, we are stuck with dark brown eyes. Unfair, unfair... so, whosoever that created colour lenses, he or she is GENIUS because people like me, depends on these lenses to enhance our looks!

Tra, la, la, la... it's now time to show off my newly purchased lenses!

On the whole, I am not very adventurous when it comes to green, pink, red or brown lenses. I tried purple lenses before and well... I don't really like them... At the end of the day, I found myself purchasing a lot of grey and blue lenses because well... I ain't cute to begin with, hence, grey and blue are the right colour for me because I love it when my eyes shout out, "I am damn sexy, look at me!"

I think I'm gonna try out Fynale Lens soon.

Oh, before I forgot... yeah, regarding the diameter of the lenses... I am not keen on anything that's over 15mm because I tried out Geo Super Angel 16mm and the lenses looked scary on me... hence... anything beyond 15mm would be reconsidered.

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