Tuesday, June 14, 2011

iEnhancer Colour Lenses

I started wearing contact lenses since I was 16 due to influences from friends - well, which girl doesn't wanna look pretty, right?

Back then, we were not allowed to wear colour lenses to school, hence, I've never even thought of wearing colour lenses until late 2008, I started wearing them. My first pair of colour lenses were from Freshkon. Dad bought them for me with the thought, "These lenses are gonna make your eyes POP!"

I know, my dad is cute, right?

Then, afterwards, I started testing out with Freshlook's colour lenses because I thought black looked atrocious on me - it made me look like the girl without eyes!

I don't know about others but I found out these Freshlook lenses don't do justice to me at all because at 14mm worth of diameter, the sides of my pupils can still be seen. Well, no black rims at the edge to hide the side of my pupils too... Hence, I could almost deduce that the diameter of my pupils should be more than 14mm!

Okay, I was just being ironic.

Anyway, I discovered Geo Angel and Nudy Lenses in 2009 and managed to try out several different colours, namely purple, grey, blue and brown.

Among all the different colours of the lenses that I've tried, I'd say I still prefer grey at the end of the day because grey always make the eyes look mysterious and mystical! So, when Geo came out with their Super Angel range that has the diameter of 16mm, I was determined to try it out!

I know, crazy, right? I think I'd still prefer the normal Geo range instead of Super Angel range. I'm not so much fan of comic-y and cartoon-y eyes person.

I guess I'm a late bloomer in colour lenses.

Last December, when I was passing by an optical store back in my hometown with BFF, I kinda saw they were having promotion for colour lenses. Ecstatic, I rushed into the store with BFF and stupid sister! We were introduced to iEnhancer.

Honestly, I've never heard of it before but I'm more than willing to try since they were having promotion of buy 4 for RM100 only - monthly disposable, of course!

I got myself a pair of it in purple while stupid sister and BFF ended up with one and three pairs respectively. RM100 was worth it!

I didn't get to use these lenses until yesterday after I've thrown away my 6 months old Geo Angel Grey, I finally am using iEnhancer.

Packaging is pretty neat I'd say. Compact, small and cute - you can slip it easily into your handbag without worries of breaking the glasses just like what other cosmetic lenses' packaging that comes in glass jars.

I don't remember why I opted for purple instead of grey but I thought purple looked nice in the advertisement. Mum did ask me, "Why did you choose purple? You're gonna end up looking like a vampire!"

Vampire is good, imagine Edward Cullen! Hahahaha... Please don't freak out at the pictures you're going to see after this - you're gonna see yours truly without a single makeup on - naked face!

I've often heard people commenting, "If you're wearing colour lenses, please put on a little makeup, or else you're gonna end up looking more atrocious than you are before!"

Indeed, there's truth in that saying! Well, let's just say, I skipped making up because I went for a little makeover at Stage Pavilion.

Now, here comes the review part... behold ladies and gentlemen!

I had such high hope on these lenses initially but alas... honestly, I was a little disappointed. Lemme show you a picture...

Can you spot the difference exception for noticing one side of the eye is brown while the other side is purple?

Seriously, the difference isn't obvious enough to be noticeable because at only 14mm and even with side black rims, the enlarging effect isn't at all that great.

As much as I like purple lenses, I find iEnhancer's purple to be too striking on my eyes. The purple really made my eyes pop, thus, instead of making the eyes sexy and demure, gosh... I think I ended up looking like a goth! FML!

As of wearability, I wouldn't say these lenses are very comfortable. Maybe it's just me but these lenses felt quite dry in my eyes even after 2 to 3 hours of wearing. I kept on complaining to stupid sister regarding that issue! Please bear in mind what that may not work for me, may or may not work for you, hence you've gotta try it out yourself to know the effectiveness of the product on you.
Pros - Striking and eye-popping colours. Nice and sleek packaging that makes traveling easier if you're bringing colour lenses.

Cons - Drying and colours aren't natural.
Price - RM25 for monthly disposable
Product - 2 out of 5
Packaging - 4 out of 5
Availability - Optical Stores
Re-purchase - No

Oh, one more thing, I'm not so sure about the availability throughout Malaysia but I remember passing by one of the optical stores in 1 Utama and did notice they're selling iEnhancer at RM40 per pair.

** Product is bought using my own moo-lah, I am not sponsored or anything.


Isabel said...

I think the purple isn't a very nice purple.. Too pale for my liking lol Do you have dry eyes? If you're still interested, can check out MagicColour. So far, these are the only ones that don't dry up so fast on my eyes

Angel Valerie said...

The purple is u-g-l-y. Aiyayayai... atrocious! My eyes used to be okay back then when I started out with the normal lenses but ever since I wear colour lenses, they get drier. I'll definitely try out Magic Colour soon because I just got my Barbie Eyes not long ago and my hands are itchy. Hahaha.