Thursday, November 17, 2011

Day and night

I don't know about you but well... I am not someone who appreciates light makeup. The whole point of makeup is to beautify yourself and if light makeup can do it, I bet all the girls in the world can look effortlessly beautiful but hell no!

There is no ugly girls but only lazy ones, remember that!

Hence, don't complain if you're ugly or yada, yada, yada. If you feel ugly, go stock up your cosmetics and learn to makeup, that's all you need to do.

Anyhoots... here's a look that I will wear for my day out and maybe if you're a little adventurous, you can build up on the intensity for a night out look.

So... these are basically the stuffs that you may need. Oh, by the way, I am creating a silver brown look. Okay, at least you have in mind what to expect so that I won't freak you out. Hahaha.

As much as I dislike Skin79 The Oriental BB Cream Plus, I still have to finish the product so that my RM80 doesn't go into the garbage bin. So, I've decided to use it. One of my favourite concealer wand is Maybelline Angel Fit because I've found the perfect shade in drugstore concealer that matches me perfectly! The application of both products, like always, I love using a sponge to dab them on.

The end product, like always that idiotic BB Cream gives me white cast that'll scare the hell outta you - I kid you not!

Well, it'll only turn into a shade that matches your skin tone in maybe one hour later and that's freaking long, okay?! I hate waiting because an Aries like me is IMPATIENT and that's one of the reason why I will not repurchase this BB Cream.

Anyway, those are the face products. I skipped powder because my skin has been exceptionally dry that it's peeling off these days. So... yeah, no powder. For the eyes products, take a look at the picture below.

Apply your eyeshadow primer or such so that your eyeshadow will not crease midway during your date or anything. I hate it when my eyeshadow crease because normally stupid sister would say, "Hey, your eyeshadow creases ugly-ly."

The reason is simple, I guess I may appear to have double eyelids but in between these double eyelids, there are mini folds that are quite annoying but I can't complain much because everyone from the family has typical monolids whereas double eyelids are rare within the relatives.

I've basically written out the steps on the pictures and remember, don't drag the eyeshadows on your lids or else you're gonna end up looking so freaking messy! If there are fall outs while you're patting on your eyeshadows, use your brush to sweep, sweep, sweep away.

Basically, it's just like sweeping the floor.


Can't believe I'm such an eeeewww person!

Okay, after the application and everything, this is the look you'll get minus the false lashes. Hey, I did tell you my typical Asian eyelashes are almost invisible to your naked eyes, right?

Sienz max! ROFL!

Let's get back to the final step - I was using Milani Luminous because I was opting for a shimmery look. You can choose blush of any shade but remember DON'T APPLY IT GENEROUSLY because you'll end up looking like a whore instead of sexy. LOLX!

I always prefer to do my lips after styling my hair, I don't know why but sometimes, after applying lipstick or lipgloss, my hair always get stuck on my lips. Sticky situation, huh? I opted to curl my hair to deliver uummph!

See what I mean? Hahaha... straight hair is great but curly hair is glamourous for functions and it was our girls' night out so... ah, well... you must be all dolled up!

This is basically the completed eyes look.

After curling my hair, I opted for a intermediate red lipstick. I can't do striking red because I ain't fair and red will only emphasize on my dark skin tone. LOLX!

What?! You don't like red lips? Hahaha... I do but it was for a night out! Anyway, after a while, I finally came around because the red lipstick kept on staining my top. So, I replaced it with a nude lipstick instead to tone down the whole look.

Have fun trying, people and yeah, that was my version and remember, there is no right or wrong in applying makeup. Do what that's more comfortable to you and if you hate silver, exchange it with maybe blue or green or pink. If you hate brown, replace it with purple, dark blue or black to create smokey eyes.

So... before I end this entry... Here's a series of mandatory camwhoring pictures!

Cheers, people!

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