Monday, June 6, 2011

My relationship with stilettos

If you know me well enough or if you've been around me for quite some time, I'm positive you'll categorize me as the girlie girl because you know what? I love dresses, I love skirts and I love frilly blouses that compliment all sorta skirts or anything like that.

In addition, YES, YOU'RE RIGHT, I'm deeply obsessed with stilettos!

Don't you think stilettos are just so gorgeous? Aside from making you more gorgeous-er, researches found out that wearing stilettos for you girls out there, can actually help you burn extra calories because more energy is needed when you're walking around with stilettos!

Hence, if you are someone's boyfriend, please appreciate it if your girlfriend makes efforts to wear stilettos when you're going on a date. Don't tell her moronic stuffs like, "Why are you wearing stilettos when they're hurting you? You should just wear sneakers or sandals!" Hush, hush - stilettos always makes a girl feel gorgeous and guys will never come close to understand it somehow.

So, today's entry is about MY relationship with stilettos. Lemme re-emphasize on that, I do love stilettos and I am making efforts to wear stilettos whenever I go out nowadays. Let's just say, what if stilettos not only make you more gorgeous, classy and elegant but they can also make your lashes look a thousand times longer, classier and fuller?

Yes, something like what you've seen in the picture above!

If there's one thing I'd want to change about my physical feature besides my horizontally challenged size and also my flat nose, it'd be my short-almost-invisible eyelashes!

As much as I really dislike to admit it, I am aware that I have typical short Asian eyelashes that are almost invisible to naked eyes. Yes, even makeup gurus and artistes have been commenting how hard it is to get mascaras onto my baby eyelashes. Well, face it, their skills sucks, so, they put the blame on my eyelashes! LOLX!

Ever since then, aside from resorting to eyelash extension, I've tried out so many mascaras that left me disappointed until I've discovered Maybelline Pulse Perfection, then, I fell in love with Maybelline's Mascaras ever since!

Before that I was using Volum' Express® Cat Eyes Waterproof Mascara and loving every inch of it. Yes, it has served me very well until the very last drop recently that I'm in dire need to get a new mascara!

It's great especially if you want to apply mascara to your lower lashes! Thank you to my dearest Sherry for sending this wonderful mascara! I can never have enough of this mascara ever since but then again, I'd like to try out new mascaras by Maybelline since I'm hooked to their mascaras.

I was out with stupid sister, her boyfriend and Vince, I came across Long Extreme Waterproof Stiletto® Mascara at our local Guardian Pharmacy!

I went, "Yikes, at last this mascara is out in the market!!!" I was ecstatic to the maximum that I went bewildered, considering if I should make a purchase or not because guess what? It retails for RM32.90 only at Guardian!

Vince thought I was crazy, frozen right in front of Maybelline's counter, talking to myself, mumbling and murmuring away like I wasn't aware that he was standing next to me for a few minutes. LOLX!

Initially, I was thinking of re-purchasing a second Pulse Perfection but it comes at a steep RM59.90 for a drugstore mascara and since I have one already, I ditched the idea of getting a second one even though Pulse Perfection is by far the best mascara I've ever tried.

In the end, I purchased a Long Extreme Waterproof Stiletto® Mascara. Well, not that I'm on impulse buy or anything but I tried this mascara twice before purchasing it, okay? Hence, I'm being wise with my moo-lah and also what to get and what not to get since I'm controlling my spending now.

Let's not talk too much and let the pictures do the talking, okies?

Naked eyelashes - pathetically short and invisible lashes that are so, so ugly... Sighs... sighs... sighs...

So, after two coats of Long Extreme Waterproof Stiletto® Mascara, this is how it looks like...

Woooaaaahhh... I'm sorry if I've scared the wits out of you - it's beyond my control. Hahahaha... I was just trying to show you of the after picture.

Scary, right? Erm... I mean my eyeball and not the mascara.

What I love about this mascara is that, it does live to it's claim of elongating your lashes - me likey! Other than that, it also makes your lashes look fuller and lively - so, that's the second thing I like.

Stupid sister's boyfriend was astonished to see the after effect because he told me, "OMG... Angel, your eyelashes are touching your glasses at last!" I'm not lying, am I? Even for Vince, who normally doesn't notice my eyelashes was telling me, "You're wearing makeup today?"

Stupid sister, who initially didn't plan on getting any new mascaras, bought it in the end as well!

So, lemme tell you my final verdicts since I'm just too lazy to go on and on about how wonderful this mascara is!

Price - RM32.90
Product - 4.5 out of 5
Packaging - 4 out of 5
Availability - Guardian Pharmacy
Re-purchase - Yes, yes, yes!!!

Oh, I have yet to mention it, I got this mascara for only RM20.50 because as of this month, if you donate RM5 to Breast Cancer Association or something like that, you'll get to purchase products from participating brands at 30% discount. Each coupon entitles you to get 3 different products from the same brand at 30% discount. Hence, it's more than worth it. Further more, I have a RM5 cash voucher, that explains everything, right?

I'm being moo-lah wise because I love stilettos!

** Product is bought using my own moo-lah, I am not sponsored or anything.


Isabel said...

Crap.. I cant wear high heels lol! I wear sandals most of the time. Too lazy =x

That mascara looks amazing! would get it but... Still have so many to finish =_=

Angel Valerie said...

The mascara is indeed amazing, no joke! Hahaha... Eh, get the RM5 donation voucher. Then, you'll be entitled to get 3 Maybelline items at 30% discount each! Isn't that worth it?

Aih... you're so much taller than I am, you don't need heels and you're already gorgeous without stilettos!