Saturday, April 23, 2011

I can haz crazy eyelashes!

After craving and craving for eyelash extension for years, finally, I've gotten my lashes done yesterday! Yes, finally!

Thank you Groupon Malaysia and also Nails de Beauty for such a wonderful offer!

I was so worried that I might not be able to locate Nails de Beauty since I'm not so sure of places around Kota Damansara. Noob me with my nooby driving skills with my nooby sense of directions but luckily, thanks to Daniel that I didn't get lost and managed to find the location of Nails de Beauty in few minutes! He's such a great human GPS! LOLX!

My appointment was at 10am but I got there early.

I was too ecstatic to take any pictures of the outlet because I was too busy watching the TVB drama being played and also feeling excited about the whole new experience.

So, within minutes, I was ushered into a room for my eyelash extension - owh, that was fast!

I was supposed to meet Dewgem but I didn't make it since I got there earlier and my session started earlier and when Dewgem's session started, I was leaving already. She was in another room. Awww... missed catching up with her!

Anyway, on the whole, the staff were very friendly and helpful. I didn't know which lashes to choose from since it was my first eyelash extension and one of the staff advised me on that. I was so glad I went to S sized lashes instead of M sized ones.

The whole process took about 45 minutes to an hour, according to my sister who went there with me.

But it was worth it! Me likey!

Well, aherm... sad to say but my original eyelashes are so short that even with coats and coats of mascaras, they only do a LITTLE justice and thank you to eyelash extension that I have gorgeous eyelashes now!

I wouldn't say having these lashes on feel comfortable because this is my first trial and honestly, the lashes block a little of my vision on the first day but today, everything is good. Well, it's a little uncomfortable but nevertheless, for a lazy bum like me who doesn't really like applying false lashes, eyelash extension is great!

Funny thing is when I showed Vern pictures of my new extension, he told me, "Owh, you have thicker eyebrow now?"

I laughed and laughed while looking at the picture I sent him. I didn't even shape my eyebrows or anything! LOLX!

With the extension on, I do realize I don't even need eyeliners or eyeshadows to beautify my eyes because these eyelashes totally stand out! My eyes look so much bigger and rounder that I'm completely in love with it!

Thank you again, Nail de Beauty - for your wonderful service and friendliness!

Hence, if you're interested, head over to the outlet and find out on your own!

Nails De Beauty
No. 66-1, Jalan PJU 5/21,
The Strand, Kota Damansara,
47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Operating hours: 10am – 8pm (Mon – Fri), 10am – 5pm (Sat – Sun)
Closed on Wednesdays.
Phone: 03 - 6142 6726 / 03- 6142 6727

I certainly will be visiting soon because...

I can haz gorgeous lashes and why you no tell me eyelash extension is pure love?!

Have a wonderful weekend, people!


Isabel said...

Nice.. How much was it? Wanna know how long they last too ^^

Angel Valerie said...

I got it during the Groupon promotion thingy for only RM58. Normal price would be around RM90, I guess so.

I was told that the lashes will last around 2 weeks or so for the first time because we aren't used to taking care of it. But longest can last up to around 1 to 1.5 months. I've heard cases that they could last up to 2 months as well!

Definitely worth it for lazy bums like me since I'm forever lazy to apply false lashes!

Leann said...

hi, mind to share after all the extended lashes drop, did your original lashes become lesser than before?

Angel Valerie said...

Hey, LeAnn... I wouldn't penalize the statement whether your original lashes will become lesser or not.

My experience is that, when the extension fell, of course, there are original lashes falling off together. It did become lesser but not to a scary extent, not to worry - as long as you don't go and pluck them out with your hands, it'll be okay.

Lashes are just like hair, within 2 weeks or so, mine grew back.

Hope it helps!

Fernfern said...

how is the eyelashes feels like? soft or hard?

Fernfern said...

hi, how is the eyelashes feels like? is hard or soft? do u face any difficulties in rubbing eyes or wash face?

Angel Valerie said...

Fernfern, the eyelashes felt okay - not so much to the heavy side but they're not light definitely. Well, they really enhance your whole face! Difficulty in rubbing eyes, not really because I am a contact lens user, so, no rubbing. Haha... When it comes to washing, yeah, a little but then again, it'll make you avoid your eye area, which is a good thing!