Monday, April 4, 2011

Maybelline Pulse Perfection

Okay, finally a REVIEW after rambling about my feelings.

No, I am NOT feeling any better but I don't wanna ditch my interest for the things I love just because life doesn't go my way.

So, last week, Maybelline was having this roadshow at Midvalley where they introduced a limited edition mascara called the Pulse Perfection.

If you're wondering how Lancome's vibrating mascara is like, you can always get this dupe from Maybelline with quarter of Lancome's price. I have to admit I was pretty awed by Lancome's vibrating mascara but because of the price, I changed my mind.

Hence, when I got to know Maybelline came out with similar product and that during the roadshow the first 20 customers who purchase Pulse Perfection can get 50% of the original price, I woke up like 7am and went to Midvalley at 9am. Yes, that's my life for you! Hey, 50% off original price, okay?

I did manage to get one because I was the last customer who was entitled for the 50% discount. Lucky me!

Stupid sister bought one as well but at full price. Well, there's nothing bad because she got a free bottle of makeup remover worth RM13.88 with a full makeover from Maybelline. I did get the free makeover as well because I purchased several items.

Yes, with the purchase of RM60 and up, you're entitled to get a free session of makeover by Maybelline and a complimentary A4 size portrait of yourself! So, tell me if it's worth it or not? Sure it is!

Okay, are you ready for my naked lashes?

I have typical short and not so visible Asian lashes. That's why I wanna resort to eyelash extension soon!

After trying out this mascara, I've decided to love it - for the time being. At least, it's better than my Angel Lash Mascara from Stage Cosmetics.

So, this is the after application picture...

My lashes look longer and fuller and best of all, the wand is so easy to use and I don't even need to do a zig-zag motion to elongate my lashes!

Gah... I don't even know what I've been rambling about but if you're curious about my portrait, here you go!

Honestly, I think the crew that did makeup and hairdo could do better than that. I wasn't at all satisfied with the outcome of the picture because seriously, I think I can do better makeover and hairdo than them.

I don't really like to wear my hair curly because it makes me look bloated and fat... I prefer straight hair.

Anyway, here's what I think!

Price - RM59.90
Product - 4 out of 5
Packaging - 4 out of 5
Availability - Limited period of time at Watson, Guardian & Sasa
Re-purchase - Yes, if it's not limited edition item

Have a great blue Monday, people!

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