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Urban Decay Naked Skin Beauty Balm

I have to admit - I am not a big fan of BB or CC cream. These stuffs just don't do wonder to my skin no matter how many beauty bloggers rave about them. Over the years, I have tried so many BB creams and so far, I am only loving Giverny Real Skinny BB Cream. That is the only BB cream that really stays put and on for more than 7 to 8 hours on my combination skin. A plus point - that is a full-coverage BB cream!

However, I am always open to try new BB or CC cream because I believe I would find something else that I would love.

Some time ago, Urban Decay released a new product call Naked Skin Beauty Balm.

Initially, I wasn't really thrilled by it because I heard the product doesn't cover imperfections because it is not meant to cover and hide. However, it was the second thought that stirred me up - it has a mild fresh minty fragrance. I would trade even my favourite foundation for anything that comes with minty fragrance!

After a long wait, finally the Urban Decay Naked Skin Beauty Balm reached Malaysian shore! I flew to KL just to pay Sephora a visit as soon as I saw their update on the arrival of the beauty balm.

So, does the beauty balm actually live up to it's hype?

We shall see!

Packaged in a bronze-y tube, I have to say, I love the elegant packaging! There is actually no complain about the packaging.

Even when you are squeezing out the product from the tube, you can actually control the amount of product needed easily so, that is a plus point for me.

According to Urban Decay, this beauty balm is lightweight, velvety and oil-free.

For once, I do have to say kudos to Urban Decay because this product is indeed lightweight, velvety and oil-free! I have combination skin so, this beauty balm really does control the oiliness of my skin especially on the T-zone.

Other that the description above, Urban Decay also claims that the product hydrates, primes, protects, perfects and treats the skin but the perk is - you have to use it continuously for 8 weeks for the effects to be noticeable.

My two-cent on these few points...

My skin was and is never de-hydrated because I am not living in a four-season country. I am not exposed to the air-conditioner 24/7 therefore, I'm not sure whether the product really hydrates the skin or not.

It is a good primer if you are looking for a good base to stick your foundation too. It really controls the oiliness and well, my foundation lasts up to 8 hours with this!

It comes with SPF20 as being printed on the packaging. I guess SPF20 is pretty standard, right?

It does perfect the skin if you already have good skin! I get a number of compliments from friends and colleagues that my skin looks close to perfect especially when I am wearing this product. I do have large pores and uneven skin tone. Even if the beauty balm cannot cover imperfections, still, it makes the skin glowy and near perfect!

I haven't been using it long enough to actually notice a difference but I'd say my skin does look better when I have the beauty balm on.

We shall let the pictures do the talking...

Like what I have mentioned earlier, I have large pores, uneven skin tone, redness around my nose and some pimple scars. I guess only a hardcore foundation can cover them up nicely and perfectly.

Now... let's put Urban Decay Naked Skin Beauty Balm to test... hence, another picture of my naked face with mashimaro pajamas and the beauty balm. LOLX! I'm letting all my imperfections shine in glory!

Once squeezed out of the tube, the product actually looks quite orange. I was a little bit sceptical to apply it on my NC25 to NC30 skin tone because sometimes, NC30 foundation would look too orange on my skin tone.

The bad thing about this beauty balm is that there is only ONE shade available. I guess UD must have thought of this beauty balm to be the one-shade-fits-all product.

Nevertheless, it's good to try it out myself to actually know if the shade is right for me.

Surprisingly, once I apply the beauty balm onto my skin, I actually could smell some kinda minty fragrance. I love anything that comes with minty fragrance so, it's another plus point for me. Personally, I would say the minty fragrance is not too overpowering.

I kind of like the feel of the beauty balm on my skin because my skin does feel smooth having it on even though it does not cover my imperfections.

Now, before you start to criticize this beauty balm is not good enough due to it's inability to cover imperfections, please bear in mind that this is not your typical BB cream. It does not mean to cover your imperfections and no, it will not leave you with a flawless skin. I would say it does blur out your pores and maybe a little imperfections though.

I get countless remarks my skin is glowy and from far, it actually looks flawless.

Mind you, I don't have skin like baby's bottom - pores, acnes, scars, pimples, broken capillaries and uneven skintone, you name it, I have it.

Imagine getting remarks from your friends that your skin looks so fresh and dewy from people around you!

Okay, on application, I actually love applying this beauty balm with my Colours Cosmetics Malaysia's Flat Top Foundation Brush because they just go really well together!

Application was easy - the beauty balm does not give streaky application. You can even use your fingers to blend without a problem. Tapping the product on would be good too if you want because you will achieve the same flawless result!

I do like the result - in fact, I love the flawlessness of my skin when I am using the beauty balm. In the picture above, I used 2 layers of the balm and double it up as the under eye concealer.

Result - flawless!

Add a little make-up here and there...


I have to admit, this is by far one of the BB creams that I reach for very often. Yes, it doesn't really cover but it is an amazing product!

You can wear this beauty balm on its own and also, as a primer!

That is the truth - it really does hold the foundation and gives a smoother canvas for you to work your magic with!

All pictures taken with flash and guess what - no white cast despite it's a SPF20 product!

Okay, time for longevity test.

I would say, it holds and stays on my combination skin tone with minimal fading. The only fading can be seen at the sides of my nose and that's all.

Sign of a good foundation, BB cream and primer - if your blusher still peeks through, your foundation is doing its magic!

Kudos to Urban Decay for releasing a really amazing product!

Here's a summary of my two-cent on the Urban Decay Naked Skin Beauty Balm

Blurs out imperfections
Smooths the skin
Makes the skin look flawless
Long lasting
Doubles as primer
No white cast

Not enough shades available
Not for people who needs heavy coverage
Minty fragrance might be one of the put-offs

I can go on and on about how wonderful this product is but I do understand there are some of us who do not like it. Again, this is not a regular BB cream that will cover, it's only a beauty balm and yes, truth is sad but this balm works for people who do not need extra coverage. If you have a good skin to begin with, this might be the product for you.

Personally, I will be re-purchasing this again once I run out of it - it will be in my HG list for as long as Urban Decay still produces it!


It retails for RM119 in Sephora.

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