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Skinny BB cream that makes you skinny!

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As promised, I will try to blog more but sometimes, due to workload, I find myself fall asleep as soon as I step out of shower. Now, I am fully aware why adults are always so tired. Oh, yeah... I'm an adult too! LOLX! I'm still a kid at heart!

I received several comments from some of my blog entries. Honestly, I can't express my heartfelt gratitude to you guys who have drop by for a visit! I promise, I will read each and every comment and email but there's a problem. My blog comment is set under Disqus, hence, if comments are left under blogger, they won't show up at all even if I approve them. I really would love to reply to your comments if possible. Therefore, if you would like me to reply, do comment on Disqus. It may take some time to load but I promise, Disqus is really a good choice for blog comments!

Anyway, I'm gonna blog about one of my newly found love - Giverny Real Skinny Premium Magic BB Cream.

Honestly, before I started working for my current company, I knew close-to-zero about Korean skin care and cosmetics. Not that I am prejudice or anything but somehow, I was not aware of the products since most of the people around me are more inclined towards products like Clinique, Lancôme, SKII and such brands. So, naturally, I was influenced by them.

The day when I first started my work, my boss gave me a sample of Giverny Real Skinny Premium BB Cream to try out. She told me I would like it because firstly, it is unlike any other BB creams out there. Secondly, the coverage is quite good considering I have large pores and uneven skin tone. Little did I know, my whole thoughts on BB creams would change after using this BB cream.

Giverny Real Skinny Premium Magic BB cream promises whitening, recovery, anti-wrinkle and anti-UV effects. I mean, what have I lose to try, right? Especially since I like it so much after trying out the samples.

First reason why I like this BB cream - the packaging.

Yes, I am an idiot and noob when it comes to packaging! I think I will be forever drawn to waste my moo-lah because of nice packaging!

When I am saying the packaging of this BB cream looks really nice, I mean it - imagine Gucci's packaging and you'll know what I'm talking about.

~ Picture courtesy of Quin Kitty ~

It comes in gold and black packaging and the quality of the paper box is like undeniably thick and good! The whole packaging spells PREMIUM! I mean, how can you not like it, right?

I am quite impressed with the solid and look-so-high-class packaging!

So, when the actual stocks for this BB cream reached the shore, I hastily bought one for myself.

Another thing why I like the packaging - it comes with a pump for easier and more hygienic application!

I hate to admit it but I hate any skin care or make-up products that need to be scooped out. I also dislike anything that comes without a pump exception for my SKII Facial Treatment Essence.

Second reason why I love it so much - the consistency and texture of this BB cream is just like a foundation.

More than often, we try not to go for BB creams if we want fuller coverage but this product has made me change my mind - once pumped out, the BB cream itself is quite thick! It is definitely not watery or runny.

This BB cream provides medium coverage and it is buildable to full coverage too!

Best of all, one application can already hide my acne scars, pores and even out my skin tone. Upon the application of the second layer, it covers my dark under eye circles!

How wonderful is that?

Even though the BB cream comes with SPF30++ in it, I am so glad that it causes no white cast during flash photography!


As for pictures taken under normal lighting, the effect is even more natural!

Me likey, likey and likey so much that I'm halfway to finish up this BB cream - yay, that means I can get new one really soon!

Did I mention that the coverage is really good for this BB cream?

It hides my enlarged pores so well that I wish my skin is just like so every single day! It also conceals the redness around my nose and my dark under eye circles!

Best of all, this BB cream is sweat-proof and also waterproof!

It doesn't oxidize to grey or whatsoever shade, so you don't have to worry. Once the colour sets, it will stay that way for at least 5 to 6 hours! Considering I do not need to keep on touching up the BB cream, I would say this BB cream is long lasting - better than my Shiseido Foundation.

However, there are few downsides of this BB cream.

First would be that it is not oil proof although it is formulated for all skin type. If you have quite oily skin, the shade will fade around your nose area first. No, no, no... you don't have to worry that it doesn't suit you because, I have oily combination skin and I guess my skin does love this BB cream. A friend of mine who has dry skin also loves this BB cream because according to her, it gives her a healthy glow.

Secondly, I hate it when my foundation or BB cream transfers to the screen of my mobile when I am answering calls - this BB cream transfers a bit.

This BB cream retails for RM129 and you can get it at The Sops Seoul at Publika, Midvalley and Fahrenheit. Now, they are having promotion until 31st December 2012 for this BB cream at 15% off. It is quite worth it considering there were hardly any promotions for Giverny products before.

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