Thursday, August 29, 2013

Make-Up Forever Duo Mat Powder Foundation

I have always been experimenting with liquid and cream foundations for the longest time. The thought of using a powder foundation never did come across my mind because I always think I will end up looking all cakey from using too much powder product.

About 5 months ago, my sister bought MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation and up to today, she still raves about how good the foundation is and how much she loves using it. I could not understand what the rave is about but one thing I am sure of, I don't want to try any powder foundation at all.

Over the past few months, life has gotten more hectic that I could no longer take my own sweet time to apply make-up before heading out for work. At that point, I realized there are times when I do wish I have powder foundation but unfortunately, I had none.

So, I contemplated for a while, which brand of powder foundation I should get. I have considered getting MAC's but I thought of it for a bit and I know I want to try some other brands that are not easily found in Sarawak.

In the end, I settled for Make-Up Forever Duo Mat Powder Foundation.

The reason is simple - I need a full-coverage foundation because I have too many imperfections to cover. At the same time, I need  it to be long lasting because most of the times, powder foundation tends to slide off on my oily T-zone.

I have read a number of reviews about this foundation and most of them are positive.

Yes, I finally bought it.

This coverage of this foundation is medium. The BC at Sephora told me it is buildable to full. Plus point, she said it is long wearing and suitable for those with combination to oily skin.

The foundation comes in 11 shades and I guess it is aplenty for everyone to choose from. I was matched with 203 - light beige. Just in case you want to know, I am MAC NC25 to NC30 depends on the lighting.

The powder itself feels very soft and fine. I guess this is why the price of the foundation is on the higher side.

It comes with a sponge applicator but I am not really into using sponge. Most of the times, I would be reaching for my powder brush to apply the foundation.

There is one plus point about the packaging of the foundation - it is sleek, black and elegant. Very MUFE!

The powder foundation comes with a mirror inside the compact as well.

Okay, here comes the part that everyone would be interested in - how does the foundation fare if I were to apply it onto my skin?

I was a little scared there might be white cast but luckily, there is none. I did not realize this foundation does not come with SPF. I guess I would be having a time of my life using this foundation because without SPF, I'm sure it will look good if I were to use it at night.

Okay, another picture of the differences with and without the foundation.

Please do not freak out - I guess I do look a little scary without all the make-up on.

So, like always after the foundation, it would be the eyes, cheeks and lips. I set the foundation using my Urban Decay Make-up Setting Spray.

After about 8 hours of my shift, I checked back on the foundation when I got home. Guess what? The foundation does not budge even though I did touch my face throughout the day!

Remember the trait of a good foundation - the blusher can still be seen at the end of the day. It means the foundation is long lasting.

Exception for a little shininess on my forehead, I have no complain about this foundation at all.

Now, I do understand why MUFE is a brand that everyone looks up to. Yes, it is a little on the pricey side but for the price you pay for the product to work, I would say, it is definitely worth it!

Not oily
Medium to full coverage
Gives flawless skin
No white cast

May oil-up over the span of 8 hours on the T-zone
Not available in smaller towns
Quite pricey

On the price?

It retails at RM169 at Sephora or any MUFE outlets throughout Malaysia.

Would I recommend it?


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