Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Gel Cream Liners

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Finally, I get to sit down to do a backdated entry.... I haven't been too busy but it's just procrastination, I guess. Anyway, if you haven't read my brief entry on Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Gel Cream Liners for Hazel Eyes, you can click here.

Oh, wow, that is one long name for the product. If you are wondering what are they... they are gel eyeliners. Yes, gel eyeliners that are custom-made to enhance the natural colour of your eyes.

I didn't review or discuss much about the product because I hadn't been using them long enough to comment but sad news, it was stolen, so I never got around raving about this product.

This time around, I got a surprise gift from Jo when the postman delivered the parcel. It was few months ago and when I opened it, I was screaming in ecstasy, like literally. I kept on asking myself, "Is this for real, is this for real?"

One thing I have to be honest about this gel eyeliner - I really did enjoy using it every other day before it was stolen because the formula for the gel eyeliner is so, so amazing that you wouldn't believe you did not know about the product earlier! I told Jo about it and it such a pleasant surprise I got this coming in the mail for me. I couldn't express my heartfelt gratitude to Jo for sending this to me!

Like I have mentioned earlier, these are gel eyeliners that are custom-made to enhance the natural colours of our eyes and I believe they have in several different shades like for brown, blue, hazel, green and other eye colours. Best of all, it comes with three shades of eyeliners in one. Awesome, right?

I guess personally, you'll be killing three birds with one stone with a single purchase. Oh, well... that is just so me!

A bonus - the packaging of the eyeliners comes with a step-by-step application for each colour.

Better still, if you are just starting out with gel eyeliners and you don't really feel like purchasing a brush to go with the liners, fret not because these babies come with a free application brush.

I do realize there are some who do not like the brush at all but personally, I'd say the brush is awesome. It makes application so easy and it does not scratch at all. I wouldn't say I am lucky to get a good brushes in the packaging-s because this is my second set and I love both brushes because they work amazingly!

The set that Jo sent me was custom-made for blue eyes but it doesn't really matter because I think everyone can pull off different colours of eyeliners depending on how they use it. Regarding the shades, if you are interested, for every eye colour that the gel eyeliners are made for, you will find specks and shimmers of the respective colours in the gel eyeliner. Erm... this might be confusing but lemme try to make it easier to understand.

Blue eye - black, brown and blue eyeliners with blue specks.
Hazel eye - black, brown and plum eyeliners with purple specks.
Green eye - black, brown and green eyeliners with green specks.

I think the picture below will show a little bit of the blue shimmers in the gel eyeliners. You don't really have to worry because the shimmers are very minimal that they are barely noticeable. Well, in another word, the shimmers are not overwhelming.

Please bear in mind that this is only two-time application on the back of my hand and they might not seem to be the most pigmented but believe me that for the price of USD$10 to USD$12, you get three eyeliners of different colours and best of all, they are so creamy and the three shades glide like magic! Well, certainly no complain on that but I do have an issue with the blue gel liner of not being able to show up like the black and brown eyeliners though.

I like the fact that these eyeliners can be applied to my waterline and they can be used for tightlining as well. It have pretty sensitive eyes and fortunately, these eyeliners do not irritate my eyes at all.

Drawing a cat-eye with these gel eyeliners is really easy. Furthermore, remember the step-to-step instruction? Yeah, that does help!

No matter how good the product is, however, I do have a slight complain. It is waterproof and it is quite difficult to remove because once the eyeliner set, that is how it will look for the rest of the day! My complain is that if you're thinking of tightlining or using the eyeliner on your waterline, think twice!

That was what happened after about 3 hours!

These eyeliners smudge on the waterline! 

I really was hoping it would stay there as it would be staying when I applied it on my eyelids but somehow, it did not last. I guess no matter how waterproof it is, these eyeliners are not meant for the waterline or tightlining.

Oh, well... nothing much to complain because all in all, I still enjoy using them and yes, I will still keep on purchasing them as long as Physicians Formula still produce them!

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