Thursday, March 14, 2013

Annie's Way Mint Cooling Mask

Hello, hello!

I hope everyone's doing fine because yes, I am doing fine and it's just that I've been busy catching up with friends in KL since I will be leaving this place for good - really soon. A part of me is heavy-hearted while there is a part of me that really wants to leave.

Talking about torn in between, aye?

All these thoughts really get to me really bad and soon, I began to notice bumps, pimples, acnes and whatever you call them. I do know Benzoyl Peroxide works for pimples and acnes but I don't want to risk my skin getting dry. Yes, I do know products with Benzoyl Peroxide is only meant for the pimple or acne and NOT for the whole face. Some more, it is so difficult to find skincare with peppermint fragrance to it. I simply adore peppermint. So, the other day, when I first visited Mask Slim outlet in Sunway Pyramid, I was excited when I saw they have peppermint mask!

It's called Annie's Way Mint Cooling Mask - it mainly targets acne prone skin and soothes while moisturizes the skin.

I thought to myself that for the longest time, I have been trying to find peppermint masks but somehow, I couldn't... I am quite particular about masks because I don't like leave-on or wash-off mask. It was really a joy when I saw Annie's Way has it in Mask Slim.

Basically, the packaging of the masks from Annie's Way is really, really simple. They come in pastel pink, green, blue gold, white and silver? It may not look that cute but as long as it works, I guess I am gonna like it.

Once opened, I could almost smell the infusion of minty herbal fragrance! Love, love, love it so, so much! The mask comes with a protective film.

The mask itself is made of very thin and smooth material. It is certainly not like the mask material from My Beauty Diary or other brands.

Personally, I think the absorption is really fast due to the material because within 15 minutes, I could see the mask drying up. To maximize the effect of the essence, I leave it on for 20 to 30 minutes. Usually, when I use other masks from other brands, I don't really see them drying up so soon.

As far as the essence goes, well, I kind of slap on every bit of it every time I use this mask because I like the cooling sensation a lot.

My thoughts... I love this mask because of the minty fragrance.

I do notice the mask actually does refresh my skin and it controls sebum production at least for 24 hours. Furthermore, I think I get less acnes and pimples nowadays after using this mask every weekly.

Well, it works!

Oh, if you're interested, you can pick up this mask at Mask Slim outlets for RM5 per piece.

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