Friday, March 8, 2013

Made in China

It never really struck me before that I own quite a number of products be it beauty-related or non-beauty-related that are made in China. Yes, iPhone is made in China and some parts of Samsung products is also made in China. I don't have any issues to that but when it comes to skincare and cosmetics, I do have my preferences. Well... let's just say I prefer skincare products made in Korea.

I am not stating Korea has the best skincare and make-up products. It's personal preference, remember?

Honestly, I do own beauty related products made in China and no doubt, some of the products are my favourites. Take for example, NYX Cosmetics.

Everyone loves NYX Cosmetics because they are very affordable and best of all, some of the products even made it into magazines or runways.

Even the infamous Sigma Cosmetics has their products made in China as well.

The Paris Palette that I have is not cheap... it retails at USD$59 and yes, it is made in China. I know there are people who are really bothered with the issue, "If it is made in China, why is it so expensive?"

Even my favourite eyeshadow primer from MUA is made in China!

Will have a separate review on that later.

As far as I know, even though some of the products from big companies are made in China, these products need to go through certain examination and they need to meet certain qualifications to be able to categorized as 'safe' products since these products are not tested on animals. Well... we all pay for our safety, right?

Well... hopefully what I think is right.

So, I have no issues at all with that. It only struck me while I was still with a cosmetics company last year, a customer approached me and said, "I want to get any skincare that is not made in China." 

I was surprised because obviously, he entered an all-Korean skincare outlet and wanted something that is not made in China. Then, it struck me suddenly when he said, "I used to use Hada Labo before I realized all products from Hada Labo are made in China. China has the highest rate of animal testings and their products are not safe to use!"

My colleagues and I were surprised because honestly, when I buy something, I never bother to check where it is from. So, that taught me a lesson. No, I am NOT indicating China-based products aren't good but well, let's just say we have our own preferences.

Okay, let's not debate on whether or not we should buy made-in-china products and shift our attention to what happened to BFF and I last week.

I went out with BFF for our cosmetics shopping at KLCC the other day when BFF went to Guardian Pharmacy to check on some products. Somehow or rather, we were talking about Bio-Essence products when the Bio-Essence promoter approached us. We had this very disturbing attitude and conversation with her when BFF asked her if Bio-Essence products are worth the prices and if they are good.

Well... for sure the promoter will promote her brand to death because that is what she does for a living. When BFF mentioned about 'made-in-china' and 'if the products are safe' topics, her expression changed. She started bombarding BFF with her who-do-you-think-you-are attitudes and condemning BFF.

Hey, hey, hey... I was there too and I saw the way she promoted Bio-Essence. No, she wasn't friendly to us. She talked to us as if we were inferior and that we would not afford to buy her products. Hey, c'mon, we are using SK-II, Clinique, Bobbi Brown and a lot other brands that are obviously NOT made-in-China, so who did she think she is to talk to us like that?

Yes, I am quite paranoid about what I put on my face so, my skincare products are NOT made in China. I always have in mind a deformed face so, I don't want that to happen to myself or people around me.

I had the urge to throw her out of her position at that point of time. BFF was just being nice and asking if the product really does what it claims that this was what she got. WTF is wrong with the promoter from Bio-Essence? Her attitude got on my nerve when she said stupid stuffs that she thought we didn't know like this, "Do you actually know what world we are living in now? Everything is made in China. Even your iPhone and Samsung are made in China. L'Oreal has the biggest manufacturing factory in China and countless other products that you may put onto your skin are made in China."


I do not put made-in-China skincare products onto my face nor will I condemn made-in-China skincare products. I don't think I am standing in the position to criticize or condemn these products just because I don't use them.

Hey, getting the made-in-China topic out of the context, is that how a promoter should treat her customers?

The thing that really made me angry was that when we went to other counters, that bitch of a promoter actually dragged her colleagues and finger-pointing BFF and I while gossiping. Hey, I am not blind, okay?! I saw everything. Even if she wanted to bitch about us, she could do so when we have left the place and not dragging her colleagues around and bitched about us in a secretly manner. That was just so unprofessional of her!

I told BFF from then on, I am going to condemn Bio-Essence products because of that bitch of a promoter who is so unprofessional and judgmental. I don't even know why Bio-Essence would hire someone like her - she is going to make Bio-Essence going doink with her attitude!

I certainly hope what other promoters from other brands know what they are doing. If they are dealing with a difficult customer instead of BFF and I, well... let's just say, "Bitch, good luck!"

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