Sunday, November 21, 2010

Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Gel Creamliner


I got these babies about 2 weeks back but have yet to try it until 3 days ago! The shade I have gotten is for Hazel Eyes.

I have been really, really occupied with lotsa things around me that I really had no time to test these eyeliners out! I still am busy because it's now a month I'm back at home and as for my thesis, I have not done anything!

Anyway, never mind, I shall start busying with my thesis next week, pray for me, people!

There you go, the swatches!

Descriptions of item:

  • Black - basic black-coloured gel eyeliner with purple shimmers in it.

  • Purple - plum-coloured gel eyeliner with silver shimmers in it.

  • Brown - basic brown coloured gel eyeliner with shilver shimmers in it.

  • Can you see the pigmentation of the gel eyeliners? Super pigmented, right, right? Those were just one swipe each and the colours already shown!

    Lemme show you a picture of the liners on my eyes.

    This look was printed on the packing, so, I just tagged along to try it. I love the shimmers in the gel liners. Pigmentation is another story - yes, I love liners with shimmers.

    Another thing is - I got it for 20% off at RM33 only for 3 colours!

    Yes, you're NOT seeing double because it means each colour costs only RM11! Yes, a freaking RM11 for one colour is mad insane, okay?! Even gel liners from Maybelline, Kate, L'Oreal or Revlon sold at Watsons or Guardian retail around RM30 to RM50.

    Go get it at Ulta!

    My takes for Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Gel Creamliner


  • Very pigmented - no joke!

  • Not overly shimmery.

  • Quite long-lasting - it lasted for 8 hours on my eyes without eyelid primer!

  • Cheap - it retails for USD$10.99 for 3 colours in one stack!

  • Easily carried along anywhere - especially when traveling.

  • Works equally good as base for eyeshadows!

  • Cons

  • Crappy brush attached - believe me, dump it!

  • Comes in a very mini size - I expected it to be a little bigger.

  • Not waterproof or smudge proof.

  • Price


    Will I buy it again?

    Yes! I wanna get those for Green Eyes!

    End of story for gel liners! Guess what? I can haz new hair style!

    Yes, yes, yes, I went to my cousin's salon with my family and got my hair done there - since my previous hairstyle was pretty ugly.

    Hahahahaha... Pictures to be updated in next entry - tata - gonna sleep now, need to go to church very early tomorrow morning!

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