Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Whipped and loving it!

I woke up one fine morning before heading to work and it struck me how ugly my hair was. It was straight alright but I have ombre hair, in which, having ombre hair is not something I would appreciate on myself.

The last time I dyed my hair was way back in August 2012 and the colour has somehow faded to this ombre-ish shade. The brighter brown you that you are seeing in the picture above was the result of using Liese Bubble Hair Colour. Sure the idea behind Liese is smart but after using it, my hair became so freaking dry and frizzy. Furthermore, the coverage was not even at all.

I told myself I would never dye my hair again but when I saw my ombre-ish hair, I made up my mind to dye my hair again...

This time, I wanted something like ash brown just because, I don't like yellowish brown. After surveying in the market for quite some time, I settled for Beautylabo Whip Hair Dye.

I thought the packaging looks quite cute, something like Starbucks' Frappuccino - me likey! 

For the current length of my hair, I needed at least 2 packs of the hair dye... yeah, blame it on the long hair!

The BA at Sasa told me 1 pack would be enough because my hair is fine and thin even though it is long. Luckily I did not listen to her and bought 2 packs because even 2 packs were just enough for my hair! So, if your hair is past your shoulders, you would need 2 packs of the whipped hair cream.

Oh, the shade I have chosen was French Chocolate.

The reason is just that I want my hair to be ash brown. I have given up hope on my dream to achieve ashy tone on my hair because all the hair dyes in the market cannot achieve such shade unless I bleach my hair.

No, I am not gonna bleach my hair no matter what!

Hence, I told myself, I'm gonna give Beauty Labo a try!

From the packaging, I was guessing, the shade that I would achieve should be the third one.

Let's start with the review!

Once you open up the kit, you will see a bottle of developer, a pack of powder dye and conditioner with a pair of gloves.

Lemme give you a tip if you're thinking to try out this whipped dye - always, always, always and always remember to put on your gloves before you proceed to mix the developer and the dye.

The reason is simple - it's gonna get messy!

If possible, do not sit under the fan or anything because again, it's gonna be messy. Lay out your old newspapers or magazines and sit on them because you won't want to mess up your floor!

First step is to pour the developer into the plastic cup.

I'm not sure about others but I kinda pour every single drop into the cup - my hair is long, remember? I bought an extra pack just because it's better safe than sorry.

Then, the second time - mix the powder dye with the developer.

After that, put back the cap.

Make sure it is secured before you proceed to shake the mixture.

What you're gonna do next is just shake the mixture with up-and-down motion for about 20 to 30 times. Be extra careful just in case you spill it.

Then, you can start digging out the foam from the plastic cup and well, dye your hair...

Since I have ombre-ish hair, I started out dyeing my roots and left it for about 15 minutes before I completed the whole process with the second pack of whipped dye. Yes, one pack is not enough for my hair.

I personally like the whole experience of dyeing my hair minus the scooping out the dye because it was too messy. I did not know I should not sit under the fan and the foam kinda got everywhere on the floor!

Stupid me!

I waited for about an hour before I washed off the dye and voila...

I was amazed that the coverage was even - yeah, EVEN COVERAGE, people! You all who crave for even coverage hair dye, you should try this one!

Best part - the colour looks almost 3D in real life! Under fluorescent light, my hair really does look a little greenish, ashy brown!

Without lighting, my hair looks a little dark ashy brown too!

Under very, very bright light, my hair is brown!

How can you not liking the 3D effect this whipped hair dye offer?

I wouldn't guarantee your hair won't get damaged because generally, whatever you're doing to your hair, you're gonna damage it but personally, my hair does not feel dry even though it has been one week since I dyed my hair!

The conditioner was really good too!

I guess after this, I would be going back to re-purchase this hair dye once my roots show again!

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