Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Liese Bubble Hair Colour

I went to Sasa today and damn... I over-shopped. In fact, I just planned to look around and not getting anything but I guess lady luck wasn't on my side because... I've finally found Liese's Bubble Hair Colour in market right now and darn... Why must it enter Malaysian market at the time I'm broke? Hahaha...

Broke as in literally, don't worry.

Moral of the day - do not go out if you don't plan on getting anything because... you might just end up like me and my haul.

Everything is sold at 20% to 50% discount and I've bought like almost all the stuffs that are not really necessary, that includes Liese Hair Colour but damn... I am hooked to it right now. Next time around, I will stick to this brand - super easy and user-friendly!

I've heard about this thing since earlier this year but paid no attention to it but right now, I'm hooked to it due to the simple instructions.

The colour that I've tried is...

Chestnut brown - I don't really fancy brown colour but since they ran out of most of the colours, I have no other choices. Wella and other brands do not have the colours of my preferance too.

So, when the kit is opened, you'll see the following items...

So, basically, all you have to do is to read the instruction manual and then... campur 1 dengan 2, lepas itu, 3 dengan 4. Read it on your own.

No time to describe step by step. LOLX!

I am super mean.

After you've done shampooing your hair with the hair dye, you'll look something like this...

I'm sorry for my terrible complexion - acne problems nowadays! I know, I know, I don't really fancy having acnes on my face too but what to do?

I love the fact that this hair colour comes in bubble form with it's non-drip formula. Tell me, how can you not love such a great product?

Oooh, oooh... lemme show you a before picture!

~ Before Liese ~

After one hour or so... This is the result...

~ After Liese ~

I know, you can't see any difference but in real life, the colour is more brownish that my previous colour. It's simply noticeable under natural light.

Hence, if you guys are searching high and low for a good hair dye, try and find Liese Bubble Hair Colour!

Ciao - off to bed!


saltvinegar said...

ooh can u imagine i just bought it from Spore not knowing its available in Malaysia already? And i bought the exact same colour!

Angel Valerie said...

is it? does it cost more? it's at Guardian and Watson for around RM37.90 and something like that.

Sasa has it for RM38. Initially I saw somebody bringing it in from Singapore for around RM42 to RM50. Quite pricey for hair dye.

Maybe we should try their Platinum Beige soon. that colour is not available in Malaysia at the time being. sad max.