Sunday, January 13, 2013

Eyelash extension at Nails Garden

As the matter of fact, I don't like people making remarks at my typical short and sparse natural eyelashes even though I do realize my eyelashes can be barely seen with naked eyes. I actually hate rude remarks!

Sometimes, even mascaras wouldn't help no matter how many coats I apply. It gets pretty irritating after a while that I thought to myself that I wanna go and get eyelash extension done!

No, I am not a eyelash extension virgin.

I had my virgin experience about two years ago at Nails De Beauty at The Strand, Kota Damansara. At that point of time, I wasn't used to having semi-permanent eyelashes on me that I didn't know how to take good care of it - still, I kept the extension for about two weeks before they started to fall off on their own. The experience was fine because I didn't feel the false eyelashes poking my eyes.

Then, I went for my second eyelash extension in July last year before my BFF's wedding. The experience at the beauty salon was okay but I think the person who did my eyelashes wasn't professional enough that they eyelashes kept on poking my eyes. I went back to get a touch-up and luckily they didn't charge me or else I'd have made a scene there! Furthermore, the extension didn't even last for five days! Yeah, it started to come off on the third or fourth day! FML! I was guessing their glue sucks but nevertheless, I won't be going back there ever again even if it's for free!

So, this time around, I went for my third eyelash extension at Nails Garden @ e-curve.

The outlet doesn't look at all very posh or anything but the experience was good. The person who did my extension, Fion, was very professional. The whole process took about 30 minutes and she mixed and matched the lengths of the false eyelashes so that I could get a very natural look!

I wanted to go for the longest false eyelashes but she was worried that my original eyelashes might not be able to withhold the weight of the false eyelashes since you know, my lashes are barely noticeable in real life!

All in all, I was quite pleased with the result and honestly, if you would want to know, Fion did a wonderful job because the eyelashes are so lightweight that I couldn't feel anything at all! I didn't even feel it poking or anything like that.

In real life, it looked very, very natural!

It was so natural that people thought those lashes were the

The result after make-up - fantastic!

I didn't even need to apply eyeshadow or eyeliner because with the extension, my eyes just sparkled!

Hahahaha... sounds too good to be true but yeah, minimal make-up exception for foundation or BB cream, blush, bronzer and eyebrow pencil.

Honestly, for the extension this time, it lasted for about a week because I had been having a really stressed week due to my work and also personal matters, hence, I had been crying and rubbing my eyes.

On taking care of your eyelash extension - rule number one - keep your extension away from water. Well, it basically means avoid water from wetting your glue and eyelash extension at all means. Water somehow would melt off the glue on long run.

Now, you know why the eyelash extension only lasted about a week on me.

I guess for each extension, it would probably last for about two weeks to one month.

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