Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Real Skinny vs. Mineral BB Cream

Giverny is one of the cosmetic companies in Korea that delivers quality and reliable products to several countries such as Paris, Korea, Japan, China, Indonesia and just recently available in Malaysia through The Sops Seoul @ Publika.

If you don't know yet, The Sops Seoul has their in-house brand, VOV, in which you'll never miss the signboard if you are passing by the outlet in Publika.

If you are interested in both BB creams as stated on the title of the entry, read on to find out which BB cream suits your skin type.

For your information, I have combination skin so, whatever I feel and think does not represent everyone's preference.

Both Real Skinny and Mineral BB Cream are produced by Giverny. The only difference is that Real Skinny BB Cream caters for the need of those with normal to combination to oily skin whereas Mineral BB Cream caters to the need of those who have sensitive and problem skin.

ACWELL Mineral BB Cream is formulated with Puritox, which is believed to be a very good properties for those with sensitive skin. I understand the fact that for those who have really sensitive skin, it is very difficult for them to find suitable make-up products for their skin types. As for Real Skinny BB Cream, basically, anyone with any skin type can use this BB cream.

As far as texture and coverage are concerned, Real Skinny BB Cream provides better and more promising coverage rather than Mineral BB Cream. Even though the texture of Mineral BB Cream is thicker and creamier than Real Skinny BB Cream, I find that Mineral BB Cream does not do any justice on my enlarged pores.

Yes, I understand pores I can't hide my pores but the thing is... if possible, I would like to blur them out.

Real Skinny BB Cream provides whitening, anti-wrinkle, sun protection and skin-repairing properties whereas Mineral BB Cream does not. It is just a basic BB cream used to give a more radiant complexion.

You can even see from the packaging that Real Skinny BB Cream has a more premium feel whereas Mineral BB Cream has just a normal packaging.

As for shade and colour, I find out that the Real Skinny BB Cream suits my complexion better due to its yellow undertone. It doesn't give white cast during flash photography, which is really, really good!

Best of all, my skin looks almost flawless when I am using the BB Cream!

As for Mineral BB Cream, maybe because the shade doesn't match me that it gives white cast during flash photography. The undertone for think BB cream is pink!

Unless I am taking no-flash photography, then, this BB cream would look natural but the thing is, I love flash photography more than anything so... I'd most probably not be using this during photography sessions.

Both BB Creams are available at The Sops Seoul @ Publika if you are interested.

Giverny Real Skinny Magic BB Cream retails at RM129 whereas ACWELL Mineral BB Cream is RM89. I am grateful that I have been given a chance to try out the BB Cream even before they are and were launched.

In the end, I hurt my savings and purchased the Giverny Real Skinny Magic BB Cream after using it for about two weeks!

Yeah, blame it on the love for beauty!

Have a wonderful day, peeps!

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