Thursday, November 29, 2012

One of the brushes

Hello, peeps!

I guess you all can actually see that I haven't been blogging about of the things I love most - make-up and skincare, for quite some time. 

Well, the fact is, I've started working and everyday and I am dealing with make-up and skincare products as one of my routines every single day. Sometimes, I even have to deal with difficult clients so, I guess I just have to persevere. It's not that bad because I do like my job based on two main things - I don't need to buy all those make-up products because we get to use them for free and we can even use the skincare products there every single day.

How cool is that?

Anyway, story of my job aside because this is one of the backdated entry that I was supposed to share but I procrastinated quite a bit. LOLX!

Meet one of my favourite brushes - Shiseido Perfect Foundation Brush!

I contemplated to get it initially because I thought of wanting to buy either MAC or Sigma foundation brush but in the end, since MAC is not available at my hometown and I was too lazy to do online shopping, I headed out to Parkson and bought this brush! I knew I will not regret it because Paris B of My Women Stuff blogged about this brush and thereafter, I made up my mind to buy it!

If you don't know just yet, this brush is meant for applying liquid foundation but I tried applying my cream foundation with it and it worked fine!

This is a slanted flat top brush. Since it is slanted, I find application of foundation is a breeze! It reaches the side of my nose easily with either brushing or stippling motion.

Most of the times, I personally prefer to use it via stippling motion because it would give an air-brushed finish, which is dewy!

The bristle is really dense and soft.

Well, I wouldn't consider this brush as super expensive or cheap. I would like to use the term affordable. It retails for about RM100 at Shiseido counters throughout Malaysia. However price may differ depending on which state you are from.

I never expected I would love this brush after my MAC 109 was stolen. It maybe only half of my MAC price but it does its job quite decently.

I guess one brush would last me for a while. I would re-purchase it again in future! Please, Shiseido, please don't up the price!

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