Thursday, September 6, 2012

A balm that recovers imperfections

Ever since my whole traincase was stolen when my house was broken into, I dreaded going to the store or make-up counters to get new products because...

  1. I have quite a tight budget since I need to prioritize - skin care have to come first since my existing products have been stolen too. 
  2. I am sucker because I don't know which brand I should get since I don't want to spend more than I have and afford. There are too many brands out there!
  3. I am hoping there would be a kind Samaritan who would donate some make-up or skin care products to me because I am super pitiful just like so.

Yes, don't remind me. I am gonna curse these thieves to their graves and even to the graves of their great grandchildren!

This time around, I get lucky because a really kind Samaritan gave me a bag of BB creams! I mean, oh yeah! It should be my turn to get lucky since I've been pretty unlucky to have everything that I have ever treasured taken away from me by some f-ing thieves!

As of now, I shall try to calm down because I'm gonna tell you about one of the BB creams that the good Samaritan gave me!

BRTC Perfect Recover Balm.

The good Samaritan told me that all the BB creams in the goodie bag are directly brought in from Korea in bulk so, prices of those BB creams are somehow unknown because she isn't sure whether or not these BB creams are priced similarly from those in Korea.

I'm a huge fan of Maybelline Clear Smooth BB Cream and other than that BB cream, I often hesitate to even try others out. It is not that I'm not adventurous enough but if you are a BB cream user, you'd definitely know what I am talking about.

Half of the BB creams available in the market have limited shades and most of the times, these shades are meant for those with fairer skin tones. Even when it is mentioned on packaging that the shade will oxidize to match our natural skin tones, sometimes, those claims are bull-nuts. I've tried tones of BB creams and so far, the only BB cream that works for me is the Maybelline Clear Smooth BB Cream.

Whatever the claim is, I wouldn't mind trying out new BB creams if they are well... FREE!

Greed - one of the worst human natures! Hahahahaha!

Okay, BRTC Perfect Recover Balm.

So, the name is Perfect Recover Balm. The question is - is it going to recover imperfections?

I was skeptical. Yeah, I refuse to trust the claim that it is able to recover the imperfections on my face. However, I still tried it out several times before coming up to a conclusion.

It can be see from the above pictures that this product comes in a tube form. Honestly, I do prefer pumps more than squeezy tubes.

Just like any other tube products, it gets a little messy over some time but it is okay. I have no complain with free stuffs. LOLX!

The only English words that I could find on this product is shown below.

Well... it's from Korea so, it explains all the Korean on the packaging.

The BB cream, when squeezed out of the tube looks something like the picture below.

It is not runny nor thick. I would say the consistency is quite average - somewhere between thick and runny but it does not run down your skin like some other BB creams.

I would hate that.

Somehow, I do notice that this BB cream has a pink undertone to it. You know what, Asians have yellow undertones and I am quite worried that I may end up looking like a ghost on Halloween Town.

Upon blending it onto my skin, I could still see the pink undertone and, seriously, the first thing that came to my mind was, "GOSH!" 

Okay, that only happened when I saw the pink tone turned grayish upon blending.

Whatever it is, I decided to try it out. Let's put this BB cream to test, shall we?

Let the application process starts! Imma gonna dot the BB cream all over my face just like so!

Caution - do not freak out at the picture below...


That was meant for a joke!

Okay, on the whole, application is not easy because the BB cream does not glide easily or so. It is not advisable to use a foundation brush for this BB cream because of the texture. The best way to apply this BB cream is to use patting motion.


I think the BB cream looks a little too fair on me, just like any typical BB cream. Sighs...

I guess the only way to correct it - use a darker setting powder.

The pink undertone still shows.

The good thing about this BB cream  that it does cover blemishes quite well surprisingly! The redness around my nose is covered. Pores become less visible too!

Urgh... I still don't like the part where this BB cream makes me look ghostly...

Well... I don't think I will re-purchase this BB cream given the money. I have already given it to stupid sister since she is like way fairer than me.

Like it?

Not really.

Hate it?


Have you try this BB cream out!

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