Monday, February 27, 2012

Maybelline Clear Smooth BB Cream

Okay, I should admit... there was a period of time when I went hype over BB cream because everyone was talking about how good these miracle creams are. At that point of time, I went overboard and bought several different BB creams at one go because I was so scared I might run out of it.

The first BB cream I had ever gotten was from Skin79. Click here for the review. It was a meh product because there would be white cast no matter how little product I used. So, I gave it up to stupid sister since she is definitely fairer than me.

After that, I was into Etude House Collagen Moistfull BB Balm for a while before finding out that this product left white cast on me too. I didn't do review on this product since I gave it to my mum.

The final BB cream I tried was Heynature Silver Label Aqua Blast Blemish Base. I kinda liked this one for a while because it oxidized at a much lower rate than the previous two BB creams I have tried. However, after a while, I had decided that this BB cream was more towards lighter coverage BB cream. I always need heavy duty stuffs, hence, I gave this away to one of my BFFs.

Bah... true, indeed, I still have other BB creams in my collection but I have yet to try them because I want to finish up my current foundation.

Three months ago, however, there was this tiny weeny sample sized collection of Maybelline BB cream in my CLEO magazine.

Honestly, I wasn't quite impressed with BB creams after the incidents hence, I did not expect anything from that BB cream. A friend of mine dislikes this BB cream because according to her, it doesn't have enough coverage or bla, bla, bla...

I thought to myself, "No harm trying since this is free."

I kept it for quite sometime and totally forgot about this freebie until CNY that I realized I have so many unused products in my possession. Since this freebie came in a small tube, I was sure I could finish it all within three days but boy... I was wrong...

5ml worth of product and I still have it - unfinished... like how are you going to believe that?

I tested it out just a day before CNY and geez... I fell in love with it... the shade matched me so well that I felt it melted into my complexion like magic. Oh, the shade I had gotten was #01 Fresh.

It was as if I wasn't wearing any foundation or BB cream!

I know you get the ideas of choosing the right shade of foundation or BB cream by testing it on your jawline. If the shade matches you, it kinda blends well into your skin. I agree to that but since I thought of sharing the shade of this BB cream with you guys, I tested it on the back of my hands.

The shade is a perfect match to my skin tone - both on my jawline and also on the back of my hand! Like how magical can BB creams get, right?

It was love at first use and throughout the first three days of CNY, I was basically hooked to Maybelline Clear Smooth BB Cream!

Owh, this is how I apply the BB cream...

It felt smooth and not to heavy. I wouldn't say you will feel like you're not wearing any BB cream or foundation. Trust me, it's light weight!

Coverage is light to medium, depending on the amount you apply.

Best of all, no white cast noted during day or night time!

Lasting power, it didn't last the whole day like foundation but at least, it did lasted a few hours before it wore off on me. Like always, I would apply a thin layer of powder after the BB cream application to ensure it's longevity.

Anyway, I am pretty sure I'll be stocking up this product when I am through with all the BB creams I have now.

Here's my two-cent.

Very, very affordable! Available everywhere throughout Malaysia. Convenient packaging in tube for hygiene purposes. Light weight and smooth.

ConsOnly two shades available - might not be the right shades for certain skin tones.
Price - RM16.90 to RM22.90
Product - 3.4 out of 5
Packaging - 3 out of 5
Availability - Watson, Guardian, Sasa and almost everywhere!
Re-purchase - Yes, why not?

Have you tried it out yet?


Isabel said...

This is quite affordable! I still need to really hydrate my skin well before I can wear foundation again =(

Angel Valerie said...

Yes, super affordable. I can't get more though. LOLX!

I just went for a skin checkup at Lancome counter today and lucky for me my hydration level is better than I've expected. I gotta take good care of the pores and fine lines though. Argh... getting old is a phobia...