Friday, September 7, 2012

My wonderful life

Hi, people! Hopefully all of you are doing real great.

I haven't been doing much updates lately on what I've been doing with my life. I mean, I do update but those are scheduled updates because the internet at my hometown is such a disappointment that it keeps on disconnecting in the mid of surfing.

It gets pretty agitated especially when you have to restart your modem more than 10 times a day. Whatever that is, I'm gonna do a really simple update of what I've been doing lately.

If you don't know what, I have been really active on Instagram and it's crazy. I'm hooked to it and I pretty much took a lot of pictures of almost everything via Instagram.

Anyway, I finally get to do my hair after 3 long years of keeping it untouched.

I am a little anal about the whole hairdressing issue because previously, I went through an unforgettable experience of having the hairstylist cutting my wrongly!

It was really horrible because I had to keep that ugly hair for half year before I could do anything to it. The length was terrible and the haircut was probably the ugliest haircut anyone could ever seen. Initially, I wanted an A-line bob cut and the stupid hairdresser actually went ahead and cut my hair the other way round.

The result was something like this...

Imagine keeping that idiotic looking hair because of the hairdresser's slow brain that cannot fathom what I want! Indeed, it was first world's pain. I had to go back to the salon two days later to have the entire length cut off and stuck with freaking short hair for a year!

After that, I told myself, "No more hair-styling, especially in Ampang!"


Since then, I never styled my hair at any salons at KL or PJ any longer exception for my bangs and fringe that always get in the way.

Anyway, I contemplated whether or not I should chop off my long hair but in the end, I chickened out and told my hair dresser, who happened to be my cousin, not to chop off my mane because I super love the length of my hair. She suggested that I should get rid of my ombre hair because I haven't been dyeing my hair for 3 years as well. Well... I spent like an hour or so trying to get rid of my ombre hair.

I chose a colour that is a little lighter than dark brown because I am not a brunette. LOLX! Here's the end result!

Okay, my hair still looks a little ombre-ish in the picture but believe me, it is not ombre at all in real life.

Enough story about my hair.

The other day when I was ransacking my mum's wardrobe, I found one lipstick that I thought I may like. I ended up loving it instead.

It is something fuchsia. I have never tried any fuchsia lipstick before and guess what, I think I love it now. So, I begged mum to give it to me and she agreed.

I shall do a separate entry on the lipstick later on.

Here's another picture of me with the lipstick on - no filler, no photo-shop or anything.

Grrr... my life has been ever so wonderful lately - waking up at 6am every day for my morning jog and ending my day with another round of jog at 5.30pm daily.

I told my friends Imma gonna die by the time I get back to KL.

Oh, by the way, I plucked these flowers from the backyard of my neighborhood this morning.

Aren't they beautiful?

Sighs... I miss my honey-bear so, so much...

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