Thursday, August 23, 2012

Shine like a diamond with Maybelline

I love Maybelline, yes, I do!

I love everything about their mascaras - from cheap to affordable to well... delivering what they promise!

Aside from their mascaras and also the Clear Smooth BB Cream, I have never really get to try out their other products. So, this time around, since I do not have the budget to get another Urban Decay Naked or stuffs like that, I picked up the Maybelline Hyper Diamonds Eyeshadow Palette in BR-2.

Initially, I was considering whether I should get GD-1, which the shades are well... goldish or with gold shimmers. In the end, I chose brown because I figured out I would be wearing more browns since I am not very adventurous when it comes to colourful eyeshadows.

Okay, talking about BR-2, the shades available in the palettes are obviously brown or with brownish shimmers exception for the black which comes with a slight purplish pink shimmers.

I wouldn't say all the shades in the palette are equally pigmented but there are shades which are sheerer than the others. The lighter shades are very, very sheer and too shimmery. Furthermore, they are quite chalky too. Imagine getting shimmers on your face.

Black feels a little too chalky and I get a lot of fallout whenever I use this shade. Perhaps, the more decently pigmented shades are the brown and bronze. Good thing is that these two shade do not have a lot of fallout. Luckily, most of the times when I reach out for this palette, the only shades I would use are those two.

Here's a look I've created with this palette.

Please forgive me for the messy application - I have yet to get any decent make-up brushes because I ran out of budget. I was using the sponge tip applicator that comes in the palette for the application.

Damn those thieves for making my make-up like miserable. Yes, damn them, may they be run over by cars and die or having their limbs severed!

Okay, I should get back to the topic.

Anyway, regarding if I would be re-purchasing any of the palettes, well... I don't think I will because first of all, the pigmentation of each shade is not consistent. I am not into sheer eyeshadows.

Each palette retails at RM35.90 but I got mine for less than RM28 after 20% discount.

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