Friday, August 24, 2012

Trying out Blincon

Personally, I'm not really someone who is adventurous enough. You guys know that. If I am already comfortable with one product, I guess you'll be seeing me with that product for the longest time.

Well, it applies to contact lenses as well. I've been wearing Super Barbie lenses for God-knows-how-long and to me, they were comfortable and pretty opaque. So, I thought to myself that I might stick to it for some time.

When my house was broken into about a month ago, these brainless idiots took all my 7 pairs of lenses together with them! Now, you tell me, which idiot goes around stealing lenses with power that is not even suitable for them? They might as well, take everything and leave those lenses behind, right?

I had like a week to get a pair of new lenses for my BFF's wedding and ordering online probably wouldn't help much since postage from WM to EM takes an extra day or two. Plus, using internet from my hometown is a b*tch. I get disconnected all the times!

I headed out to the optometrist and ended up getting a pair of Blincon lenses because there weren't a lot to choose from.

If you have not heard of Blincon yet, then, most probably you haven't been paying enough attention when you're doing your shopping because I did get brochures on Blincon lenses most of the times when I was out, especially at 1 Utama.

I bought the shade in grey because I always have a thing for grey lenses.

Honestly, the only reason that made me purchase this pair of lenses was because of the packaging. I don't really prefer the typical bottle-like packaging but this packaging makes opening up the products so much easier!

The diameter comes in 14.5mm which if you were to ask me, does not really serve major or obvious enlarging purposes.

One thing I was worried about was that if the colour was opaque enough or not since I never do like contact lenses that are almost invisible in the eyes. The grey colour is quite opaque and it could be seen in flash as well as non-flash photography.

For your information, I only tried these lenses in grey hence, I'm not sure if other colours are opaque or obvious. Head out to the nearest optometrist to ask if you're interested. I'm sure they'll be glad to assist you.

Blincon lenses are 3-monthly disposable. I have no objection to that because for it's price, I guess it is okay.

I am not really in love with these lenses because I think the design isn't really up to my expectations. Plus, I don't really like lenses with black rims, ya'll know that. At the same time, I have nothing against it, so please don't judge me.

On the comfortableness, I seriously don't think these lenses are very comfortable because I did experience dryness after 2 hours every time I used it and after the third or fourth hour, it started to get a little annoying because the curve definitely did not sit still on my pupils.

If I am not mistaken, Blincon lenses retail at RM90 per pair.

However, I did not pay RM90 for mine because lenses at my hometown are far cheaper than what you can get in KL or elsewhere. I paid RM40 for mine and I bought it from a certified optician.

Have you tried out these lenses?

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