Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Inspired looks

I wanted to do an entry on inspirations and inspiring people initially but ended up discussing about some other stuffs. LOLX! It's okay, I will blog about that topic soon because recently, I have met a lot of inspiring people who give me a lot of hopes, motivations and inspirations.

As for today, let's talk about makeup and some of the inspired looks that I have done with only Youtube as my guide. Yeah, like it is not for everyone out there, right?

Anyway, here are two of the looks I re-created using my existing palettes because I am not rich enough to be getting all the exact products.

Gold, chocolate and black smokey eyes!

Inspiration - Jessica Harlow.

Here is my version - I used gold from my Naked Palette instead of bronze because I am in gold-craze mode right now. I skipped the black because black looks horrendous on me.

The brown shade on my crease is MAC Midnight Madness and honestly, I used a little of the gold shade on top of my UD's eyeshadow.

Pardon the ugly shirt tough.

The second look is something more adventurous because I experimented with my new Sigma Paris Palette.

The main reason that I have gotten this palette was because I loved the teal and bronze shades in the palette and well, it could be my favourite beauty gurus.

Rambles aside.

Inspiration - Dulce Candy.

No, she did not use the Paris Palette. I was trying to be adventurous though because I figured out the palette has all the shades except for pink. I don't have any pink shades because I don't like pink eyeshadows. I re-placed the pink eyeshadow with NYX Powder Blush in Pinky.

Adventurous, huh? Blush as eyeshadow. Oh, I topped it up with a slight coral shade from Sigma too. Here's my version.

Am considering to wear this look to BFF's wedding.

I have to wear a red dress for her wedding and bah, I don't want to do normal everyday brown look. I wanna be bold and seen during her wedding. Hahaha.

Any suggestions? Would appreciate your thoughts on what kinda eyes' make-up that would look great with a red dress.

 Have a great week, people!

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