Saturday, July 7, 2012

UD is forever love

This palette has been in my and stupid sister's collection for quite some time already.

I did an entry on the first time I set my hands on this palette, probably about 2 years ago? Right after we moved to a new place, we forgot about this palette.

So, yeah, Urban Decay Book of Shadows III.

I know, I know, this is way backdated and UD has BOS IV now. Further more, there are tons of other people who has done swatches and reviews on this palette. In addition to that, I guess there are minorities of you out there that hate UD now because they kinda changed their policy that testing on animals is allowed. Yeah, blame it on them for wanting to explore China's cosmetics market.

Anyway, I don't hate UD because no matter what they do, their products are really good. Well, I got the BOS III before they changed their policy, so, it doesn't really matter.

*** update - UD has finally decided not to sell in China! Yay! 

If you have not seen what's inside of BOS III, here is a picture for your eyes' pleasure!

I liked it the moment I saw it online and once it got to me, I fell in love! I especially like the 24/7 eyeliner in Ransom. Although purples don't work for me, I still adore nice shades of purples!

Honestly, every shade is beautiful in the palette. The eyeshadows are all buttery smooth despite most of them are glittery and shimmery. However, there is one matte shade - Perversion. Honestly, I don't think Perversion is the darkest black ever. It is ah-okay but not terrific yet.

I'm not gonna bore you with words, swatches are below.

Oh, I have forgotten to mention - there is a mini UDPP that comes along with the palette. Not enough but at least it comes for free!

Here is a picture of the travel size pencil liners!

Swatches as below.

Initially, I meant to get BOS IV but after a thorough consideration and having Naked and BOS III, I don't think I'm gonna splurge on more UD palettes.

No, it's not because they're bad or anything. They're good and yeah, pricey! Further more, one palette can last you for a long, long time!

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