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The truth about losing weight

Disclaimer - I am just sharing with you all the journey of my weight loss, I am not trying to get people to take pity on me with my stupid diets or something nor am I trying to bluff or show off. This is my personal weight loss diary and it has no connection to others. If you disagree with me taking certain products to lose weight, just scram elsewhere! I am not asking others to follow what I am doing but this is what I have achieved and I am proud of myself.

Okay, I am attempting to write an entry which I am not a professional at - losing weight and keeping it off. Err... keeping it off not as in forever because it requires determination if you wanna maintain your weight.

You may beg to differ and you may also disagree with me. Before you do so, please read every single word in this entry carefully if you want to penalize me or anything. Oh, yeah... read the disclaimer above too before judging me!

I have forever been battling weight issues since I was a kid. I wasn't born fat or anything. The truth about staying with your grandparents is that, no matter what size you are, in their eyes, you are forever skinny. Thus, they will stuff you with all kind of food to make you fatter look healthier and not sickly thin with the mindset, "Oh, my grandson or granddaughter will lose weight as they age."

Now, if you're gonna be someone's parents or grandparents, do bear in mind that this mindset is wrong. Yes, very, very wrong. You cannot stuff your children with all kinda food with the belief that they'll lose weight as they age.

Look at me... I am a real life example or someone that never lose weight as I age. So, grandpa and grandma were wrong about me after all. LOLX!

I was not fat as a kid, quote me for that, yes, NOT FAT!!! In fact, as a kid, I was quite skinny. Mum always tells me, "Dad and I were worried sick about you too skinny but after you're 10, you've gained weight like mad!"

Yes, I gained weight when I was 10 years old and from then on, my weight kept on increasing at a scary rate. I remember at the age of 12, when the class monitor took my weight for me, my class teacher jumped upon seeing how much I weighed - 77kg for a 12 year-old kid at only 150cm of height.

Mum fainted when she checked my health report.

Sadly for a 12 year-old kid, I wasn't scared of gaining weight, in fact, I was very happy that I got to eat a lot of things until when I was 15, in the year 2000, my weight freaking increased to 90kg. I was still happily eating!

I mean, how can you blame a know-nothing kid that was very happy everyday, right?

In September 2001, I fell sick for two long months. First, I contracted a really bad flu, then, it went to my ears - they were blocked and I couldn't hear anything. Then, it got to my eyes when I began to have blurry vision. I cried and cried until mum took me to the hospital where I met Dr. Aung.

I went through a series of speech and hearing tests. Dr. Aung's assistant weighed me and that young and handsome doctor actually jumped at my weight. I freaking weighed 91kg. I knew he was shocked.

When I was taken into Dr. Aung's office, I saw mum was there already. He motioned for me to sit next to him and asked me, "Girl, do you know how much you weigh?"

I nodded but I wasn't scared or terrified or anything close to that. I asked him if I were going to be fine.

Instead of the typical doctoral behaviour of telling his patients that everything would be okay, his facial expression changed and he stared right into my soul while asking, "Do you know you're going to DIE if you don't lose weight?!"

I jumped off the chair at his diagnosis and mum was shocked too.

"A lot of people die due to obesity because their heart cannot support their fat bodies. You are going to die young if you don't lose weight!" Dr. Aung said.

After which I came out of Dr. Aung's office, I was scarred for life. I hated doctors. For a 15 year-old girl, this doctor truly terrified her. I made up my mind to despise doctors from then on because for me doctors were as scary as cockroaches!

My weight remained at a stagnant 92kg until I was 18 or 19. Yeah, I used to be pretty determined to lose weight because of this particular guy, Raph. I just wanted him to take a good look at me but well... honestly, don't try to lose weight because of anyone.


The point when I was determined to lose weight, I hate to admit it but I went on starvation initially and my weight dropped from 92kg to 85kg in 2 months. On the following month, I tried to include fruits into my diet but that was only for lunch. I had a glass of low fat milk for dinner everyday for the next half year and amazingly and miraculously my weight dropped from 85kg to 78kg.

Boy... it really took a long time for my weight to drop 7kg - approximately 1.2kg every month.

I got tired of dieting and after a while, I joined Cenosis. Yes, you did not read wrongly! I went to Cenosis and within 3 to 4 months, my weight decreased to 67.9kg.

Those 3 to 4 months were the most terrible period of my life.

Basically if you wanna know if slimming centers do their jobs or not, my advice is, NEVER GO TO SLIMMING CENTERS! Yes, don't go to any slimming centers because at the end of the day, you'll realize you lose weight because of your determination to eat healthy and not because of slimming centers. I don't want to lie to any of you that slimming centers don't help much but the fact is that, they do help but they only help you in toning up your lose muscles and sagging skin.

Believe me, it is not cheap. For every package, you will get around 100 treatments for about RM5000 without promotion and even if promotion, they'll try to suck every drop of blood out of your body to make you sign up for more.

Sounds cheap, right? 100 treatments for only RM5000?

So, exactly, how does this 50 treats work?


You have two arms -  2 treatments.

Your upper and lower tummy - 2 treatments.

Your two thighs and calves - 4 treatments.

There you go, 8 treatments are gone in just one session! Go back to that slimming center for another 10 times, that'll be the end of your treatments!

The only thing that made me lose weight during my visit to Cenosis was the terrifying horror that I had to face every time I weighed myself with my therapist and nutritionist. Some unfriendly ones would even scold the hell out of me for eating so much so, I really cut down on my food intake my mad.


I stopped visiting Cenosis after 4 months because I gave up. It was f*cking tiring to diet and to face people scolding and yelling at you for eating food. I mean, hell... I paid you to help me lose weight, not to get scoldings from you!

My lowest weight at that point when I stopped going to Cenosis was 68kg. I felt good, hence, I went and get my portrait taken. Hahaha... aherm...

That was the time when I picked up swimming as well from a friend who taught me really well. So, every week, I would go down to the swimming pool for at least 3 to 4 times. Every time I went to the swimming pool, it would approximately took me 45 minutes or 1 hour to swim.

Talking about weight loss and slimming centers... NAH!

It was all because of my HARD WORK, DISCIPLINE and STARVATION!

Oh, yeah... I took laxatives too because I was having constipation due to insufficient intake of fibres. Terrible, right? I know, I know.

When I graduated in 2008, I went straight into doing my master's degree. At that time, my weight remained stagnant until 2009 when the pressures started to pour in. I had endless school work and workload. I picked up the habit of chomping on junk food. My food intake increased and I began to snack middle of the nights too. Within just a short period of 6 months, my weight freaking went up to 82kg!

I joke you not! My weight really bounce up to 82kg to 85kg and mum almost fainted when she saw her daughter getting fatter and fatter! Dad on the other hand, refused to believe that pressures would make me gain weight but yeah, it did...

I felt bad, very, very bad... BFF saw the horror in my and introduced me to the Cambridge Diet. Cambridge Diet, if you're interested, you can always email me for details but lemme tell you, it wasn't cheap, in fact the price shot up just last year.

I followed the diet faithfully and within 2 freaking months, my weight went down to 70kg! Below is a picture of me when I was on Cambridge Diet.


I lose 12kg within 3 months with Cambridge Diet!!!

When my weight reached 70kg, it refused to go down any longer so, I incorporated healthy food into my diet. For breakfast, I would have bread with butter and kaya with a cuppa tea or coffee. I would have light lunch. Normally, just mixed rice but what I did was, I had half and gave the other half to my stupid sister. During dinner, I switched it with fruits or tea.

I started taking supplements too because I was scared that I might run low on nutrients.

For the next 2 months, my weight went down to 66kg and coincidentally, it was Chinese New Year 2011. I was over the moon because I finally could wear cheongsam!

Since I was a kid, I have been dreaming of wearing cheongsam and finally, my dream came true!

After CNY, my weight went up to 68kg because I ate a lot. Hahaha... That is pretty normal, right? It's okay, it's okay... my weight went down again to 62kg with proper diet during March or April 2011.

I still have sagging skin and cellulite due to my previous obesity. I hate it so, so much that I really want to get liposuction done if I have moo-lah to do so.

There you have it, my journey into losing weight is not easy. It took me 7 freaking years to shed 30kg off my body and I am still trying to lose more weight because I just wanna look and feel great. Maybe I'll be happy if I can hit my ideal weight of 56kg but my weight just won't budge any longer.

I should be considering liposuction or tummy tuck.

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