Tuesday, April 17, 2012


That's right!

I am having too much fun instagram-ing.

The moment Instagram was made available to android, I was over the moon!

Now, I hate to admit this but I am not a fan of Apple products be it iPhone, iPad, iPod or whatever from the i-family. Please make it clear that when I say I am not into the i-family products, it doesn't mean I condemn people who love, like or use them.

Anyway, yeah, we are gonna talk about Instagram and android!

*screams in excitement*

So, for the past few days, I have been instagram-ing a lot. Err... actually, I should say I am trying to instagram from time to time if I have internet connection.

From birthday lunch at Ben's KLCC...

To The Hunger Game's Katniss Everdeen inspired side braid...

To my previously cut bangs...

Yes, I have a lot of instagram pictures to share so, if you're interest, feel free to follow my Instagram update at @angelvalerie for more silliness and stupidity. LOLX!

Don't forget to say hi to me there, okies?

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