Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My oh my!

I had the worst tea ever...

It cost me RM2.50 for a cup, which doesn't come in a big cup. It's smaller than Starbucks' tall-sized beverage.

But after a while, I've decided to change my mind because the girl who attended to me told me, "Amoi, kalau you minum organic tea hari-hari, pasti boleh kurus! Guarantee!"

I looked at her with the I-will-buy-100-more-cups-if-it-works look and said, "Betulkah ni? Tapi, mahallah, kak. Boleh minta discount atau free sample everytime I datang tak?"

She smiled and didn't reply.

Hence, I've decided to like it by hook or by crook and camwhored with it...

Another reason is that... it's Korean tea, so, I'm liking it no matter what.

There's the scarf that Sharon has gotten me! Duh, I miss her so much. She's been so busy to attend to me lately due to her workload.

Moving to another thing...

My be-early birthday present came this morning and guess what?

It's from my best buddies all the way back from Sibu and yeah, read it, it's be-early! They're truly my buddies!

I hope I won't let them down by failing my diet again... Cambridge diet isn't cheap, you know!

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