Friday, April 20, 2012

Bling, eyes, bling!

It has been really, really long since I last used any contact lenses. When I say long, yes, it is long because the last time I used my grey lenses was somewhere back in January, during Chinese New Year. Yeah, it feels freaking long!

My hands were itchy yesterday - itchy as in, itching to try new colour lenses in my possession. LOLX! I have like 8 pairs of lenses with me but due to my laziness, I've never really opened a new pair after throwing away my grey lenses about 2 months ago. So... yesterday, my itching hands couldn't take it any longer, hence, I opened up a new pair of colour lenses.

I have this pair of lenses for about a year now but every time when I wanted to use this pair, I would change my mind because I think I look SEXIER with grey eyes instead of other colours. Hahaha... this is just my lame and stupid reason to wear grey lenses.

Silly stories aside for now... lenses of the day - Super Barbie Romana.

I don't remember why I bought this pair from this series. The only thing I remember is that, I wanted another colour from another series but most of the lenses ran out of stock already. Erm... I don't know... perhaps it could be due to the catalog that I saw online.

Damn nice, right?

So, tempted, I bought this pair. Hahaha... yes, I think that could be another reason.

This time around, I've chose to be a little more adventurous by choosing to go purple with pulse! LOLX... purple with pulse because if I go green, people will say I go green with envy, or blue with a bang!


Purple because I thought the model looked at her best in the catalogue. Hence, purple it shall be!

Initially, when I first got it, I began to regret because it surely didn't look striking enough. Soon, I forgot all about it until yesterday, when I just got two pairs of new lenses that I suddenly remembered that I had another 6 pairs of new colour lenses in my train case!

As stated in the packaging, the lenses are 16mm in diameter. I don't know about you but I certainly don't adore anything above 15mm after trying out my first pair of 16mm colour lenses.

I'm not sure what base curve is but if you're familiar with it, the base curve for this series is 8.6mm whatever that means. The water content is 48% if you're wondering. I don't know if this percentage is high or low but I do know that my eyes did feel uncomfortable due to the big arse enlargement effect.

I've made the statement sound so wrong. Hahaha.

I figured out I couldn't show you my naked face with the lenses, hence, it explains why I wore makeup in all the pictures because lenses will look weird if you don't pair them with makeup. I did go out after that but only to get something.

Me and my boring life. Haha. One final picture before I show you the differences between wearing and not wearing the lenses.

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