Monday, March 5, 2012

Pink dreams...

As I have forever been mentioning, I am trying to finish up my current products in possession because these products are mountain-ing from time to time even when I do not buy new products!

My main worry is my Etude House Sleeping Mask that remains un-finish-able even though I've been using it every two days consequently for more than 3 months!

This is crazy!!!

The other day, stupid sister bought MBD sleeping mask and she asked me to try it out to compare with my Etude House's mask. I wasn't very enthusiastic about it because I was getting annoyed at having to apply the sticky mask every two nightly.

Well... in the end, I did try it out several time and ended up liking the product more than my Etude House's.

I shall do a comparison of the two products today.

Both products come in pink packaging so, if you're NOT into pink products, you've to stay away from these. LOLX! Actually MBD has 3 different colours for the packaging depending on your main concerns. Stupid sister happened to buy the pink coloured one which is meant for dehydrated skin.

The products inside the packagings are pink as well, if you'd notice.

Etude House's mask looks slightly jellyish because it bobbles around like jelly whereas MBD's mask looks more solid.

As far as scooping goes... it was difficult to scoop Etude House's mask because since the texture is jellyish, the product keeps on falling back into the packaging. After a while, it becomes bothersome, so... no likey. Further more, there is NO scoop provided with the product!

When applied, actually, you can refer to the picture above for slight idea on how the products look like on your skin.

Etude House's mask feels sticky and thick, which some of you may like but not everyone will. Due to the stickiness, you need more product on your skin because a little bit isn't enough.

MBD's mask feels soothing upon application without the stickiness because the product isn't as thick as Etude House's mask - which, for me is good.

Etude House's mask takes longer time to dry up if compared to MBD's mask. So, if you're using Etude House's, you'll feel the sticky sensation for about 3 to 5 minutes before it dries up. MBD's mask on the other hand will dry up quite fast upon application.

Both products smell like flowers!

Anyway, I'm not gonna say one product is better than the other but I still prefer MBD's mask. I don't think I will be purchasing any more of sleeping masks because I do have an extra one in possession.

If you're interested, you can get it from Guardian or Watsons at RM39.90 each for MBD's sleeping mask.


Isabel said...

I didn't know MBD had a sleeping mask!! =O =O =O

Angel Valerie said...

You should try that, babe! Hahahaha... it's way better than any other sleeping masks I've tried.