Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My train-case

I have been procrastinating, as always.

This was supposed to come like four months ago but since I did not check my past entries, I've somehow or rather, forgot about this entry - like totally.

Yeah, I know - bravo is the best word for me.

Okay, I've been contemplating to get a train-case since ages ago because my make-up products are piling up scarily and I kid you not. So... yeah, SO... I bought a black train-case at our local night market for around RM90. Click here for detailed pictures because I am just too lazy to re-upload those pictures.

Basically, those pictures in the provided link above shows an empty train-case because back then, I didn't have time to clean up my collection but now, yeah, clearing and cleaning are done! This is how my train-case looks like.

Just for your information, I don't like to keep lips' products in the train-case, hence, you can only see one lip gloss in the picture above. I have another small bag to place all my lip glosses, lipsticks and lip balms.

The same goes to my eyeliners, eyebrow pencils as well as eyelash curlers, brushes and powder products.

On the first shelves on both right and left sides, these are the things you'll see...'

Yes, right, my colour lenses, pigments, bronzing powders and also blushers. I know, nothing special so... Imma not gonna brag about them.

On the second shelves on both sides, these are the products I've placed...

My Monistat, NYX White Pearl Eyeshadow, MAC Midnight Madness Eyeshadow and also Stage Eyeshadow Primer with one pair of eyelashes from Shins. On the opposite side, you can see my concealers, face primers and the one and only lip gloss in the train-case just because it was new at the time I arranged stuffs in my train-case.

End of story.

Let's move on to the final compartment where I store all my palettes and well... BB creams and foundations.

There goes my NAKED palette, Sleek Original Palette, NYX Nude on Nude Natural Look Kit, Shiseido Palette, Stage Foundations, BB Creams, yada, yada, yada...

Believe me, you can still put more products inside!

Then again, I shall not do so because I am trying to finish up every single product that I own...

Okay, people, have a wonderful week ahead!

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